The dead are literally crawling out of the ground and sailing away on their coffin ships. Read Full Article
Colma, California

Colma, California is a quiet town at the northern end of the San Francisco pennisula. If you know about the town then you are hardly surprised that not much goes on there. Not much having to do with the living, that is. Read Full Article
Congressional Cemetery

In an essay that was recently published on Narratively (The Silence that Whistles Through the Tombstones), author Christopher Haugh describes his personal exploration of  Washington, DC’s Congressional Cemetery. Read Full Article
Eloise Woods

Not far from bustling Austin, Texas in quiet Cedar Creek, is a very special place where loved ones can be buried among the wildflowers that Texas is so well known for. Eloise Woods Community Natural Burial Park is a serene spot where “green burials” for both people and pets take place. A grave site at Eloise Woods. (Photo via The Houston Chronicle) Read Full Article
Hill of Crosses

For hundreds of years Catholic pilgrims have made their way to Northern Lithuania’s sacred Hill of Crosses to honor a loved one, hope for a healing, or make a plea for divine intervention. While not technically a cemetery, the site is a place to honor the dead and pay tribute to their memory. It is also a monument to the resilience of the Lithuanian people. Read Full Article
Woodlawn Cemetery Exquisite Corpse Miles Davis Gravesite

There are a lot of notable people buried in New York City’s Woodlawn Cemetery. The 400-acre cemetery is the final resting place to some 300,000 souls from all walks of life. In fact, Woodlawn’s history is so rich that it is designated as a National Historic Landmark. Read Full Article

Recently, I found myself wondering if there were any haunted pet cemeteries in New Orleans. The good lady Miss Karret then showed me a story entitled: “The creepiest place I’ve ever been: Urban explorer finds forgotten pet cemetery in a swamp, 30 years after owner was murdered”. Read Full Article
Hart Island

You may not have heard of Hart Island, New York City’s potter’s field. The cemetery covers more than a hundred acres and is said to be home to more than a million people whose bodies were left to the city to bury. Even if you are a New Yorker, it’s not likely that you’ve been to the island since access is extremely difficult to get and regulations once you get there are strict. Read Full Article

The hurricane was not a major one but the sea still punched through a levee in tiny Braithwaite, 15 miles south of New Orleans and submerged citrus groves and residential neighborhoods and a number of downhome cemeteries. Read Full Article
Echo Valley

Echo Valley in the Segada municipality of the Philippines. With Halloween just around the corner it’s a great time to pass along a story about 6 of the spookiest cemeteries in the world. Read Full Article
Greenwood Cemetery Entrance

Until the mid-1800s, cemeteries were almost exclusively small plots on church grounds. During the late 1700s, we began to see a new style of cemetary develop in Europe. Read Full Article

In 1949 the Nationalists fled the Communists and went to Taiwan. The wife of one high-ranking official, abandoned by her husband, hung herself from the rafters of their Baroque Beijing mansion, known as Chaonei No. 81. Read Full Article

The parents of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the dead Boston Bombing suspect want his body shipped back to Russia. And just what are the cemeteries of Russia like.. Read Full Article

A major American battle occurred just a mile from my home, earlier this week I visited the old battlefield. Read Full Article

Zombies are still huge and this year stores are offering numerous variations on the traditional zombie Halloween costume. There is the zombie doctor outfit, the zombie gangster, the skate punk zombie, zombie ninja, zombie school boy and skeleton zombie. Read Full Article
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