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Strange Deaths 2015: Selfies top the list.

Weekly News 1/4/16: Selfie deaths and who died first?

Our weekly roundup saw the good (compassionate pilot turns around for a grieving family), the bad (female WWII pilot denied burial at Arlington cemetery), and the sort of ugly (lots of stabbings and other assorted deaths in Shakespeare's plays).

Strange Deaths 2015

Strange Deaths 2015: Another big year for selfie deaths.

Each year we scour the news for strange and interesting death stories. Our research often uncovers pop culture trends that are leading to unnecessary deaths. Last year it was selfie deaths. This year it is more of the same along with a new trend, train track deaths. Read on to learn more.

Strange deaths 2015

Strange deaths 2015 mid-year check-up:  Selfie deaths keep coming.

We normally save our strange death report for the end of the year, but with two men meeting their maker while shooting fireworks off their bodies on Independence Day, it seems like a good time to take a look at the strange deaths that have already taken place this year.

Death by Selfie

Strange Deaths 2014: The Year of Death by Selfie

This year’s edition of strangest deaths reveals a disturbing trend—death by selfie. We found 10 confirmed instances of people who died while putting themselves in a risky position to take a photo. There may have been more, we just didn't find them. Certainly there are many others who became injured or had close calls when doing the exact same thing. As you read the list, count yourself lucky that you’re not on it and please, don’t take unnecessary risks just for the chance to snap that perfect vanity photo.

A Bizarre Spate of Christmas Shopping Deaths, from Xuzhou to London to Omaha

Christmas shopping deaths seem to fall into two categories: Those people so enthusiastic about Christmas shopping that they cause the death of themselves or others (i.e., the now infamous Black Friday Christmas shopping deaths), or those people who are so fed up with Christmas shopping that they decide to jump off balconies or buildings.

Celebrity Deaths

Saying goodbye to those we lost: 2014 celebrity deaths.

As the year draws to a close we take a moment to remember those luminaries who are no longer with us. We also take time to say goodbye to those who were close to us who never made it to a top ten list or on whom a wider spotlight shined. To all of these people we say "we miss you" and we were glad you touched our lives.

7 Honest Questions About Death With Caitlin Doughty

For her "Ask a Mortician" video series Los Angeles mortician Caitlin Doughty has spoken candidly about topics like cat cremation and whether or not corpses soil themselves after death (the answer is yes), this September Norton will publish her much-awaited book, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes...

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