Do elephants have the power to vote? Read Full Article

Yes, there was an election the other day—though of course you already knew that. Because we live in a time when even races for county commissioner and school board can become mud-slinging, dark money-funded death matches whose results are calculated in real time, hashed out live by drooling analyst armies on the news then devoured on social media. Of course, paying close attention to politics is vital to the democracy, and great for TV ads, but there is one spot on the ballot that often goes unnoticed: coroner. Read Full Article

The news was devastating, and it came in dribs and drabs. First there were three dead. Then five. Then seven. The tally now rests at eight. Read Full Article
Trump and Clinton

Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton. It is difficult to remember a presidential battle between candidates who are more disliked than the present two major party nominees. Numerous citizens have no doubt privately wished the worst on both candidates. But what were to happen if the unthinkable happened? Read Full Article
Ides of March

Well, it’s that day again: March 15. Also known as the Ides of March, we’re supposed to beware. Why? What’s so ominous about March 15? It’s one more month till Tax Day, right? That sounds pretty ominous to many of us. So beware, beware I tell you! Read Full Article
Donald Trump burned in effigy

The Carnaval parade in Chapala, Mexico is a grand colorful affair, and this year a new character livened up the festivities: Donald Trump. Read Full Article

This year Christmas again arrives in the middle of a religious storm. Islam has been pitted against Christianity, with flash points in Africa, Syria and other parts of the Middle East and even right here in the United States, but there is perhaps no country on earth where Christmas is more despised than North Korea. Read Full Article
Transgender Funeral: Holly Woodlawn

A woman had died, and Reverend Ginny Wheeler faced a dilemma. Wheeler, of the Community United Methodist Church, in Huntington Beach, California was conducting the funeral. Yet the identity of the corpse had been called into question. Read Full Article
Original Lee Harvey Oswald Casket

Original pine bluff casket that was used to bury Lee Harvey Oswald A judge in Tarrant County, Texas has ruled that the original Lee Harvey Oswald casket must be returned to the Oswald family. Read Full Article

Saturday, January 24, 2015 marked the 50th anniversary of the death of Sir Winston Churchill. He was laid to rest on January 30th, 1965.  Until the funeral of Pope John Paul II in 2005, Winston Churchill’s state funeral was the largest in history. Read Full Article

NY Times Clipping from 2000 It’s hard to believe but, yes, it is possible to be elected to national office if you’re dead. In fact, five people have been elected to Congress postmortem! Read Full Article
Old Town Square in Prague

As we walked by, the sign out front invited us to visit the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments. Who could pass that up? We’re in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. It was one of several stops on our recent vacation that included the other eastern European cities of Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria. Read Full Article

National Park Service Photo In 1999 Dave Kloke began work on construction of a full sized working replica of a 1980s steam locomotive. Considering the fact that Kloke had no experience working with trains the feat was remarkable. Read Full Article

Fifty years ago today a million people lined the streets of Washington D.C. to watch a funeral procession like none the nation had ever seen carry the coffin of President John F. Kennedy from the Capitol building to the White House. Read Full Article

The mask, a stylized white face with a gigantic smile, rosy red cheeks and a mischievous mustache, has been worn by protestors in Thailand, Egypt, the United States and Great Britain. The mask is so controversial that it is illegal in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The mask is presently the fifth best-selling mask on Amazon. Read Full Article
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