Do elephants have the power to vote? Read Full Article

Yes, there was an election the other day—though of course you already knew that. Because we live in a time when even races for county commissioner and school board can become mud-slinging, dark money-funded death matches whose results are calculated in real time, hashed out live by drooling analyst armies on the news then devoured on social media. Of course, paying close attention to politics is vital to the democracy, and great for TV ads, but there is one spot on the ballot that often goes unnoticed: coroner. Read Full Article
Caitlin Doughty book signing

The funeral industry has a true celebrity, Caitlin Doughty. She is a mortician, a New York Times bestselling author, and a leader in the budding “death positive” movement. Just google her and you’ll see that she is getting lots of attention. I’ve been familiar with Caitlin for a few years since our Justin Nobel first interviewed her for Digital Dying. She is not your father’s mortician. Read Full Article

Several years ago, our Justin Nobel discussed the the way some Middle Eastern cultures hire women to weep and wail at funerals. At the time, many many Westerners were surprised by the practice which actually has a very long history. Read Full Article

The news was devastating, and it came in dribs and drabs. First there were three dead. Then five. Then seven. The tally now rests at eight. Read Full Article
Hurricane Harvey lonely death

Hurricane Harvey is responsible for killing at least 47 people in Texas. According to a story last week in the New York Times, at least several of these people died alone. Read Full Article

At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio last year, Texas Senator Ted Cruz made a powerful and inflammatory statement. Read Full Article

The heat is on. Read Full Article

  Step aside Juan Ponce de León, the long-sought secret to longevity may not be a mysterious Florida spring, but a Chinese cave. Read Full Article

John DeSantis is the type of old-school, wild-haired, chain-smoking keeps-a-police-scanner-in-his-car-which-also-serves-as-an-office journalist that Hollywood directors used to make movies about. Read Full Article

On January, 29, 1985, 32-year-old Fumiko Kimura waded out into the cold waves off Santa Monica Beach on a deadly mission. Read Full Article

Imagine a new mother walking down a sunny sidewalk in a big city. She has a coffee in one hand, a bag over her shoulder, and swaddled at her chest is an infant. She is happy. She is going about her daily routine. The only thing strange about the scene: the infant is dead. Read Full Article
Snow Monkeys

A few weeks ago news broke that Takagoyama Nature Zoo, located not far from Tokyo on Japan’s main island of Honshu had put to death 57 snow monkeys. They were killed by lethal injection. The reason for the grand assault on these Japanese macaques, and our distant cousins: Having sex. Read Full Article

A new season, a New Year. This is a chance to blossom forth with new ideas and plans, or dig our heads deeper into the sand and perhaps disappear for a bit? Read Full Article

How do you say death in heptapod? Read Full Article
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