“Dead Meet” is a place for death professionals looking for love.

By: Funeralwise | Date: Thu, October 30th, 2014

Dead MeetAre you a “death professional” who is looking for love? If so then perhaps Carla Valentine can help. Valentine, a UK-based mortuary technician, created the dating website, Dead Meet, to help others in the field find that special someone.

Dead Meet is a dating and networking site to enable people in the death industry to meet like-minded individuals.

Whether you have a background in pathology, organise funerals for a living or are a medical historian looking for a research collaboration then feel free to join Dead Meet.

Taxidermists, SOCOs, Crematorium Techs, anatomists and APTs should all feel at home here.

If you’ve been dying to meet someone who shares you’re interests, you’ve come to the right place!

Visit the Dead Meet Website

Ms. Valentine, who is also known as author of the blog “The Chick and the Dead” was recently interviewed by Hayley Campbell of the website VICE.

Carla Valentine

Carla Valentine

Mortuary regular Carla Valentine is doing her best to make my ideal couple a reality. By day, she works at the Barts Pathology Museum near Smithfield Market in London, helping to restore it by repotting ancient anatomical specimens so that people like me can peer at them through glass. By night, she’s doing what the rest of us are doing: dicking around on the internet.

Dead Meet is Carla’s dating and networking website for people who work in the “death industry,” which is basically anyone from gravediggers to medical historians to forensics officers to taxidermists. So far, it has 5,000 members. I sat down with Carla to ask her why people in the business of death have such a morbid fascination with one another.

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