Hurricane Harvey lonely death

Hurricane Harvey “Lonely Deaths”

One of the people who died alone in Hurricane Harvey was 89 year old Agnes Stanley, a longtime volunteer for a conservation group in Houston. She died in her one-story brick home, the New York Times reported, and was found floating in four feet of floodwater.

George Bell, and the Lonely Deaths of Japan

After the poignant New York Times story of George Bell, a man who died alone in a Jackson Heights apartment hit the news, many readers wondered if such lonely deaths happened elsewhere. The answer is yes. Read on...

Dead Alone In A Hotel Room In A Lonely Era

It's a familiar and always sad story--dying alone in a hotel room. Our Justin Nobel explores how this type of death may be as much a symbol of the times as anything.

Temperatures Soar And A New Way Of Dying Emerges—Death By Heat

While hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and blizzards often take the headlines when it comes to weather-related deaths, it is actually heatwaves that kill the most people. Digital Dying's Justin Nobel takes a look at death as a result of high temperatures.

Coronavirus Lonliness

The Other Coronavirus Death, From Loneliness, Anxiety And A Failure Of the Heart

As officials work to keep pace with the rising number of coronavirus deaths, another type of death may be overlooked--lonely death. Health experts tell us that feelings of isolation and loneliness can increase a variety of conditions such as depression and hypertension, for example. The result can be a weakening of the immune system which can have costly consequences during a pandemic. Read on to learn more about coronavirus and death from a failure of the heart.

Justin Nobel

Justin Nobel on Death–the Podcast

Digital Dying's Justin Nobel recently had the tables turned on him when he was interviewed for Death--the Podcast. Read on for a link to the podcast.

Christmas and Death in North Korea

This year Christmas again arrives in the middle of a religious storm. Islam has been pitted against Christianity, with flash points in Africa, Syria and other parts of the...

2015 Quality of Death Index

Weekly News 10/19/2015: UK tops Quality of Death Index

What it takes for medical personnel to declare someone dead, what it is like to be an embalmer, and how crisis teams offer assistance after a homicide. Gail Rubin delivers a powerful TedX talk about end-of-life issues and preplanning.

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