“Nailah didn’t understand how Jahi could be dead when her skin was still warm and soft and she occasionally moved her arms, ankles, and hips.” Read Full Article
Hurricane Harvey lonely death

Hurricane Harvey is responsible for killing at least 47 people in Texas. According to a story last week in the New York Times, at least several of these people died alone. Read Full Article

The heat is on. Read Full Article

Imagine a new mother walking down a sunny sidewalk in a big city. She has a coffee in one hand, a bag over her shoulder, and swaddled at her chest is an infant. She is happy. She is going about her daily routine. The only thing strange about the scene: the infant is dead. Read Full Article

A new season, a New Year. This is a chance to blossom forth with new ideas and plans, or dig our heads deeper into the sand and perhaps disappear for a bit? Read Full Article

“The sun is gradually expanding,” Elon Musk told a rapt audience in 2013 at SXSW, the famous media, music and technology conference held in Austin, Texas. “In 500,000 million years, a billion at the outside, the oceans will boil and there will be no meaningful life on Earth—maybe some very high temperature bacteria, but nothing that can build rockets.” Read Full Article
Nikola Tesla

In an attempt to inspire Americans to be innovative and inventive, President Obama called out to inventors, and in particular, immigrant inventors in his State of the Union address on Tuesday. Read Full Article

Imagine a world where your decomposing body produces electricity, in a cemetery. Read Full Article
National Wear Red Day

When we think of heart disease we usually think of it as a man’s problem. For women, the focus is normally on the pink–breast cancer. While cancers do claim many lives each year, heart disease and stroke are the number one cause of death in women. Read Full Article

When we die swarms of bacteria lurking in the soil, on the living room floor, on the street, and in our own bodies help reduce our corpses to a putrefying and unidentifiable mess. But a growing number of entomologists believe innumerable clues about the life of a person, and how and when they died, live within that bacteria, known collectively as the necrobiome. Read Full Article

Perhaps it’s the turning of the seasons, but something strange is in the air. A growing number of prominent academics appear to be convinced that human beings shall soon be immortal. And yet as I’ve watched this trend develop I’ve often wondered: Are these people just scared of death? Read Full Article
George F. Kubach

Depending on how you define the term meteorologist, the first weatherman killed in the line of duty was quite possibly Pliny the Elder. Read Full Article

Spring has sprung and summer is fast approaching, that means pool parties and potato salad and sleepaway camp and killer bees. Read Full Article
Human Head Transplant

Dr. Sergio Cavanero Sergio Canavero, an Italian doctor, is hoping to be the first to conduct a human head transplant and he thinks he can do it within the next two years. Read Full Article
Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks is a physician, best-selling author, and professor of neurology at the NYU School of Medicine. The British-born physician, scientist, and author has amassed a body of work that is highly acclaimed and he has been referred to as one of the most brilliant clinicians of our time. He is also dying of cancer. Read Full Article
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