Classic Rock Legend, Paul Revere, Dies at 76

By: Funeralwise | Date: Sun, October 5th, 2014

Paul Revere

Paul ReverePaul Revere Dick, founder, leader, front man, and keyboardist of the 60s rock band, Paul Revere and the Raiders, died at his home in Idaho on Saturday, October 4th 2014. The singer and organist had reportedly been battling cancer over the past year.

Paul’s death was announced on his official website by way of a fan letter

Dear Paul,

Where do I begin? How do I tell you how much I love you and what you have meant to me?

Have you ever met a person and felt like you’ve known them your entire life, sensed a familiarity and warmth? That’s how I felt the very first time I met you, and the feeling only grew stronger the more I got to know you.

Like most people, my initial introduction to you was on television, radio and records, but none of those mediums gave me a real clue to the one-of-a-kind life force that was Paul Revere.

Sitting in an audience at my first Paul Revere and The Raiders concert introduced me to a larger-than-life dynamo of high-energy slapstick, outrageous and spontaneous humor and a genuine child-like joy. Everyone in attendance just knew that you MUST be a wonderful person offstage too, no doubt about it.

Read the full letter: Paul Revere & The Raiders Website


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