Would you try virtual reality death?

By: Molly Gorny | Date: Wed, April 12th, 2017

Virtual Reality Death

A team of scientists in Barcelona is using virtual reality to give people the experience of death. The experiment is designed to give participants an “out of body” experience in order to overcome fear of death. 

The candidates that were able to “feel” their virtual body were less likely to be afraid because they may be more likely to believe in an afterlife having sensed the feeling of leaving their body, the study suggested.

It stated: “Fear of death in the experimental group was found to be lower than in the control group. This is in line with previous reports that naturally occurring out-of-body-experiences are often associated with enhanced belief in life after death.” Read the full story

What do you think? Would you try it and do you think it would help you overcome a fear of death?

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