Digital Dying Weekly News: 4/3/2015

By: Funeralwise | Date: Fri, April 3rd, 2015

Robert Schuller
Dr. Schuller in 1997, speaking from the pulpit. He and his family cut ties with Crystal Cathedral in 2012, the year it was sold to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County. Credit John T. Barr/Crystal Cathedral (via NYT)

This week we said goodbye to pioneering televangelist Robert Schuller and to the Japanese woman who held the title of the world’s oldest person. We also learned of a group of stray dogs who surprised the family of the woman who had fed them by showing up at her funeral. To learn more about these stories and what else was in this week’s news, read on.

Digital Dying Weekly News: 4/3/2015

Digital Dying Weekly News: Robert Schuller

Dr. Schuller in 1997, speaking from the pulpit. He and his family cut ties with Crystal Cathedral in 2012, the year it was sold to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County. Credit John T. Barr/Crystal Cathedral (via NYT)

Rev. Robert H. Schuller, 88, Dies; Preached Self-Belief From Crystal Cathedral

Apr 2, 2015 – New York Times: The Rev. Robert H. Schuller, a California clergyman who started his ministry by preaching in a drive-in movie theater and transformed it into an empire, building the landmark megachurch the Crystal Cathedral, writing best sellers and, through television, exhorting millions to believe in themselves, died on Thursday in Artesia, Calif. He was 88… Read the full story

The world’s oldest person dies at 117

Apr 1, 2015 – USA Today: Ironically, Misao Okawa has described her life as “rather short.” The world’s oldest person, died Wednesday, just weeks after celebrating her 117th birthday. The Japanese woman, who said 117 years goes by rather quickly, died of heart failure and stopped breathing, said Tomohiro Okada, an official at her Osaka nursing home, according to the AP… Read the full story

 Elgin-made Lincoln funeral car headed to Springfield, but without steam engine

Mar 31, 2015 – Chicago Tribune: The Elgin-built reproduction of the train car that carried Abraham Lincoln’s body will participate in Springfield’s commemoration of Lincoln’s burial 150 years ago next month after a misunderstanding was ironed out by its builders and the committee planning Springfield’s ceremonies. But the train car will be going to Springfield without the 1868-style steam engine and coal tender that also was built by Elgin master mechanic David Kloke… Read the full story

Digital Dying Weekly News: Selena Quintanilla Perez

Selena Quintanilla Perez, one of the celebrities who gained a cult following following her untimely death. (Photo: PRX)

5 Celebrity Deaths That Started Cult Followings

Mar 30, 2015 – Today, Tejano music artist Selena Quintanilla would have turned 43 years old. Her life was cut short at 23 when she was murdered by the president and founder of her fan club in 1995. Her untimely death caused shockwaves beyond the Latino community, inspiring the 1997 film starring Jennifer Lopez as the late singer, and moving former President George Bush to rename April 12th as Selena Day in Texas. Selena is not the only celebrity to have a profound impact on fans posthumously. Bio looks at four other 20-something celebrities from the past 25 years whose unexpected deaths raised fanatical cult followings… Read the full story

Singaporeans defy downpour for funeral of founding father Lee Kuan Yew

Mar 29, 2015 – Thousands of Singaporeans gathered in pouring rain Sunday to bid farewell to Lee Kuan Yew, the Southeast Asian city-state’s founding prime minister who charted its spectacular economic rise. Draped in the national flag, Lee’s coffin was taken on a solemn procession through the sodden streets of the tropical city, where crowds of mourners defied the downpour to pay their last respects... Read the full story

Digital Dying Weekly News: Grieving Dogs

Stray dogs show up to pay their respects to the woman who was kind and generous to them. (Photo source: Mirror)

Heartbreaking photos show grieving stray dogs turn up at funeral of woman who fed them

Mar 29, 2015 – Mirror: These heartbreaking photos prove that a dog’s love knows no bounds as a collection of stray pooches pay tribute at the funeral of a woman who showed them kindness. Lying in the floors and trotting through the aisles, the dogs congregated at the funeral of Margarita Suarez – much to the surprise of the woman’s friends and family… Read the full story

 Unforgettable: Scott Simon uses Twitter to share his mother’s dying moments

Mar 29, 2015 – Daily Telegraph: TWEETING from his mother’s deathbed, Scott Simon ponders life, death and a son’s devotion. He gives a final farewell — 140 characters at a time. SIMON’S TWEET: Mother called: “I can’t talk. I’m surrounded by handsome men.” Emergency surgery. If you can hold a thought for her now… Read the full story

5 things you should know about end-of-life conversations

Mar 28, 2015 – PBS Newshour: Death, while inevitable, is one of the most difficult things for most people to talk about. But a growing national movement warns that not talking about death can make end-of-life even more difficult for you, your family and loved ones… Read the full story

How to plan the perfect funeral

Mar 28, 2015 – Huffington Post: As a hospice medical director I’ve been to a lot of funerals, but only one of them has been labeled “perfect” in my memory. Over the years I have made it a practice to attend the memorial services for as many patients as my schedule will allow, usually to show my respects for the deceased and to offer support to the family, but sometimes to comfort my own grief… Read the full story


Funeral Planning on

Why We Read Strangers’ Obituaries

Mar 27, 2015 – The Memorial Post: Maybe a more fitting question would be “what is love?” or “how do they get caramel inside Caramilk chocolate bars?” or better still “is there life after death?” Because questions like these mess with our brains, are purely subjective, and are based on an insurmountable amount of factors – none of which a 500-word blog could ever warrant… Read the full story

The Best Documentaries About Death

Mar 26, 2015 – Qeepr Blog: If cinema is a mirror into our collective psyche, then documentaries are the direct representation of who we are. Documentaries run from the absurd to the informative and political and say something about the concerns we hold as human beings. Documentaries are also incredibly powerful tools for social change. Just think about the effect that the movie Blackfish had on SeaWorld sales! With the death consciousness movement on the rise, the conversation about death and dying is picking up in the mainstream. These documentaries are not only NOT on the fringe, they are winning awards, returning huge at the box office and sparking a larger conversation about the issues they present… Read the full story

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