The Lonely Death and Fantastic Reincarnation of Nikola Tesla

By: Justin Nobel | Date: Sun, September 11th, 2016

Nikola Tesla

In an attempt to inspire Americans to be innovative and inventive, President Obama called out to inventors, and in particular, immigrant inventors in his State of the Union address on Tuesday.

Some of the country’s greatest discoveries and inventions have come from immigrants. Often they move to the United States in order to pursue their craft or science in an open and free society with extensive resources. Although the President did not mention him by name, one of the country’s greatest immigrant inventors, and a man who has been on my mind a lot lately, is Nikola Tesla. And last week marked the 73rd anniversary of the great inventor’s death. But only recently did I learn the story of just how he died.

Tesla was born in 1856 into a Serbian family, in the village of Smiljan, in modern-day Croatia. He had a keen interest in science and worked so hard his teachers feared he’d die of exhaustion. Tesla worked at the Budapest Telephone Exchange and eventually moved to the United States for a job with Thomas Edison. Then he struck out on his own.

Nikola Tesla at his Colorado Springs lab.

Tesla at his testing laboratory in Colorado Springs in December 1899. Photo via

His work led to significant advances in wireless communications, lasers, x-rays, radar, lighting and robotics. His discovery of rotating magnetic fields gave rise to the AC power system still used today. He is the recognized inventor of the brushless AC induction motor, radio remote control, super-conductivity, fluorescent lighting, and the mechanical oscillator, among other nifty items.

Tesla also dreamed up a series of revolutionary free energy devices. His “self-acting engine,” or ambient air engine would be able to gather heat from the ambient air and run indefinitely. His World Power System would provide energy to everyone on earth by broadcasting electrical energy through the ground. And while recovering from a bout of malaria that nearly killed him, Tesla conceived of a ring around the equator. According to his excellent autobiographical book, My Inventions, the ring would, “float freely and could be arrested in its spinning motion by reactionary forces, thus enabling travel at a rate of about one thousand miles an hour, impracticable by rail.”

Tesla wanted to connect the people of the world. He wanted to break down the barriers, barriers of communication, of travel, of energy, and of human creativity. He wanted to free people from a reliance on energy that burdened and polluted the planet. Tesla saw energy as a salve, a way to foster growth but also work in harmony with the earth and its motions.

“Tesla did what he did for the betterment of humanity, to help people have a better quality of life,” Jane Alcorn, President of the Long Island, New York-based Tesla Science Center, recently told National Geographic. “He never seemed to be interested in monetary gain.”

And thus, why it is seemingly so sad that he died, according to a post on the site, “quietly and alone in room #3327 on the 33rd floor of the Hotel New Yorker in New York City.” He was 86. Apparently, what happened is that on January 5th, 1943 Tesla placed a “do not disturb” sign on his door. The hotel’s maid ignored the sign and entered the room two days later to find Tesla dead in his bed.

Nicolas Tesla death notice from

Tesla was found dead on January 7, 1943, in a room on the thirty-third floor of the Hotel New Yorker. He was 85. Note: while this article indicates that Tesla was 85, his actual age at death appears to be 86. Photo via

One could say it was a lonely death, but who knows if Tesla wasn’t up to some sort of deathbed experiment. As a boy Tesla traveled vast distances in his mind, circling the earth and having powerful experiences in far-off lands he never visited in his waking life. Perhaps Tesla knew something about other realms that we do not.

A medical examiner named H.W. Wembly examined the body and gave his opinion that the cause of death was coronary thrombosis and that there had been no foul play. Tesla received a state funeral at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine at West 112th Street, in New York City. More than 2,000 mourners attended. Tesla was cremated and buried at the Ferncliff Cemetery, in Ardsley, New York.

After learning of Tesla’s death, the FBI ordered the U.S. Office of Alien Property to seize all of the inventor’s belongings. His entire estate from the Hotel New Yorker, and other New York City hotels, was transported to the Manhattan Storage and Warehouse Company, where it remained classified. Much of this classified material has since gone to the Nikola Tesla Museum, in Belgrade, Serbia. But some of Tesla’s papers remain classified by the U.S. government.

While Tesla may have been forgotten, or not mentioned, by Obama, he has inspired movies, musicals, clothing, food—I recently picked up a case of Nikola Tesla experi-mints at a local bookstore—and a line of automobiles by the renown modern-day innovator Elon Musk. A few years ago the Tesla Science Center unveiled a statue of him at Wardenclyffe, a former Tesla laboratory located on Long Island.

David Bowie as Nikola Tesla

David Bowie as Tesla in the 2006 film, “The Prestige.” Photo via

Perhaps most exciting, I recently learned that David Bowie played Nikola Tesla in the 2006 film, The Prestige.

“It’s not right to say that Bowie was perfect for the role,” reads an Indiewire article about the film, “but he was singular as Tesla, inescapably imbuing the role with everything we know and don’t know and can’t comprehend about Bowie himself. An enigma portraying an enigma.”

It seems a fitting ending. Although there are many Tesla fans who still don’t believe there has been a true ending for the inventor. There is chatter on the internet that Tesla may have been reincarnated as at least two different people.

“The most prominent incarnation of Tesla,” explains a post with the Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit, “is Saul Perlmutter, an astrophysicist who won the 2011 Nobel Prize for providing evidence that the expansion of the universe is accelerating.”

However, a more popular theory holds that Tesla was reincarnated as Patrick Flanagan, a new age author and inventor who was born just over a year after Tesla died.

And then of course, there is Bowie himself, who was born just four years after Tesla died. This to me seems much more likely, and exciting.

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8 thoughts on “The Lonely Death and Fantastic Reincarnation of Nikola Tesla”

  1. Kat

    Mary. Right on Girl!
    But he did die in in the body.
    He did find a way to wake up in the next incarnations as to whom he was.
    Yes you are right he is a time traveler and figured out the time space continuum.
    I have a strong feeling he/she whomever he is incarnated as…. 😉 this time is still doing a lot of influencing in this world.
    He loved it too much…. and is stubborn and wants to see it elevated to the Golden age.
    Good Job Mary. Good job Thinking

  2. KAT

    Hi Mary. please see my earlier post. So refreshing to see a comment from a smart person.

  3. KAT

    Tesla was reincarnated couple of years after he died that is true, but his karma was a soldier that he very much didn’t want to be as a young one, he fought in Vietnam war and died young on the ship that is still docked in Key West as a museum.
    His next lifetime is a woman, part of his karmic lesson to learn. You guys make no connections when it comes to following how karma works if you think that he would be born as a scientist or know as he was in his lifetime as Tesla.
    He will have given himself plenty clues as to whom he is in his next incarnations because he is also a time traveler and he knew When he was Nicola Tesla whom he is going to be in lifetimes after and how to make his next incarnations work out the karma he needs to work out and complete his mission without being known.
    The men is a genius beyond most people understanding for goodness sake and you think he wouldn’t figure out how to be anonymous as to not be interfered with and still do his bidding in the world?
    and his genius surpassed need for technology outside of his brain….. he knows how to manipulate energies and frequencies and vibrations with the greatest of ease
    wake up
    no one will ever know who Tesla is reincarnated as
    he is too smart for that.
    well D Trump had an idea but he didn’t find the right one

    • Carina

      I think I know who he has incarnated as. It is already his second incarnation after Nikola Tesla life. They had me know this but nothing is for sure. The person does not know it himself.


    Tesla was born on July 10th, 1856. He died on Jan 7th, 1943. He would have been 87 on July 18th, 1943, but he passed in Jan,. making him 86 years old, not 85 as your article states. Investigate it, and if incorrect, please correct it.


      i’Mm sorry, it was the news article that got it incorrect, not your article. Mia Culpa. Excellent article.

  5. Mary

    Could Nikola Tesla have discovered that the time-space continuum does not exist and have time traveled instead of died?

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