Weekly News: Nancy Reagan’s funeral details, Pat Conroy laid to rest.

By: Funeralwise | Date: Wed, March 9th, 2016

First lady Nancy Reagan’s funeral details released and Pat Conroy laid to rest.




Pat Conroy mourned with ‘personal grief’ by friends, fans, dignitaries and cadets

3/8/2016–islandpacket.com:  Beaufort grabbed Pat Conroy when he crossed the Whale Branch bridge and pointed him to the marsh, a good friend of the author said at Conroy’s funeral Tuesday morning. Conroy had attended 10 schools in 11 years when he arrived in Beaufort as the teenage son of a Marine pilot, said Alex Sanders, a former College of Charleston president and chief judge of the S.C. Court of Appeals… Read the full story

Reconnecting with faith through washing of dead

3/8/2016–philly.com: The first time, Rabbi Sarra Lev thought she’d be afraid. The young man who had asked her to teach him Hebrew before he died was laid out on a table in a funeral home, and she and six others were there to wash his body. “It helped a lot that it was somebody I loved,” said Lev, of West Mount Airy. “I thought of it as just taking care of him. It was Randy lying there… Read the full story

Nancy Reagan’s Funeral: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

3/7/2016–heavy.com: The funeral arrangements and burial for Nancy Reagan have been announced. Nancy Reagan’s funeral will take place Friday morning, March 11, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. Her funeral will be closed to the public. There is no set protocol for a First Lady’s funeral or the ceremonies surrounding her death… Read the full story

Green Burials Bring Awareness to Environmental Concerns

3/4/2016–usnews.com: The idea of being buried in a detoxifying mushroom suit or in a biodegradable pod that becomes a tree was once the stuff of science fiction, but a growing trend toward eco-friendly burial practices is making such things a reality. Advocates for green burials say alternative practices have a positive impact on both the environment, and are also changing views of death itself. However, making the transition isn’t easy – in part, due to a lack of awareness… Read the full story

TasWeekend: Going out in style

3/4/2016–themercury.com.au: PEOPLE spend months, sometimes years, planning their weddings. Dresses, flowers, table settings and everything else is carefully selected to match and maintain a theme. The music must be meaningful and couples take dance lessons in preparation for the bridal waltz. Every aspect is styled and managed to create a beautiful and memorable event… Read the full story

How-To: Manage your ‘digital afterlife’ while you’re still here to do it

3/4/2016–9to5mac.com: None of us likes to think about our own mortality, but as the old saying has it, nobody is going to make it out of here alive. Things were simple enough in the old days. We wrote a will, took out a life insurance policy, maybe left a letter explaining where to find important documents, and that was about it. But in an age where many of our documents and assets are in digital form, it’s worth taking a little time to ensure that our loved ones don’t encounter major hassles when it comes to accessing them… Read the full story

>>Read more about protecting your digital legacy

Does Facing Death Lessen Fears Of Dying?

3/3/2016–nepr.net: Most people seem to fear death. Not surprising, according to Harvard researchers, who say even the word can increase nervousness and sadness. But Professor Michael Norton noticed that toward the end of their lives some appear more peaceful, resolved, accepting of death. Norton’s now looking more closely at the disconnect… Read the full story

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