How Do You Talk to Dead Pets and Saddam Hussein? A Chat With Superstar Animal Communicator Charles Peden

By: Justin Nobel | Date: Thu, August 15th, 2013

Charles Peden makes his living by communicating with dead pets. He can also communicate with blades of grass, insects and whales.

Charles Peden is a pet medium, aka animal communicator. He makes his living by communicating with dead pets (and also lost and misbehaving ones). He can communicate with dead people, too; he once got in touch with Saddam Hussein. He can also communicate with blades of grass, insects and whales.

Digital Dying recently spoke with Charles about how to speak with dead animals, where pets go when they die and just what the other side looks like.

Can you give an example of a dead pet you recently communicated with?

Earlier this morning I connected with a woman whose cat Henry was missing. Initially I only have the name, so I go, ‘Henry, I understand you’ve gone missing, I need you to confirm the connection by describing your age, physical appearance and how you went missing.’ Then I saw a skinny black cat coming through. I told the woman I see Henry, he tells me he went missing six weeks ago, he tells me he went missing in the evening, he tells me he is deceased. During our conversation the cat reveled to me he was a victim of a coyote attack and that some of him is in the coyote’s stomach, and the other part is where the attack went down, in an area behind the house. Then he dropped a little bombshell, two other cats in the same neighborhood are missing. They were also killed by coyotes.

How exactly do you connect with dead animals?

Think of me as a Smartphone. We have millions if not billons of Smartphones, and yet when I call my friend I don’t get everyone else in the world because I can hone in on their specific frequency. When I’m looking for a missing animal it’s the same, and typically that animal wants to make contact just as bad as we do. When I’m first establishing contact usually what I am looking for is an energy pulse. It’s the feeling of static electricity going through your body, like a mild adrenaline bolt. Everyone has felt this, the feeling of standing on top of a building and looking down, it causes goose bumps. It is the spirits screaming at you. Also like a Smartphone, I am receiving information in binary code. My brain is able to take that information and translate it into physical sensation and images. With binary code there is no and yes, and I see no as a flat line, and yes as the energy burst. When an animal says, yes they are available, then we connect and the energy burst emerges into a full visual signal.

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How is communicating with an animal spirit different from communicating with a human spirit?

For me there is no difference. I work with human spirits and animal spirits interchangeably. I can communicate with insects and I can communicate with whales. A spirit is a spirit. The soul is the same, whether you are a pig’s soul or a dog’s soul or a butterfly’s soul or a snake’s soul. You all feel the same, and have the same hopes and fears, there is no real difference. I was working with this lady recently who cared for pet rats. One of her rats was attacked by another rat, and she wanted to know the severity of the injury. I asked the rat to describe the injury and they described in detail how their leg had been chewed up and that they also had an abdominal injury. But just because you can communicate with an animal doesn’t mean you will get along. Moles and I have a very bad relationship.

How do you connect with a pet once it has been reincarnated?

When you pass, all your old pets are there waiting for you on the other side. They are part of that welcome wagon. When you are all on the other side together then you have the opportunity to discuss whether or not you want to be living together in a subsequent life, and that’s when reincarnation would come into play. I don’t dispute reincarnation, I just believe the time frame is longer than most people consider. However, animals will frequently drop by in spirit form and say into the ear of their owner’s new pet, ‘Listen you are the new dog, back when I was top dog this little trick got me attention every time, why don’t you try it’. So, the new dog will exhibit the same behavior of the old dog, and you think, ‘Oh my goodness, my old dog is back with my new dog’s body!’ No, your old dog’s spirit is just interacting with your new dog.

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What does the other side look like?

It is huge. The area we play in here is like a pinprick. On the other side there are no restrictions due to lack of oxygen and lack of gravity. Temperature control is not an issue. Their world is overlaid on this world, so you can see this world as well as everything on the other side, too. You can see every square inch of the universe. All the billions of people who have lived and those who haven’t yet been reincarnated are all over there, and they can travel anywhere in space. They continue to have relations with each other, very similar to relationships here. There are definitely still people hooking up on the other side. I was working with one client who was trying to communicate with his late wife. I was able to find her but I had to inform him that she was seeing someone new over there. He was very upset.

What happens when you are communicating with a pet and realize that it has been abused by your client?

I see it all the time. I may have someone who keeps their dog on a chain in Georgia in the middle of their yard and all the sudden one day the chain is cut and the guy calls me and is like, ‘Here is $125, go find my dog.’ I reach out to the dog and the dog is like F U. I go back to the guy and am like, ‘My information is that you did not treat this dog properly’. I may know the dog’s location but I won’t reveal it to my client. I have a bigger obligation to the animals than I do to the humans.

Has this job made you more or less scared of death?

Now, there is no fear whatsoever of death. Before January 24, 2006, when a ghost appeared in my house and set me on my current path, I had a healthy fear of death. The biggest problem was the unknown factor, the idea of this final journey with no return where no one has ever told us what happens when they go. Another fear was of being snuffed out, a full rich life just ended. And then there was the fear of going to hell, the eternal lake of fire. But after I found my ability that all changed. Now, I think of death as a return back home more than anything else, because we have more time spent in spirit form on the other side than we do here.

Tell me about the event that triggered your powers?

January 24, 2006, I was walking down the hallway from the bathroom into the living room, about 10:30 at night. I see this woman standing there, like 5 foot 10 inches tall, 150 pounds, brown dress. She is Portuguese. I do a double take, but she is still there, a foot or two closer. All the sudden I feel her enter my back and exit my chest and I feel this rush of energy, like a classic horror movie Scooby-Doo effect. I didn’t believe in any of this at the time, I was a complete skeptic. I sit with my wife on the couch and she is like, ‘Two or three years ago I saw the same woman’. The next day the woman tells me her name, the year she was born and how she was killed. She was beaten to death. Then I go to and the Historical Society and I find documentation that confirms absolutely everything. This parcel of land we live on was a citrus orchard, in that land was a family from Portugal.

How exactly did you communicate with Saddam Hussein?

One of the first things I did after realizing my abilities was reach out to someone who I thought would be in hell. I chose Saddam Hussein, and he reached out back to me almost immediately. He appeared to be in front of a line of individuals that stretched around the horizon. Men, women and children, some horribly maimed, some burned beyond recognition. It was pretty clear to me he was going through a life review process, confronting the individuals whose suffering he was responsible for. Based on our interaction I realized there actually is no hell, but there are very, very serious consequences to our actions.

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  1. Peyton Lawing

    Hello, 4 days ago I had to say goodbye to my best friend.. I am only 19 and she was a 15 year old Pomeranian, she had cancer and cushions and struggled to breath towards the end.. she was always for me throughout my childhood and I miss her more than anything. I haven’t been able to eat I feel so lost without her. I need to know if she’s okay? If she’s with my other passed baby? Is she waiting for me? I love you so much roxy and not a day will go by that I don’t miss you licking tears off my face

  2. Seema Singh

    Sir, I had a pet Maltese named Phibi, on the 10.09.2020. I had the hardest decision to euthenize her, as she became ill, I would like to know is she ok, where is she, is she angry with me, thank you, warm regards, Seema Singh, South Africa

  3. Deborah Owens

    Charles I have just read your arti letter and I am so hopeful. My black Dachshund Sadie passed on August 11 2020. I am totally heartbroken. I know that she is pain and medicine free now and is inthe arms of God. I think if I could just know that she is happy and ask her to visit me I might be able to breath. Please advise on what I can do. Thank you so much.

  4. ericka suchomel

    Hello my mobrella cockatoo passed away June 23 2020 he was only 16 yrs old. He got hurt in his cage. I took him to the the vet as soon as I found out. She said he was going to be ok. Well on Sunday he was doin ok before we put him to bed he said “I have to go to work now than laughed” we thought omg hes going to be ok. Well the next moring he was not ok. He had bitten his leg to the bone. I was in shock. I called so many places that would take him finally found a animal hospital to take him asap. It was bad. He passed the next day. Our hearts are broken for our Tequila. We miss him so much. His ern is next to our bed. I wonder does he know I did all I could do for him. Is he ok? Does he miss us? Why does he not come to visit. Please show mw a sign. LOVE you my chicken.

  5. Joshua

    I had to put my best friend who was a Boston Terrier named Rocky down in June. It was diagnosed as Cushing’s disease but I believe he had cancer. I miss him every day and it hasn’t gotten easier. I still have his toys laid out and his blanket on the couch. I’m always looking for signs that he’s here and I just wish I had more time with him. Sometimes words just can’t describe feelings. I just want him to know that he’ll always be my best friend and that I look forward to hearing from him and seeing him when my time comes. I love you Rocky. You were the best. Please come see me buddy.

  6. Kaylee T.

    Hello, my dog Duke passed away on the 29th of August this year… he was very sick, and we didn’t have enough money to take him to a vet because we live paycheck to paycheck. He was an English mastiff mix, partially a cane corps. He was 8. He used to Be 250 lbs in his prime, but within the last year he lost so much weight so fast and we had no idea what was making him sick. There’s a lot of things I wish happened differently, because he really was such an amazing and loving dog…. I wish we could’ve done more for him… we tried to do what we could, and he would get better and then get worse than before. But he never lost his puppy like excitement and playfulness. He was truly a gift that I feel like I took for granted…. his passing has been extremely hard on our family… especially my mother and I. I was the one who found him when he had passed…. and it broke me. Because I wish I could’ve done more… I’m disgusted in myself for being in denial. Please, if you could, it would mean the world and more if you could contact him… I’m desperate. I used to be able to contact spirits but had closed myself off from it for years and I’ve been trying and trying to find him or communicate somehow and haven’t been able to. Maybe because it’s still so soon and so raw, or maybe because it was such a close personal loss.. but I really really would like to contact him. So I could let him know how sorry i am, and how sorry my mother and I are. And how much we truly do love him. And how we are so sorry that we failed him. I’m balling while trying to type this, but we just want him to know that he deserved everything in this world, and how sorry we are that we weren’t able to give him that…. thank you….

  7. Kirsty Davis

    Hi my douge de bordeaux died last year in November due to heart failure. I had her put to sleep and I’m going through so much pain still. I want to no if my baby girl got to the other side and that she was there waiting for me. I hope I havnt let her down and I love her with all my heart. I have recently got a new dog called cooper who is a cavachon so totally different dog size but he just reminds me of her with everything he does. I hope you can help me on to getting to communicate with her daily. Thank you so much

  8. Vijaya Wakode

    Hi Sir, we had a baby cat named Manoher (Pistol). He was just 8 months old. We loved him very much, especially my dad, he used to give him cat food. One time he pooped in the porch dad got angry and beat him little and then stop feeding him but even though he dint go anywhere he used to come all the time. My mother said ”pran jaye pr wachan na jate” means he will die but will go no where as promise. He was little when Sundari our cat, his mother gave birth to him in our house. We were very attached to him. He used to love me the most. He loved us unconditionally. We knew outside dogs could be waiting for him anytime they can attack but he used to be very clever. One day at night around 2 am he got attacked by 2 dogs we trying to rescue him but no luck. He was very much injured. From night onwards we were calling vet, we asked Pistol to hold till morning and my brave kid listen to it. But we died in pain in afternoon 4-5 pm. We all cried, we kept tulshipatra which we do in our indian culture and then wrapped him in cotton cloth and buried him. I miss him each day whenever I go outside I feel why dint we do this or that when we already knew he might get attack. The day he got attacked 2-3 times he was searching place in our house. I feel guilty and I feel the pain cause to him is because of us. Can u please tell if he is okay and not in pain now and at liberation. We did pooja for him at our house for his peace. Please tell me if he is okay or what can we do for him for his liberation or peace.

  9. Kalpa Patel

    I recently lost my 9 year old Yorkshire Terrier, due to being attacked by 2 dull dogs . We tried our best to save him and so did the vet but he passed away on 13th August . He is dearly missed and I never had a day when I felt I wish I could hold him one more time and tell him how much I love him and I was not there to comfort him during his passing away at the clinic. I would love to know if he is fine and free of pain .

  10. Zoya

    Sir my baby my love my bird sparrow died on 30th August 2020 and I want to talk to him his name his kucha please help me sir

  11. Zoya

    Hello sir I’m zoya my bird pet sparrow name kucha he’s died on 30th August 2020 I really miss him please help me to talk with him just once I feel alone without him really really miss him I’m in pain please help me I want to talk to him just once please its a humble request

  12. Ajit


  13. Julia Krombel

    Had to put my dog to sleep and I had him as a puppy and that’s was 11 wonder years and I’m so heart broken and miss him I was with him when he took his last breath and I hope he knows I did it so he wouldn’t be in pain anymore

  14. Amy Hustead

    I know you get so many requests and all are equally important. We had to put our beautiful lab Chili to rest as a result of aggressive oral osteosarcoma, and want nothing more than to take comfort in the fact that he is at peace, no longer in pain, and knows just how deeply we love and miss him. Perhaps the loss has been amplified by the pandemic, but whatever the reason, I miss him and pray I will infact see him again. We love you chili boy, you remain our sweet handsome boy. Mommy and Daddy will see you again, don’t forget us!

  15. Vandana Akash

    My parrot on 10 August 2018 he was 7-8 months dat tym when came in my house walking on his feets n he came n touched my toe nail over my feet for few seconds n from dat day my parrot was my beloved member of my family,his hair were falling n called dr.for treatment but he was denying me to give him medicines or ointment,infact my mom was saying to me dat don’t treat the parrot for hairfall after somedays he will b fyn without any medical help,but I didn’t listened to my mom ,called the dr.up started spraying sprays on my parrot,but within 6 days of treatment my parrot died on 10 August at 8:30 crying from then,I’m repenting for giving him treatment because he cud have survived without the treatment well,plz tell me where my parrot is now n when will he return back to me in which form,each n every second my heart is crying n praying to God to take me soon so dat I may meet my parrot in parrot has been reincarnated?what my parrot is thinking of me,is he calling or missing me,plz plz plz plz reply me.

  16. deja

    Hi Sir, My dog winter passed a few months ago but she didnt pass the way i wanted her too, she was left in the hot car too long by my stupid uncle. She was white she was 10 i think (in human years) and yea. I know you probably wont see this im 12 about to be 13 by the way and i just want you tell tell her “ Deja said she misses you, she loves you, and she will see you soon. PLEASE

  17. Dil

    On the 4th of August 2020 , between (11:30 to 12:00 am) I lost my cat Mickey. He was in so much pain when he passed and the whole week since he had been sick he was endured pain and agony but he was an fighter he fought so much to survive . He had so many complications which started out with kidney damage and finally his abdomen was full of fluid that eventually spread to his lungs. His final moments he was gasping for breathe and it killed me that their was nothing I could do anymore . Ever since he left me I feel like a part of me died with him and and I wish I could hold him once more. I just want him to know I love him more so much and I am so sorry he was in so much pain and I will miss him everyday . I wish he could have lived forever but he will always be my baby. I hope he is not in pain anymore and he is in a better place and please ask him not to forget me and I wish I could have taken his pain away. I just need to know he is in peace and pain free.

  18. Anamika Sinha

    Dear Sir
    My cat died on 3rd August. She loved me like anything. She was so attached with me. She played so much on 2nd August night. She was the healthiest among all my cats. But all of a sudden I saw her dead. I am still in depression. Please let me know how was she killed and where is she now. Tell her I miss her like anything and will always love her. Her demise has shattered me and I am no more a happy person.


    Hello Sir
    I’ve lost my dog “Brandy” on 1st August 2020, she had lympoids which all at sudden showed up and I beleive that somehow the treatment and medication tooka her away from me.
    I understand that without treatment it could have been worse but the day after we started her medication she lost all her appetite and a day before yesterday she left.
    I jusy wanted to connect with her, can you please tell her that we really loved her and still we do and will do till my last breath.
    I want her to have a beautiful life ahead and hope to see her in the parallel world when I leave this one.
    She has given me immense love and I owe her a lot.
    I’ll hug her whenever I get to meet her.


  20. Bella ‘s mother

    Bella… location – Jaipur , India …my daughter my cat … if you can… please tell her I love her a lot …. I miss you .
    Please reply me with any information Regarding her sir… she is no more in this world and I don’t know how to contact her in that world… she left us today …31 July 2020 .
    Plz reply … I will wait for your reply… thanks in advance

  21. Kerry Doyle

    I Sadly lost my beautiful chihauhau Madison, she was so happy and looked fine but i think she had a sudden stroke and seizures, they kept her at the vets over night but rang in the morning and said it be best to put her to sleep, i am still shocked how suddenly she has just gone from my life, i didn’t get to say goodbye to her either

  22. Petra Bosse

    Hi, im absolutely broken…i lost my dog very fast..still 14 days ago she was happy ,looked without pain and we enjoied our great lifes together..unfortunatelly one day she felt really bad and we figured out that she has big metastaze on her liver ,since that time all turned very bad and very fast down..on saturday we had to euthanaze her..i could not watch any longer that she cant eat( what she loved the most) walk or be happy and without was soo faktand im still soo schocked ! Would love to contact her ,tell her how much i loved her and please her to come back to me in different form or body….how should i contact her ?

  23. Audrey

    I lost my cat on Wednesday morning. He was poorly and stayed at vets over the night and vet call me in the morning that he pass away. I’m devastated, my heart broken in to billion peaces. What I’m going to do without my angel. I would like him to come back to me I want to feel him next to me. I want to hug him. I just want that his spirit will be with me I want to say him sorry that I wasnt with him when he died . .

  24. Rory Anderson

    On the 5th of May, 2020, my dogs got into a fight and we had to put down our three-legged dog because she always got into fights. I’m devastated, I don’t wanna live because of it, because I want to be with my sweetie. Is there a way I can contact her? I really want to talk to her and tell her how much I love her.

  25. cat whisper

    hi there my beloved Cat LT passed before Xmas i was devastated new she poorly and close to the end but didn’t no wen .10days before Xmas i lost her .i was in total grief .5 days later newspaper pages started flickering up on there own .okay i left it .2 mins later it did it again so i thought it cnt be so i called her pages went again it has to be LT .okay i said is that you baby pages flickered again and round it was ice cold wind .in middle of my floor .like a vibrating wind not a gust wasn’t solid .i said you come back to see me paper went again ok i was open minded about this .i new it was her .so i said sorry baby you went through all that pain you ok page flickered again i missed you so much paper went again .anyway long story short she turns tv on and of like a flicker 3 times normaly i play with her made a ball till across the floor anout 5 inches cat ball with bell in it bell never sounded though y i don’t no .so she is still with me to this day bless her I feel so honoured .ime telling you this to let you no there is afterlife .LT proves it it sounds far fetched but i loved her so much she came back .love in physical can carry on into spiritual .so all these story’s about communicating with youre passed fury animals is true .i think a bond is unbreakable if it’s strong enough and a big believer in afterlife .

  26. Lacey

    I was helping rehabilitate a cat named cleo that had lost feeling in her front legs… I bathed her when she came fed and watered her oft and gave her snacks… As well as took her ride everywhere w Me when I had her and slept with her… More attention then she could ask for… I took her for the night last night and she seemed fine but passed in her sleep and I keep blaming myself wondering if perhaps I did something wrong maybe…. I would love any info even just one word on what happened to make her pass to have some peace

  27. Christina

    My babygurl died on the 5th by a freak accident that I keep blaming myself for. My apartment complex had a concrete bench that was unstable and tipped over as I was sitting on it and crushed my 6.5 month chihuahua. I miss her so much and I want her back. That was my baby we cuddled every night and spent everyday together. I can’t let her go. I don’t want to.

  28. Lili

    My dog died yesterday morning when I wasn’t home. Her name is Peanut and she died March first. She was a old beagle but she was a stray so we weren’t sure age. I just want her to know I love her and I want to know she loves me and that she is happier where she is.

  29. Oliwia

    I have a cat named Alfie and he died yesterday Friday 20th of February because of rat poise nine and I wasn’t there at the vet and he is like kind of brown colour with black stripes white belly and face and a grey with black stripes tail and I want him to know I love him I think he’s about 2 years old

  30. Cassandra Lara-sandoval

    Chava her name my dog just passed away Tuesday she was healthy but just out of the blue she at first like she ate something and thru it up so didn’t mean nothing about it she was eating drinking run I ng playing than boom Tuesday she was gone she would of been 10 this yr I really really need to know what happened to her I need to know that she’s ok cause its killing me up inside not knowing what happened and mostly if she’s ok now and if she forgives me for not being there when she passed away ,, I have not eaten or slept since she passed and I sometimes think about going to the other side to be with her she was the child i couldn’t have i need to know please please help me ,before it’s to late for me I’m going insane not knowing what happened to her

  31. [email protected]

    My loveable pet daali ( girl dog ) she passed away 3day back , her last day I didn’t spend much time with her it’s was so painfull for me she’s 11yrs old by that time and was stopped having food since from 7days .. did she’s ok now .. and can I see once and can I talk with her once .. everyday m remembering and m crying a lot .. I can’t accept her dealth suddenly it was shocking.. now where she is how I can see and talk with her pls reply to my msg sir m waiting for ur reply . . Badly m missing her I can’t sleep properly even I can’t having food also.. wanna see and talk to her once ..

  32. Sharon

    I want know if my shadow is okay she died on Saturday, unexpectedly she was my baby girl, ask her if she was I’m pain, does she forgive me of not seeing the signs, baby girl I called the vet he said you where tired, and give you aspirin, what happened to you, tell her I love her and miss you a lot

  33. George C

    I just lost my Chihuahua her name was Brandy. She was 13 years old and she was my best friend. She had a real personality and she thought she was a 100 LB dog in a 6 LB body. I am really having a difficult time right now and I am hoping she will reach out too me . I cry all the time and the loss of her has been more difficult then the loss of my other dogs .

  34. Jessica p

    My kitten was drowned by my ex because he said he couldn’t stand him and was annoying. He did this while I was sleeping and I didn’t find out until 2 days later. My kids told me how he did this and how scared my cat was in his final moments. I have been nothing but devastated and hurt and ashamed that u couldn’t save him or that I had no idea and if I would have just waited to take a nap later maybe I would have heard and saved him….how betrayed and hurt he was in the end …all I can do is cry….my bed is cold without him and all I want to do is have communication with him and tell him how sorry I am and how much I love him and that I hope he still loves me and knows I would have saved him…

  35. Shanaz Abdul

    my pet dog my love my life bailie a female chihuahua passed away 3 wks ago and she died with eyes open and I felt her presence in my home her graves just outside my bedroom do I see if she’s a happy spirit or not/I feel she’s confused and sad about leaving me.she has problems great anxiety when I am not around her

  36. Lynn Ziegman

    Hi, I am hoping that you can help me. Im completely devastated. I had a dog named Nova. This morning he came out to the backyard, my mom asked me to move some plants for her. I turned back and he was gone. After searching for some time I found him. He was run over by a car less than a block away. It was a terrible scene. We took him to get cremated a couple hours later.

    Since then I have been googling nonstop about reincarnation. The crazy thing is. I did ask my dog a couple times, just out of nowhere…”Hey Nova, you’re a good boy. When you pass, can you ask God to being you back to my as my son. So that I can be with you longer and cook for you.” I don’t know why I ever said that. He was a healthy 9 year old Shiba Inu. Just beautiful and well behaved. I don’t know why he ran off like that. If you can truly communicate with both animals and humans. Please look for him…and ask him to come back to us. We all miss him so much. He will be cremated with most of his belongings (toys and bed). We kept two of his favorite toys to remember him by.

    The other thing I wanted to add. Was that I was exhausted from crying so much that I took a nap. And he came to me in my dreams. He looked happy. The doorbell was ringing and I could hear him running on the hardwood floor and then he plopped on the bed. Happy, with his tongue sticking out with his little pants.

    Please find him for me. Please let him know we love him and ask him to come back to us.

    Thank you for your time,

  37. Kyle

    I lost my dog Duke on 10/8/19 I was cleaning up the porch and I left the door open just a little knowing I woudnt be out long then Duke ran out then I went after him then I watched him get hit by a car the sound as if a 22 went off seeing him doing 360s under the car then coming at a rest facing me I saw his tail do a wavering wag as I ran to him I picked him up blood coming out of his nose and ears trying to catch his air the woman who hit him came back and gave me some things to cover him up with an old man in a truck asked. If he could take us to the vets office just up the road at the vets office they told me he was drain dead with a heart beat then told me his heart stoped and I keep seeing him getting hit by the car doing 360s under it over and over with the sound. And me yelling Duke

    • Alice

      I feel bad it’s okay I lost my kitten and then when I found him he had a worm in him and I couldn’t save him but I love him NO MATTER what happens.

  38. Paris Demi


    I lost my cat Fluff 2 years ago and I miss him every day, I want to no that he is okay up there. I have had a couple little signs that he is around, but that is the first time anything like that has happened since he died. Is he looking down on me?

  39. Dom

    My best friend Twister passed away on September 7 2019. According to the vet she had a stroke. She was 19 years old. I first met Twister when she was just a few weeks old and it was love at first sight. She was so sweet and pretty. She was beautiful her whole life. I’ve always loved her and still do. I miss her so much. Is she ok? Will we be together again? Does she love me?

  40. Mercy Zani

    My first comment didn’t make sense so here I am writing this again… As I am writing this and want to find out how my angels are doing. My cat Coco died last night and I wanna know how’s he doing and how everything is in the afterlife. Can you please let me know if he’s doing well or not. And another thing I want to know to is where my other cat is his name is Jahseh and he has been missing for a period of time and were worried sick. If they have been able to contact you please let me know and that we are wiling for them to visit us anytime

  41. Mercy Zani

    I wanna know how my both angels are doing, their names are Coco and Jahseh they are both males. Plz tell them that we miss him and that we loved them so much and that we are super emotional that one of them died which is Coco but were not too sure where Jahseh is because he went missing for a long period of time. Let me know as soon as possible. I love you Coco and you will be forever missed and come visit us soon

  42. Dave Long

    I lost a dog Buddy Senior in June of 2000. He was only three, but was sick and the vet had no idea what was wrong. He was put to sleep, and I missed him so much I bought another dog a couple days later. Subsequently I had one supernatural experience with Buddy Senior, and now years later, in February of 2017, buddy Junior died of a stroke on our back porch. I had no idea what was wrong, what I did wrong, etc. I miss both of them very much.

  43. Sally

    I had put my baby (dog) to sleep on 8/29/19, and I cant get over myself to let him suffer for a week. I tried to keep him with me, he was healthy and he got sick and left me in a week.
    Did I do something wrong with him, its killing me not to no if he left loving momma, like momma loved him so much. My hart is broken!!

  44. Santosh Kumar

    I lost my cat two days back. She was about just 3 months old. I used to call her Becca, she had stopped drinking milk or eatingwell anything, but able to drink a little of milk. She was ill, and getting weaker and weaker day by day. I took her three times to the local vet, but his treatment didn’t make any changes in her health. Then I took her major vet, they gave her 2 injections, after some minutes she started to shake whole her body, I called back to the vet and they said that she’s having low temperature and low blood pressure. But she will be okay. After that I had to travel 1 hour long distance.. all the long way she was spitting out of her mouth and had passed urine out uncontrollably in the blanket I had wrapped around her. When I returned to home I maker her drink drop of syrup prescribed by the vet. But she passed away in my hands soon as I dropped drop of medicine cyrup. I am feeling so guilty of her death. She wasn’t just a kitten, she was my daughter for me. I am missing her as hell. I want to say sorry for my helplessness. She had trusted me the most and I couldn’t saveit and it’s killing me inside. I still hoping that she to come around me and to be born as my daughter.

    Please somebody help me.

  45. Amy Parker

    I lost my beloved Lefty about 3 weeks ago my heart is broken , my husband brought her to a friend who’s a vet 5 hours away because the local vet said she needed surgery ….. when he opened her up he called me to say it’s very bad and thought the kindest thing would be to let her go ….. I’m heart broken I was at work 5 hours away ….. is she mad at me and can her spirit find us ? She is still my world !!! Please help!

  46. Shazia

    My kitten died last night.I tried my best by taking him to three different vets.Still he died.I feel somewhere I am responsible .I loved him more than anything .I want to tell him tht I am sorry and I really really love him.And I had one more cat his name is Rangeela .He went missing from seven months.I have a feeling that he died.I want to ask him why he left me.

    • Karla

      My kitten passed away recently too. Would you mind sharing your story and just talk to you about it? Just to have someone that has been through the same to talk to me?

  47. Santhwana Arun

    Today I lost my pet Cockatiel Ambi to a freak accident at home after getting struck by the ceiling fan when he suddenly flew into it. He left his partner thumbi alone. I really really want to connect to him. Ask for his forgiveness and to ask him how to move forward without him…. It’s hurting bad 🙁 🙁 🙁

  48. Rossella Tucker

    My beautiful dog Buddy died today. He got hit by a car. He was only a year old. I miss him so much, but I know he still here somewhere around my house! It’s tough to lose a pet, but it’s comforting to know that they are waiting on us over the rainbow bridge.

  49. Josie

    My beautiful cat died yesterday after being hit by a car. I was just wondering, there was a man you mentioned that you talked to, and you told him that his late wife was seeing someone new on the other side. I was just wondering, when i die, will me cat be waiting for me there? or will he move on to find someone else before i die? this has been stressing me out and i really need closure. Thank you.

  50. Michael A Ashmead

    I lost my precious dog Bubba July 12th 2019 due to him having a brain lesion bursting I miss him soo much. He was my companion for 9 years I lost him to soon, he was a friend, a brother, and a loving companion to me. I would love to speak with him one day when he is ready but what I know is he would want me to be happy we had to put him down because he was suffering to much due to the pain. I know one day I will see my baby again but at least I know that pain will never ever be able to touch my baby again. I was so happy to find this article because I totally confirmed to me that their is another side and that my precious loving Bubba will be waiting for me on the other side to greet me with the lovingest licks he always gave and jump and push me down to love me and I know he will give those to me when my time has come. I am at so much more peace knowing now that our loving companions also wait for us just as humans do and I consider them human as well because they are family and I know he’s waiting for his sister my dad and myself when we come up with him. Thank you this article finally put me some at peace.

  51. Hailey

    About a month ago, my Nan’s dog passed away (we had to put her down): she was a black and white Staffy her name was Bonnie, I’ve known that dog since I was 2 and I picked her out so we had a really close bond, about a week after her passing I had a dream (I’ll try to explain it in as much detail as possible)
    I was walking down a street with my nan and I look to my left and see a puppy it was her, I run into this yard and hug her as tight as I can (I was about 4 in this dream) and a man comes out of the house and I say “can I keep the puppy can I keep the puppy!?” And the man replied “what puppy?” Then my view in the dream brought me up in the air and I saw me I was hugging a little puppy statue, I told my nan this and she said it could be Bonnie visiting me and telling me that she’s okay and I will be okay. I’ve wanted to communicate with Bonnie ever since I just didn’t know if it was possible. I really want to know if she’s OK. And if she knows what happened. And if I could try and see her again.

    • missy

      been there 3 yrs ago my shitzu passed at 11 miss him every day im sorry for your loss

  52. Angela

    I put my dog down last week. I’m so sick. The vet came to the house. He muzzled my dog as he was a big Akita but harmless. He howled as the vet tried to put the pirt in. My husband told him Enough!. Then the vet gave him another dhotvto calm him. I was crying so hard I was screaming. I am hoping I didn’t cause my dog more stress. I want him back. I want to do this over with someone who would be more careful. I am so sick. I keep crying. I want him to send me a sign he’s ok. I feel so guilty. He was my buddy, my baby. We rescued him 11 years ago. He was such a sweet soul.

  53. Nichole Turhan

    Hi , I recently lost Oscar (known as Baba) he was my red brown miniature dachshund. He was my entire life. He out of nowhere has head pressing disease and some brain problems that were not known but he was too old to do an MRI or any surgery. Please please can you tell me if he’s with me or anything he’s thinking. He was my baby I’m so lost without him , I’m dying inside. We were inseparable also my emotional support dog. I’m devastated and can’t live without him.

  54. james jordan

    My dog who had been with me 17 years was euthanized last week. The one thing I thought was … I just want to know you are ok… A few days later for some reason, I stepped out the front door on daybreak. I usually get up early but never do this. There was a black cat sitting on the sidewalk and it seemed to call to me. I went out to the cat but it moved away. It kept its distance but kept sitting and meowing. The cat opened its mouth and kept it open the way my dog did. I felt the cat was telling me my dog is ok, just on the other side.
    I had never seen this cat before and have not seen it since.
    But I felt the cat was a messenger. It was a little relief.

  55. My Angel Pepi Lu Lu

    My Pepi Lu Lu aka Pepi went missing from blacktown nsw. over 13 years roughly maybe more
    He was my bestie I had to leave him at my brothers temporarily due to strata -I regret it
    He stayed in blacktown too but on the other side of town and my brother and his girlfriend at the time also had a shitzu and Pepi loved her
    My brother said he ran away
    I fear other thoughts I get that eery feeling of my brother who turned cruel down the line later Domestic Violence issues so I fear he may have mistreated my pepi He Said Pepi ran away and sometime earlier weeks prior their own shitzu went missing I fear otherwise
    Pepi loved bootylicious Beyonce and would jump up on two and dance twirl around
    He was my Baby I still miss him and think of him almost everyday
    Please help me confirm thanks

  56. Harshad

    My dog Scooby 12yrs old (German sheferd) expired yesterday.
    I want to know exact cause of his death and how is he now? and is he coming back to us in next birth?

  57. Natalie Wieckowski

    My 1 yr old cat recently passed away. I know of but have not yet consciously mastered astral projection. I know we can visit deceased loved ones on the astral plane, so we must be able to communicate with our deceased pets as well? And another question is, how long does the interval last between incarnations for animals ? I’m sure it varies but what are your thoughts on this?

  58. Animal lover for the world

    My baby girl sheba had to be put to sleep has that big c got her.i could see it was making her unhappy and it was painful for her.she tried so hard to carry on i could see she was 14 i lost her a few days ago i had to make a horrible decision at vet but i didn’t want her to suffer i could see it got into her eye’s on side of her head too.painkillers or peace i choose no more pain for her.its not fair.i hope she knows i done this out of love to protect her from suffering anguish i jump mountains for my all my babies she does know me.i pay up even if i cant afford sorry this happened i love her miss her and she aint alone i hope not.i wish i could hold my baby again can be so cruel

  59. Zoe

    My 16 year old doggie died while I was on a 3 week trip. She had had 2 recent spells, but I did not cancel my long planned trip with three other people. I took her to the vet the week before and all her test were normal. We had a house sitter here and my adult daughter .
    I don’t feel like I said a very good goodbye when I left for the trip. The night she passed I talked with her on speaker phone and told her she was ok and that she was a good girl.
    But still, my guilt is relentless. We were very
    close. How could I have left her?
    The day before she died, a cat befriended me
    while in Italy. Could it have been my dog sending me a message? Is that possible? Does she know how sorry I am.
    Thank you.

  60. Lousha B Murphy

    My Pepper just died three days ago and i being talking to him, can he hear me

    • Animal lover for the world

      Im sorry to hear heart goes out to you.i like to believe our animals have a connection pepper proberly knows if it is true they are with you its a defo.our animals knows our habits how we feel everything and they aint stupid they are very clever loving loyal babies.i cant wait to hear your comment.god bless and godbless pepper too xx


    I’m so lost without my buddy. We met January 5th 2017 and it was love at first sight for the both of us until his passing on May 14th, 2019. Since Francisco, I adopted two more cats, one being Rize in 2017 and Sabrina on Thanksgiving Day 2018 and literally had a family and his passing has had a profound effect on the household. My other two cats are not light and vibrant like they were and although it’s only been a couple days, I’m starting to feel the familiar Heartstrings being tugged that are saying I have a lot of love to give and that I could provide for an amazing creature of God that is just waiting for me.

    I tend to be a little symbiotic so my first name is Jamie my middle name Steven and my last name begins with the letter r and so I have remaining in the house Sabrina and Rize so I jokingly said the other day walking out of the Veterinary Clinic after the euthanasia that my next cat will begin with the letter j and damn it if the first cat that I find doesn’t begin with the letter j this way I can have a collection of my initials. Yes he is a look alike for Old Franny Man but I understand he is his own character and that we would develop our own relationship but I just don’t know if I’m ready or not…..

  62. Teresa A Salvati

    Hi I hope you get this but soon it will be a week since I lost my sweet precious lil girl penny her full name is pea pod penny pooker she was the last cat my mother got the year she passed I am currently pregnant with my first child I had penny for 9 years and I got her out of my dads and living with me and my boyfriend I had an ob appointment on April 16th 2019 I shut the bedroom door but not that window I told her and his 14 year old sister that I’ll be back I love you and be good I was gone about 4hrs and came home and couldn’t find my penny cake I spent seemed like 2hrs calling for her when my boyfriend told me he found her and hell take care of her I let out the worst screams and balling in tears hoping it wasnt true I still dont believe even though I saw her I have her necklace I gave her not only was she my cat she was also my bestfriend my companion my emotional support but most of all my daughter everyone says she got bit by a radler I wish I never lost the house that day I would have my baby with me I cant stop crying every day and night idk what to ask for but I love her so so much and I wish there was a way for her to come back I hope you will read this and get back to me thank you

    • Kimber Black

      Hi Teresa. I lost my Betty yesterday. She was 19 years and one month, my one and only pet. We had her since she was a few weeks old so she was like my child. Your Penny knew it was time to go. Animals only leave when it is time. She knew you would be okay and the lessons you learned from her will make you a better mother to your new baby. Don’t blame yourself. It was just her time.

  63. Savannah Griffin

    I lost my dog sasha 2 years ago now she is buried outside my bedroom window and im 13 now and i go by her grave every day some time burie food by her grave too and when i make slime i put it by her grave in a jar and write her name on it she is a black and whit cockapoo and she was 88 in dog years when she dies she was with me since i was born her last day was sad i begged my dad if i could stay with her and comfort her and try to make her feel better but he said no and now i as well pray to her for an hour and cry about her for an hour and cry out of nowhere because of her sometimes i feel like i’ve gained depression and i used to snuggle with her on the couch when my mother was not home because she was not allowed on the couch and we wold usually watch movies together and i would hake her on very long walk she was always so happy. I just wanna know if she is still with me and still watching over me? i also see hallucinations of her sometimes.

  64. Cindy Claybourn

    I cannot get over my cat. He died and I hurt and long for connection everyday yet I don’t feel it. I feel like he was my soulmate. He died a couole years ago. I miss him more than family that has passed on. I never sense him near or even in a dream. I won’t even look at pictures of him. I cannot bare not having him near. Can you help? Where is he? How is he? What is he doing? Who is he with?

    • Harry

      Hi, I lost my cat too a few days ago too. I found that by focusing on the way I felt when we were together and feeling the essence of his being helped me stop grieving. Perhaps, grieving too much makes it more difficult to communicate with one’s departed pet because it is not what you were feeling when you were together. I have lots of pictures of my cat and look at them often and think about her. I think it helps. Again, feel the essence of the bond with your cat, which you felt when he was alive.

  65. Vicki Malone Bartle

    My dog Lexi is missing. She got out of our back yard when her sister jumped up and opened the fence. We caught her sister but Lexi is still missing. We’ve posted ads on every lost & found board imaginable. Searched local shelters. Nothing. Please email me if you can help. I’d be glad to pay.

  66. Caroline Millar

    My beloved westie Mollie gained her angel wings on the 6th April 2019. She had a liver tumour which was inoperable. I made the hardest decision to let her go, free her from pain. I miss her sorely. I am heartbroken and devastated. She was my loyal faithful companion and now she has gone i am lost and my home is so empty without her. There was just her and I. I was wondering if you could tell me if she is happy, free from pain and is ok. I cannot sleep eat and have not stopped crying. I was there until she took her last breath. Can you please help me. I just want a sign from telling me she has moved on and is happy again. Has she meet up with family members. This would give me great comfort knowing my fur baby Mollie is happy. Kind regards Caroline

  67. Michelle Macari

    I recently lost my beloved Shadow to heart failure on Monday the 25th of March. I am not handling it well at all and would love to know so many things. Did he know just how much I loved him? Did he know I was trying to help him? Did what I was doing actually help him? Where is he now? Could he hear my voice after the fact, that awful day I had to say goodbye? Did I do the right thing in saying goodbye or could he have been healed? I would also like to know how my surviving cats are feeling. I do not know if I have any gifts like you do but is there any way you can help me get my answers by using your gifts? And is there any way for me to communicate with Shadow myself? Please help me. I cry at the drop of a hat no matter where I am or who is near. I miss him so much. He was the life of the party. Always on my desk while I work. My desk is now empty. Always walking in and out between my feet and against my legs as I work. Always following me and throwing himself on his back when I looked, so he could get a belly rub. The pillow fights between him and Smokey at night over who is going to get the pillow next to mine. I know they all love me, but his love was the most intense. Please please reply. Thanks, Michelle (Shadows forever Mom)

    • Vins

      Same questions. My dog died last april 1 because of distemper. So painful to think that I won’t be seeing him anymore 🙁

  68. Lois RacheleA

    My cat died yesterday and I miss him so much
    I would like to know that he is OK and that he still loves me like I love him.

  69. SterlingLuna

    Hello a few days ago I was sitting with Sterling my bunny and this is where I have been up till 5 am and not sleeping the whole day and I just been going thru stuff and I’m being honest. She was laying under the blanket and I was getting mad and delirious from being up so much and I hit the blanket where she was and another time, I have no idea why I did this I litterly wanted to just beat myself until death and she broke her neck and later then passed. I lied to my mother what has happened and I was just in tears the whole day my mum said that my eyes looked weird and I didn’t care because I just made my loving baby pass. We then wrapped her in a blanket and in a shoe box and a lot more blankets and with her stuff that I think are special to her.
    She was almost 3 months. My other bunny is a year and a few months. She is still her but Sterling, she was way way way way way too young and if I were asleep she would be laying with Luna right now cuddling and grooming each other eating hay. But no I had to stay up and be stupid.
    We were planning on moving and getting a backyard and they were going to play in it most of the time and a better life then now.
    Her name is Sterling and she is all grey with brown eyes I just want to know if she is up there running with other animals and doing big flops and binkeys. She also had a broken front left leg and it was just starting to heal. I don’t want to know where she is I just want to know if she is living a perfect, happy life. please

  70. Susan Reuben

    My dog diamond died on Valentine Day like to know if she knows how much i love her and is she hear with me

  71. AH

    Last night, my precious Zeus died as I kissed his nose and told him what a good boy he was and that he was so loved. I’m absolutely devastated and really need help. How can I know he’s here?

  72. Kath

    Frodo my fur baby died last monday at 10 am. He was my world. I miss him so much. Is he ok I hope he forgives me for letting him go. Love you Frode xxxxxxxxx

  73. Frankee Miller

    I lost my baby George on 2/7/19. He was my entire world and we had a connection since the day I rescued him. I’m hurting so much and need to know he is with me. What signs can I look for? Will I see my baby again someday? I asked my grandma to take care of him and prayed for her to come get him. Also, his little brother Axl has been very sad. I hope he can comfort him as well. Please tell him I hope I didn’t let him down. I hope to hear from you. I’ve never hurt so much in my life.

  74. Purvi

    Can you connect me with my cat he’s dead few days ago I miss him so much. Can’t sleep can’t eat my life’s hollow I just want that I get to see him happy! Please help me

  75. Melissa Garcia

    My baby Shadow does unexpectedly of a late diagnosis of pneumonia. My poor baby suffered so much his last day alive. I loved him so much. He was only six and I’m so sad.

  76. Kaye Black

    I lost my boy, Sam on 12/31/18. He had lymphoma. I am crushed beyond repair. He took my whole heart and soul with him. I have nothing left in me. I don’t know if I can do this. I’ve lost animal before, whom I loved very much….but this boy just had my heart and soul. I am beyond sad. I just want to know he’s ok. I want to know if he’s happy. I just want my boy back. I need help.

    • Teresa

      I know this feeling and it’s only been 1 years since I lost my soul dog dec 26th he has lymphoma it hit him over night. I don’t think i’ll ever get over it ever. My heart and prayers are with you

  77. kurt w schneider

    my little white and black ferial female flash I had fixed and took care of for 4 years has disappeared for 15 days now, she was here for 3 meals a day every day. didn’t come back the next morning .don’t know if she was killed or what .I have looked all over .I have a hateful neighbor who has a cat ,but didn’t like flash being friends with his cat .she would not go into a trap so I think something happened.

  78. Helen

    I lost my beautiful dog on Christmas Eve 2018 due to accidentally running him over and my heart is broken. I think about him constantly and I wonder if he will forgive me as I can’t forgive myself. I plan to schedule a reading soon.

  79. [email protected]

    My cat snooki passed 3 days ago now for my reassurance can you please tell me how she passed? Her name is snooki, she was 4 and black and white with green eyes.
    If you can contact her please tell her that I love her so much more than she will ever know and I am sorry. I don’t know why this happened baby girl it’s not fair but I hope we see eaxhother again I miss you. I’m struggling with it alot feeling as if it’s my fault. My poor baby girl

    • Sharon daniel

      My grady passed a week today! I miss him terribly. I too feel totally guilty!

  80. Kim

    My dog Cody Pomeranian 18 died yesterday morning 🙁 He was clingy more than usual, waiting for his favorite can food daily! I let him out gave him a treat, I sat down and saw the sky so grey but so bright and sunny it was weird my husband said. Seconds later Cody our dog collapsed at my feet, picked him up he was lifeless:( We both blew air into his mouth he took 2 breaths and he was gone I can’t sleep not knowing what and why he just up and died. He wasn’t sick, he wasn’t fragile he at 18 was like a young dog still. I have to know was it his heart ? Something else?

  81. Charles Peden

    After reading through a few comments here, I realize that I can answer several questions for many of you fairly quickly. Yes, your loved ones in spirit are aware of your actions following their passing and how you feel about them. Our loved ones, both human and animal can see us and hear us after their passing. When you die, you do not leave the physical world, you are still a part of it, just like any other energy form that you cannot see with the naked eye. Those in spirit wait for us to join them in spirit before moving forward and so we all have full closure. Yes, I can communicate with your loved ones in spirit, however not here. Yes, the material brought forward will most likely be very specific and incredibly detailed; ages, causes of passing, personalities, favorite memories, things you have done recently and much more. Please contact Heidi my wife and assistant with scheduling at Heidi will be happy answer any questions you have before your reading.

    • Kristy

      Please help me. I lost my Sabrina (cat) of 15.5 years in August (on her mom’s birthday—I still have her mother who is 17. I am crying now. I can’t stand this feeling of not knowing—Is she ok? Can she see me? Is she with me? Is she stuck somewhere? Is she afraid? I blame myself because the LAST place she wanted was to go to the vet. Oh god please help me!!!! Losing her was the worst thing in all my 42 years. I love her with everything in me. I was an Atheist was 26 or so years and now I’m not. I believe she helped in that. Please help me. Thank you.

  82. Ian P


    My fiancé and I lost our cat Brooklyn on December 1st 2018 this was such a hard loss due to his young age. Brooklyn death was out of the blue. I just wish I knew he was okay and that he knows that we love him. I tried doing everything I could to bring him back but nothing seemed to work. I miss him so much and feel a huge void in the house. If you can please let me know how he is doing and if he has anything to share or that we can do. Was there anything else that I could have done to save him? Will he stay in the house he died or come with us to our new home?

    Thank you for anything!



  83. Rani

    We had to put our loving dog Mikey down on Saturday Dec 22nd 2018. After that we can’t stop even minute without thinking of him our house is so empty without him 🙁 is there anything we can offer him? He is happy now ? My husband felt him walking in the house in midnight.

  84. Anne

    I lost my guinea pig, Greenbean, this past Sunday. I found him around 1030pm but I had been downstairs when this tragic accident occurred. I feel solely responsible for his death and that I wasn’t there to save him. I know he left painfully. He was my best friend and we spent every single second of the day together.. he slept in bed with me and we woke up in bed together. The pain gets worse with each passing day. He was so loving, sweet, innocent, perfect. My mom keeps telling me how much he loved me. I can’t go on.

  85. Heather sutton

    Hello my name is heather sutton, my cat boots died and I would like to know how he died, if he felt loved and how he is now I had him for 14 years and I miss him dearly and want him to know me and my mum and love and miss him xxx

  86. Stacie

    My family lost our cat Cheese 4 days ago. He ate something he shouldn’t have and we didn’t get him to the vet in time. He passed away at the vet’s before he could have surgery. I just feel so awful since he was alone and possibly in pain. I just hate to think he may of felt we abandon him.

  87. chris

    My Golden retriever mulligan passed Dec 10, at 8:45 am. he had cancer and we tried everything to save him but it spread to his lungs till he could no longer breathe. We had adopted mulley from Great Rescue believed to be 2 we had him for 9 years, Can you tell me if he is ok, Knows how much we loved him and how old he was when we got him and where he ran away from?

  88. Payton lescalleet

    Hi tomorrow will b one month since I had to put down my service dog for high functioning autism she was a black lab almost 13 years old her name was Sadie N I swear I keep hearing her bark outside and I also saw a tail but n back legs go up my steps out of the corner of my eye I just want to no is she ok is she happy but most of all is she mad at me because I got a new puppy so soon please tell her I love her so much n no dog animal or person could ever come close to replacing her thank you

  89. Jenn

    We had to euthanize our beloved cat Pavarotti in 2011. Can you please tell him that we miss him terribly, and ask him to share with us what happened about an hour and a half after his passing? Also, can he tell us the names of some of our pets who are with him now in heaven?

  90. Rimjhim

    Hi my taffy is dead few days back and now im feeling guilty may be im not able to take care of her but i love her more den anything i want her to meet me once please help me im ready to do anything for her i dont wanna live this life now please help me you can ask god to take my life as well i cant live withour him may be she is not happy with me that’s why she leave me like this please help me just once i want to see her how is she now i m ready to give my life for her please please

  91. Ashley Readinger

    Hi,I just came across your site,an I’m struggling so bad with the loss of my beagle Riley who had Lymphoma.we did absolutely everything to save him,an he died right in front of me on my Birthday,the same day he was supposed to go to the Oncologist to get more Treatment.I would love to hear from you if you are able to reach out to him because I’m not ok without him,an this is killing me..

  92. Elisa

    My dog scruffles ran away while at the groomers. After looking for him for hours we get a call that he was spoted crossing the street and got hit my a car. We never made it on time to see him alive. The though of knowing that he died scared and looking for us is causing so much pain to me and my daughters. I had a strong connection with him and I know he was scared and worried he might never see us again. I need to tell him I’m sorry for not finding him and that we miss him so much and everyday.

  93. Jade

    Hi my dog Tyson died last week and I am devistated please tell her I love her, I can’t imagine living without her but it’s all happening before my eyes and she will never be just a dog to me

  94. Ciara I Thomas

    I lost my Tinkie a week ago. A dog killed her I believe by accident but I miss her so much I just want to know if she is ok and that she knows mommy loves her.

  95. Madzia

    I lost my beloved Hugo two days ago. I miss him so much. Is he happy now? Does he know I miss him? Can he visit me? Is there anything I can do for him? Was he unhappy or bored? He seemed so unsettled recently…

    • Shanna Van Ausdall

      My 19 year old dog died this afternoon after a prolonged 3 days of suffering. We had to euthanize her . I smell her walking by me. Is this normal? Why wont she pass to Heaven?

  96. Savannah Griffin

    she is with you and she loves you and she doesn’t want you to die she wants you to live on and remember her , she wants you to live your life and she wants you to cherish it and the moments you had with her.

  97. Prashant

    My dog died yesterday..his name is Rocky..he was 8 years old.i miss him so badly.i cried the whole night..pls pls tell me if he is angry on me..and is he okay?

  98. TINA Kelley

    I recently lost my doberman that I had for ten years. He wasn’t sick and dont know what happened. I came ho.e from work and found him dead in the living room. I miss him so much and the pain and loss is overwhelming. I just want to know he’s ok and to know what happened. PLEASE


    Our precious cat pearl..she had been missing since this Monday. I found out she was hit by a truck just wondering if she suffered this has really broke my heart she was so precious to me..


      I forgot to put in my previous message .. I was wondering if she was coming across the street to come home or going across the street to where the children was outside …tell pearl I love and miss her so very much …if u could see if her 4 kittens are there with her also please..thank u so much ..

    • Annette Smith

      And ask I could u please ask her if she was coming across the street home when she got hit and if her 4 baby kittens are with her..tell her we love and miss her so very much ..

  100. Sowmyashree

    My dog died yesterday .. his name is genie I want to know the reason of his death n how he is doing

  101. Donna

    Me and my husband had a Ringneck parrot named Turk for the past 11 years and took care of him like our baby He died yesterday and we want him to know that we love and miss him spot.

  102. Reshma

    I just heard that my pet dog Simon (Cee-mon) passed away. We had given him to a family as we had to leave country. The family informed us that he passed away.. not giving much details. We don’t know what happen. Please please let us know if he’s ok. We all love him

  103. Alecia D. Booker

    I lost my Oct 17, 2018 my oldest son lefted her in the . I need let her know I’m sorry for what happened to her and I miss her very much and her brothers and sisters misses her too. I need for to let me know she forgives me and I need to know she’s ok. I need her to know I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!! I need for to come to me because I have no peace with myself for what he did to her. She was the littlest of the bunch she was the runt.

  104. Sangeeta Rao

    We lost our beloved dove yesterday 15 October 2018. His name was Dovy. I don’t know how to make my grief less. I loved and cared for him like my own baby. He made our family full. Yesterday he suddenly died at midnight or early morning don’t know exact time. I don’t know how to express my emptiness. Please tell him we love him and will always love him. Can you ask him to give me some signal that he is happy and fine wherever he is.

  105. Sofia Cabral

    Hi wr lost our pupus on 13 of this month 2018 i really want to know if he is ok please! Thankyou

  106. Joy

    Hi, we lost our old girlie cat Nisha, back in April, she was our little Queen. We are still devastated at her loss. Our boy cat seems very spooked at times now and we wonder if she is haunting him for some reason and to tell her how much we love and miss her.

  107. Jessica Winebrenner

    Hi I just want know how my dog and cat doing
    Hennsey our pet bull got put down last year in 2017 due to cancer
    And our cat has run out the house sometime in march 2017 while we was living in Florida and never came home I was worried

  108. Apeksha

    My dog died two days ago..he was admitted to the hospital because of vomiting..the vet told me that he was poisoned..I want to know how he got poisoned and if he is OK now..he was just 2 years old and the grief of losing him is unbearable

  109. Mindy

    My dog Moose has to be put to sleep last night can you tell me how he was sick and what caused it? I want to know if he is ok and loves me. Please get back to me I am so sick with grief I can’t go on.

  110. Anna

    My baby (cat) Nova just passed, she had a heart disease that we were not aware of until today. We still can’t believe this happened. She was fine this afternoon . I want her to know I love her so much , you gave me so much happiness these past two years. I feel so guilty for not knowing before about her heart problem. I need to know if she’s ok now? I wan to say I am sorry for not taking care of her properly and that we all miss her so much. The house feels empty and broken without her. Her sister nala keeps crying for her. Please help me communicate with her.

  111. Karen

    I lost my pet on 9/15/2018 she has a huge tumor I wanna know if shes at peace if shes okay I would like her to communicate with me one last time

  112. Vritti

    I lost my rabbit on this 18 September….i really miss her and i cant stop thinking about her…i wanna know if she is fine…and ia she with me…and i also want to know how she died…and if you contact her just tell her we miss her, and we all love her, and we will never forget her…her name was oreo…and tell her how sorry i am that i wasn’t able to save her….tell her to meet me one last time

    • Dorotea Krsek

      I lost my pet 3.7.2018. … her name was Lotty and she was a Biewer Terrier she was black and white and was very small, I love her so much and want to speak to her.. her death left me heartbroken. Please.

  113. Bianca Fernandez

    Hi,my dog recently passed away last night I. Came home from work and when I didn’t see him home I went out looking for him and he was dead on the road brutal I really wanna know why he went out to the road since he never does and if he’s ok his name is max he’s small and black my names Bianca

  114. Eleanor Dean

    Hi i live in the uk and my cat died yesterday in his sleep of unknown reasons. Hws called James, Black fur with yellow eyes, 14 or 15, I was his closest friend. Please tell him we loved him and we miss him and we tried to save him. Also, please tells us why he died.

  115. Pearl

    Hi. I had a pet cat who I loved dearly. But one day she died very mysteriously. Can you please let me know how did she die? And does she misses me. I miss her every day.

  116. T.Achintha Deneth Karunathilake

    Hi,I’m a sri lankan and i’m a small child. I want a help from you to ask from my grandfather whether he is fine in his soul? He died in 2014/12/21. Also whether he is in heaven or hell? but he didn’t do any wrong act. And where he was born? My grandfather died because of a heart attack. I worry about him a lot. Please, tell me how to talk only with my grandfather, please………….. I hope you will ask from him and tell him that i love him and also my family.

  117. charu

    hi my stray dog got killed on 9th august 2018 morning, I dont have his picture even. I had been feeding him since two years since he was born. he was my baby.. can u talk to him ? is he fine ? i love him. i miss him so much.

  118. Debbie

    I had to put my dachshund Jake to sleep last November2017,and I still blame myself for it.He was 16 years old was having problems with his back and was in alot of pain.Also I found out he was blind also which I did not know.I was sleeping in my chair one night and felt something like him trying to jump up on the recliner.I sometimes hear his footsteps in the house.I also have a human spirit in the house that sits on the side of my bed and I see alot of shadows or ora I think its called.I wish I could just know that my baby boy Jake is here with me and that I will see him again.

  119. Jinny

    We had to put our dog down 2 weeks ago from kidney failure. Would you be able to tell me if he is ok now? In no pain? Say I’m sorry I didn’t realize sooner?

  120. Kyonemo

    My best friend Kyo, just passed away on 18 jun 2018. I am devastated the day he passed on. I just want to know if he blames me not seeking any treatment for him when the vet has advised me that all results will be more of a academic form. I feel very sad when he could not make it on its 14th bday on 24th jul.

  121. Brenda

    Hello. I had to move away from where I use to live, I moved to a better side of town. I was going to go back for my beautiful light-tan long fur coat Daisy along with her kittens. When I went back 2 weeks later non were there. She often pops in my mind, I cry because I miss my best friend. I wonder if she’s ok or in a better place. It’s been 4 yrs, can you help?

  122. Clara

    Hi. i lost my girl 25 days ago and i can not stop crying or thinking about her. she was the love of my life and i can not be myself till i know that she is fine and happy. also i want to know if she has forgiven me because i was so depressed and did not spend so much time with her for her last month. i can not live without her and can not cope with her loss. thank you so much. her name is Noble and she was a brown mixed dog aged 12. pls pls i really need to know .

  123. Heartbroken Owner

    I have a sixth sense but limited to shadows and hearing voices here and there. My dog died thurs 5/10 and i know he has come home – i smell him and my boyfriend hears him whimpering like how he used to when he would want to go outside. How do I communicate with just him?

  124. Olga

    Hi, my cat Charlie died last week and I can’t get him out of my mind. He is always with me. I don’t know how it happened and assumed that he was hit by a car. He suppose to turn 3 this week. I feel so bad about his death. He was more then a pet, he was my companion. I loved him so much… I don’t think I will bw able to get over his death…

  125. Sanchita Singh

    M Sanchita.. I got my cat in a car parking. She was a little kitty. She had sever vomiting for 3 times before but she easily was able to recover out of it. She use to like paralysed during the time she had this problem. She used to sit silently in a corner. She died on 28th April, 2018 nearly 12 am in the morning. I love her a lot. I just want her to come back to me with her same naughtiness. I am unable to live without her. I always cry n miss her a lot. Plz I want her back with the same looks same activities she used to do.. with the same soul.. please help’s killing me not being with her.. plz help me… And plz also tell the reason for her death.
    Plz…and tell her I love her a lot and miss her soo much…I am unable to live without her…she is the Apple of my and she always will be. Please help me… please please please… Nw u r the only hope lastly I have.. please.tell me when will I get her back..

  126. Savannah Griffim

    My doggie Sasha died yesterday april 25th 2018 i want to kown how she is and i want her to answer me when i talk and i want her to know i lover i am 12yrs old and love my dog i’ve had her since i was 3 THX

  127. Savannah Griffim

    My doggie Sasha died yesterday april 25th 2018 i want to kown how she is and i want her to answer me when i talk and i want her to know i lover i am 12yrs old and love my dog i’ve had her since i was 3 THX

  128. Savannah Griffim

    My doggie Sasha died yesterday april 25th 2018 i want to kown how she is and i want her to answer me when i talk and i want her to know i lover i am 12yrs old and love my dog i’ve had her since i was 3 THX

  129. Adriana

    I lost my friend my beloved Jay 10 yrs old American Eskimo we think he was. He osss away 4/15/18
    And I would like to know why did he left so early? What were the causes he really die from? If we will ever see him again? If he communicates with us? If he is okay? My mom is destroyed. She would love to see him or get in contact with him. We miss him every day.

  130. Ralphina lee


    My little precious Chelsea, born on 4th nov 2010 passed away from pyometra on 20th april 2017 5.50pm singapore time. She is a precious female, black/white pom that adopted on 26th december 2011. I hope to know how will i be able to see her and where will she go. Will she wait for me? i miss her so much.

    Chelsea passed away too abruptly. i really want to know how is she. I can’t really cope my emotions of her leaving so abruptly. Can you help me to know her whereabouts?

  131. Richard roberts

    my 18 year old border collie cross lady was put to sleep on the 16th of april 2018 i love her so much is she mad at me because i didn’t try harder to do more for her and is she mad at me because she might of thought i took her to the vet to get better

  132. Ankur Tiwari

    hello sir,
    i had a pet name tuffi. She died yesterday 17/04/2018 at the age of 11 years 11 months.she was born on 1 may 2006.eight month before she was suffered from a paralysis attack her one leg stops working and having so much infections,ticks in her body.
    I remember her squealing, laying on her side, and desperately gasping for breath before she died. I know how you feel, I wish I was dead too.
    she was German shepherd dog.

    From yesterday i m feeling like she is with me and in my home

    I want to know how is she where is she and the exact reason of her death.

  133. Danielle

    Please help me my precious dog bite in a frog and died. I tryed to save him but it was too late. He had the best spirit of and creature or person I know on this Earth. I need to know he is ok and knows I love him.

  134. Luisa

    Hi. pls help me.. I want to know how and why my dog died.. His name is James King, 2 yrs & 10 months old. He’s already lying dead when I got home with blood on mouth and bloated stomach.. I can’t seem to move on til now. I want to know if he’s been with me still after he died & I want to see and talk to him even in dreams.I want to be with him again.

  135. Luisa

    Hi. pls help me.. I want to know how and why my dog died.. His name is James King, 2 yrs & 10 months old. He’s already lying dead when I got home with blood on mouth and bloated stomach.. I can’t seem to move on til now. I want to know if he’s been with me still after he died & I want to see him even in dreams.


    I know you probably don’t have the time but my boy theodore just passed. Is he ok? Does he know how absolutely tore up I am. i would give anything for him to be here now

  137. Chelsea Dawn Bailey

    Hello I found my precious little Maltese dog dead just before Christmas 2016, he had a broken neck as well as being ripped open by another dog but I can’t help but feel that a person had snapped his neck before the dog attacked him, I can feel my little dog around me like his trying to tell me something can you please help??

  138. Grace

    Can you actually make an appointment with me to see if yiu can reach out to my deseased pets? I wanna know if they are still there and know how much I love them. Please help me out.

  139. Ashley

    On the 14th of last month, my beautiful min pin, my baby boy, Luke passed away due to medical complications. He suffered from pancreatitis, and other things that we mistook as liver problems. During his stay at the vet he also developed pneumonia, and his lungs filled with fluid, and he was unable to breathe well without oxygen. The day my mother and I went to see him to bring him home to pass away there. He saw us, stood up, wagged his tail, and gave us both a large amount of kisses. Moments later his heart slowed down and he passed away a minute later. Words cannot express the heartbreak I feel without him. And I’m left with a huge amount of guilt, for not realizing what he had sooner so I could help him sooner. But I truly feel he hung on until he saw me so he could say goodbye, even so, I cannot help but continue to grieve. Which is also hard, because others have tried to force me to speed up my grieving process. I just wish I could talk to my baby, know if he’s happy, and know whether or not he may hate me because I was a stupid owner for not helping him sooner.

  140. Angelina Gies

    My yr old son found our Bassett Hound dead in the yard while riding his bike. She got ran over. It was hard for all of us. But we barried her in the back yard. The kids still go to her grave and draw pictures and write her things on her stone.

    • Billy Frawley

      Angelina, I completely understand how you and your kids feel. I have not personally had any of my pets hit. Back on May 29th last year my dog Sadie died from unknown reasons. I know this is not the same but I have had to rescue a few animals that have been hit by cars as well. I too buried my Sadie in our back yard and I go visit her as much as I can and i still cry because she was more than a dog to me.

      • Annette

        Billy, I had to write because I lost my little girl Mitzi, a Shih Tzu rescue in February. I get what you wrote about about your Sadie– Mitzi was more than A dog to me. I still cry every day.

  141. Donna Burroughs

    Our min pin tiff was killed by a truck yesterday 2/12/18 which was her birthday. I want to know if she is happy where she is and we want her to know momma and daddy miss her.

  142. Donna Burroughs

    Our min pin tiff was killed by a truck yesterday which was her birthday. I want to know if she is happy where she is and we want her to know momma and daddy miss her.

  143. Natasha

    I have just lost my Doberman deeba she died on Wednesday 7th Feb and I’m absolutely devastated she died suddenly I am heartbroken please let me know she is at peace now and if you know how she died and please let her know I miss and love her and I think of her everyday

  144. Rayaro

    My boxer passed away 8 months before.He was such a loving dog that he was more than part of our family.All htee of us(myself my wife and daughter can’t get over the grief.
    We just wanted to know he is OK and if possible to communicate with him.the pets name was BOSKY and was 10 year old ,he has that typical white patch on his neck as most of of the boxer.Also he has a wound mark on his body.

  145. Janet Atkins

    I lost two dogs within a week. My Bella was hit by a truck and almost instantly killed. I got to her within a minute and watched her take her last breath. My other two dogs were standing near her. The next day I noticed my Buddy having trouble going to the bathroom. I didn’t think too much of it until he started throwing up and getting sicker. I took him to the vet and he had been hit the same time as Bella and had internal injuries. I was in shock when the vet told me he would have to be put to sleep. My heart’s broken. He was my best friend. I loved him and he loved me. We could communicate if that makes sense. I feel as if I let him down. I am lost without him. I’d be so happy to see or hear from him and to tell him how sorry I am for not being able to save him. He was the best. I have no complaints. I miss him so much. It’s lonely without him. I hope to reunite with him. I will never forget his loyalty and love and how happy he made me. Thank you!

    • Caitlin

      I’m so sorry to hear about your dogs my dog Wink (Shar Pei) got loose our of the house and I live beside a highway, he was killed Feb 25th and I’m heart broken I cry everyday so I know your pain and what you are going through I talk to him even though he’s not here. So sorry for your loss I hope you can have comfort in knowing your 2 babies are together.

  146. Pam G Chaffin

    My dog name hardy died dec18 2017 he was 16 he died of cancer an I mss him so much he was my baby I just can’t move on I’m so hurt I want him to know I love him an miss him I want to know if he’s ok

  147. Kk Urschler

    Hi, please please contact my Golden retriever Bartley. He died on January 4th and I am just so missrable, I haven’t stopped crying. He was the best. Also if you do contact him, ask him if he sent me a sign with gold confetti. Just two days before his passing, it was my birthday and I had a dream that my late Grandpa gave me this clear balloon with gold confetti inside. The day after Bartley died I couldn’t go to school because I was crying so much, and when I was sitting on my couch I saw a piece of gold confetti and that’s when I knew that Bartley was in heaven with the rest of my family. I am begging you to contact him, please! I want to know if he is ok and when he visits me

  148. Madhulika Verma

    I wana tlk to my 8 years ginie indian spitz who passed yesterday..missing him like anything..just wanted to know if he is fyn or him d most..

  149. Donald Bernhardt

    Can u please speak to my dog Pretty?… she passed on the 16th… a few days ago… she’s a white Lab mix… she had to be put down… I am devastated… and heartbroken… I had her for 13 years – and she was roughly 14 years old… I held her in my arms as long as I could before handing her over to the clinic euthanasia… I can’t get the image of her last moments out of my broken heart… bless u for trying to help people with loss and grief… it’s DEVASTATING

  150. SAM

    Hi can u speak to my puppy Sasha just 4months old golden retriever puppy ..lost her life yesterday after fighting for past 5days ..Ilove her so much ifeel to kill myself to go to her pls help on this ibeg u pls

    • Heidi :3

      My grey tabby cat named Cuddles died the day of the eclipse so im always remined of her death, she was always there for me, she saved my life when i was going through things. I miss her so much and she was sick before she died and I need to know if she’s ok and if I ever get to see her again. I got a new cat named Mellow but it doesnt feel the same. RIP Cuddles

  151. Daniele

    My dog Usher died due to injuries sustained by our other dogs. I usually lock him away from the others incase there is a tiff between them which only ever happens when we aren’t at home, this time I didn’t, I thought he would be fine. I can’t imagine why I thought this. They have never hurt him so bad. I am torn and feel so guilty for not keeping him away from them. I just want him back. I just want him to know that I love him so much and miss him, nothing is the same without him. Could you please let him know? Please tell me if he is ok? I would appreciate it so much.

    • Sangeetha

      I need to talk to my jockey who died on 6/1/2018. I love him badly….he is my cute lovable dog….

  152. Sudha

    I lost my pet Snowy last December.I have never been away from him for more then 10 days in the ten years he spent with me.He died of cancer.I was advised to put him down.I kept postponing my decision.In the end i couldnt.I was not able to let him go.The last 3 days he really suffered before he died.
    I feel so guilty for letting him suffer.He was my child.I have 2 more dogs now.It isnt the same.A day doesnt go by without me breaking down.I miss him so much

    • Teresa

      Omg I’m so sorry I know how you are feeling. I just lost my fur baby the day after Xmas the same was. I have 2 more dogs. I’m so sick over this. My heart and prayers are with you.

  153. Alun

    My beautiful dog died in my arms yesterday from acute kidney failure due having Pyo, which was not pick up by the vet until it was to late.

    All I need to know is that she is safe in heaven and to tell her that I love and miss her so so much and too wait for me on the other side.

    We will be getting another golden Labby in Feb 2017, tell to come and play and teach the new lab some of her old tricks.

    Dogs name is Jazmin (or Jaz/Baba as a nickname).
    Golden Labrador of 22 months old from Malta(eu).

    Many thanks if you can do this.

  154. Jose

    My cat recently passed away and I want to talk to someone about it. Also, I would like to know what are the different option I have to reunite or make contact with him some how…

  155. Dawn

    My kitty Carlton of 10 years passed 11/20/17. I miss him so much. I loved him more than anything. I just hope he knows this. He had a tumor removed and a biopsy done but he past away 3 days after surgery. We found out 2 days later it was cancer. I feel so bad for making him go through this surgery hoping he would be ok and it was not cancer but the odds were against him because he was an older kitty. Carlton i hope u know mommy loved u more than anything and i still cry for u everyday. I miss u more than u will ever know and my life will never be the same without you.

    • Scott Sperico

      At 9a.m. on 07/02/20 I was talked into euthanizing my most precious kitty ever, Rusty. His kidneys had catastrophic failure. He may have licked up some glycol radiator coolant I had spilt on the ground a couple days before.(ethyleneglycol taste sweet to animals but, it is very deadly.)
      Several months earlier he had a kidney stone pass which had him down for several days. I was very concerned when that happened and did not find out then, that it could have been fatale. When I got him to the vet they put him on oxygen and an IV drip. The blood test had 3 readings off the chart. X-rays showed his kidneys full of stones. The Dr. Was going to put him on dialysis to see if the kidneys would still work but, he could not get the catheter in because the urinary tract was blocked. 1st. I was told I had to put him down and a 9:a.m. appointmant was made. I was up online all night looking for an alternative and, early that morning I was on the phone trying to find another hospital with alternative prognosis. When I arrived I asked the Dr. if anything had changed? He said no but, if we are going to operate it needed to be done right away because Rusty was at deaths door. I was baffled at the option to operate. A senior Dr. friend was there and I spoke to him. At this point they could move Rusty’s kidneys and bladder back about 5″ and remove 5″ of the urinary tract and, the penis. Then, Rusty could be put on the dialysis machine. If his kidneys recovered, he would need surgery to remove the kidney stones. Rusty had at best a 1in 4 to 5 chance of survival. At a cost of $2,000+. I had the money in my pocket and had been feeling very optimistic but seem to have finally been worn down. The senior Dr. (friend) suggested I euthanize Rusty. Emotionally and mentally exhausted, without even seeing Rusty, I leaned towards the Dr.’s advice. When the assistant brough Rusty out, holding him in her arms, Rusty had his head up looking around. I was surprised that he looked better than when I left him there 20 hours before. Rusty was 12 years old. He was very vibrant and had crystal clear, green eyes. When Rusty was handed to me he sunk into my arms totally relaxed and almost went to sleep.I still had doubt and had the Dr. Show me the blood analysis. After only 15 minutes the Euthanasia was administered. In 5 seconds Rusty’s head nodded down then, each lung collapsed and my best friend was gone.
      I wish I would have loved him heavily for atleast an hour before that final process. It is the biggest regret of my life. At least Rusty died in my loving arms. But, I will never know if he would have made it. I miss him madly and still cannot believe he is gone. Recently, I am trying to communicate with him through his sister.
      I know I will see him again. I hope to find his spirit in another kitty.
      Our pets are there to comfort us through life.

  156. Pamela

    My dog Yoshi passed away last week. He was only 8 years old. He had vomited one morning out of the blue, but I didn’t think anything of it. The next day he had vomited again. I took the following day off from work and brought him to the vet where they told me he had acute kidney disease. I had to put him down that night. I don’t know what caused his death and it is killing me. I am beating myself up over not bringing him to the vet sooner. I still don’t know if that would have helped save him or not. I had a small memorial yesterday with my family for him. We lit a candle and talked about all the memories we had of him. I don’t know why God took him from me so early in his life. I wonder if my cat is sad, or if he sees his spirit around the house. I wonder if my baby can see his spirit. I keep looking for the signs that he is near but I haven’t seen anything yet. I can’t stop thinking about him. I really hope wherever he is, he knows how much I love him and that he is warm and safe.

    • Cheryl

      Exactly the same thing happened to me and my lovely dog 4 years ago I am still heartbroken. She was also 6
      My soulmate gypsy .. don’t know how you get through the loss and guilt xxx

    • Scott Sperico

      I believe he can feel, hear and see you
      Communicating with him. He knows how much you love him. He may have inherited the kidney problem.
      I am going through the same feelings of guilt with my best friend (Kitty) that had catastrophic kidney failure. Just talking your heart out to him (as though he is right there) is probably the most helpful way to grieve. Just know that you will see him again when you pass on. If it has been 20 years, to him, it will seem like yesterday.

  157. stephanie

    Greetings, We are having a mystery with a very old collie, Luke, who came up missing one morning a week ago. My first thought was he wondered off to ‘rest and transition in peace’. It has happened many times at our Animal Sanctuary. but we have found them from the buzzards. This guy has never gone beyond his property for 15 years. We have searched with drones and told every neighbor within miles. I got a thought that perhaps he died and took his body with him.
    Have you ever known of, or have heard from a dead animal where this happened?

  158. Allyson

    This is a long shot… to get some emotions out its 1am andnim balling my eyes out. I got reminded of my cat today who has passed on a few years back. His name was Mowzer. We got him from a shelter went there to get a kitten and ended up with a chubby beautiful adult flame point Siamese mix. Love at first sight. But He had HIV. We took him home. And I loved him for many many years. He started to get old and very skinny. My moms a vet tech. There wasnt much we could do. We ended up having to let him free to join the after life. It was one of the hardest days of my life. He was my best friend almost more of a brother… I always hoped Id see some kinda sign of him still in my life. We found a kitten at a abandoned house that looks pretty close to him who now lives with us. When I was younger we had a cat named lewis he and I wernt very close but I was around 6-8 when he died randomly in his little box. I was the one that found him. Later I sware I saw his ghost in the same area (basement )he passed. And when we moved to a new house in another state. I know I saw him once in the bacement of the new house. But just for a second. Double take and he was gone both times. Why hasnt Mowzer visited me… I just really miss my kitty. Sorry for the long post its been maybe 5 years since he passed and it just hit me really hard tonight…im so sorry to everyone else who has lost a pet I was reading some other comments and some maybe me cry even more. Pets really do become family. :'(

    • Carla

      I am so devastated. We found our 3 year old Minnie this morning already passed. We have no idea what happened. It is so sad minnies mammy is our cat and he was born in our house (we named him Minnie before we knew he was a boy) the toughest part apart from not k ow what happened is the thought of him outside in the cold on his own. This weighs heavily on my heart. Weirdly his mammy Molly woke myself and my husband during the night behaving strangely as if she was search for something

  159. Oana Georgeta Pop

    hello,i was searching info about how to comunicate or get info about your dead pets and i found this page.My chihuahua was 13 years old named Boy.we lived in Hong Kong ,he passed away ,illness i think,he passed in February 4 2017.Im keeping his ashes but he keep coming in my mind and i simply can t let go.I keep wonder if he is happy where he is or how he is.i miss him very much…or i even wish i see his ghost to feel him close even after death…can u tell him about him now ,what he feel or think? also there is any way to reach him?Thank you

  160. Mary

    I feel constant unrest.

    I had moved to abroad for university and my family decided to look after my rabbit till I was able to look after him in my new place. Soon after he lived with me I broke my knee and my rabbit, Jack went back into the care of my family which wasn’t great. I was considering giving him away and my friend living in my new area said she would look after him. After 2 months of living with her he passed away. She stopped answering my calls and text when one time I called her house phone and she was surprised to hear me and made me guess that Jack had passed. She then said he had passed 2 days earlier and she did not know how to word it to me. Lots of arguing happened and that Sunday he was laid to rest in my garden with her there. My mother mentioned to me after that she does not believe he died naturally. He was an 8 year old rabbit but he was healthy and she said it was probably the diet she was giving him even though I had told her exactly what to feed him.

    If possible, I would just like to know his actual cause of death, was it starvation, was it something else or just natural.

    I have let go of his soul I would just like some answers.

  161. Lorraine R Nolan

    My Saki was bitten by a spider. He became totally disoriented. The vet miss diagnosed him. I had to put him out of his misery. Where is his little sweet soul now?………….He was my little companion…..can you tell me where is he. Does he understand I love him still and miss him? Lori

    • R. B.

      I’m so very sorry about Saki. I know your heart is broken. If it helps, I am sure he does know how you loved him. You made the extreme loving sacrifice for his good. I truly believe we see our pets again one day. They live in a lovely place of light, love and understanding. He knows you miss him, too. I’ve communicated with my sweet girl who has been gone over 18 months. She let me know in a couple of ways that we are still connected. I then contacted Charles to be sure I understood. Keep your heart open to him. I hope the sweet memories begin to comfort you. He is closer to you than you might think.

  162. Brenda

    Is this really true? Just lost my dog of almost 15 years , July 2017, I cry everyday, and still very traumatized. Life is so empty. It would be nice to just know my baby girl is ok and if only she knew how much I missed her and loved her with all I had in me. Missing her terribly I can’t seem to put any closure on this. I have lost other dogs, but this one was very different. Wish I knew she was ok and at peace.

    • R B

      I have had two great readings after my sweet kitty died quickly of a brain tumor. Not only was the reading healing but it exceeded my expectations. I know, for me, it gave me faith that I will be with all my pets again. Also, my father reached out. Everything my dad conveyed to me was 100%. Charles is caring and very blessed to be able to do this.

      • Alyssa Starks

        My boyfriend and I lost our baby boy richie to a dog attack on Thursday and it is absolutely tearing us up. We both break down and cry everyday and we can’t stop thinking about him. I would do anything to know if he’s happy where he’s at and if he knows how much we love him. He was still just a baby, only 7 months old. We buried him with my blanket and his favorite toy, I hope he likes it. And we’re bringing him flowers and his sister’s collar with a bell on it today. I just miss my baby so very much. I’m sorry, I’m crying while typing this. I keep imagining he’s still here with us and just off being mischievous as usual. If you see this will you please try to help us. We need to know our baby is okay now. We love you baby boy, more than life itself.

    • Chris

      My big dog zack of 9 years was put to sleep in my arms yesterday, eating his favourite biscuits, this was at the vet this happened, on the way home there was suddenly a very strong scent, of him in the car, my father is a physic, and he said before it he could feel Zack, as we got home the house seemed Empty, there was no sign of him until around 12 o’clock at night when my mum had a dream of a bright ball of light entering through the Windows, she woke up and could still see it, she woke my father and there he could see it too. Later last night I woke up around 2am, I felt someone was with me, and I was Right, i could hear Zack licking at the end of my bed, and I could smell him so so strong, it kept coming and going, the floor board in my room kept creeking as well, this lasted for about 30 minutes until I fell asleep again. When I woke this morning my father said he could hear footsteps all night in my room. This is the hardest thing that’s ever happened to me, he was like a brother to me.


  163. Brenda Gast

    My husband and I lost our 6 1/2 year old Jack Russell terrier 5 days ago, and we are both just lost. He was hit by a car and killed instantly. Buddy was such a happy, obedient little boy, and the light of our life. He was totally made of love and we don’t know how to go on without him.

  164. Gage

    I lost my dog bailey yesterday we had to put him down because he was sick with cancer I miss him a lot and I feel like I didnt get to say goodbye to my best friend in the world I watched the light in his eyes turn off as he went to heaven and I just want to tell him how much I miss him and that I will see him again. He is a black and white toy fox rat terrier he’s kinda small please if you can contact him for me. Call or text ANYTIME at 317 476 0544. He’s my best friend please help me

  165. Gage

    I lost my dog yesterday we had to put him down because he was sick with cancer I miss him a lot and I feel like I didnt get to say goodbye to my best friend in the world I watched the light in his eyes turn off as he went to heaven and I just want to tell him how much I miss him and that I will see him again. He is a black and white toy fox rat terrier he’s kinda small please if you can contact him for me. Call or text ANYTIME at 317 476 0544. He’s my best friend please help me

  166. Shera

    I lost my rescued cat 1st December 2015 same year I got him rescued.He was around less than two years of age at the time of his death.It was a shock for me and I was expecting to see any of his presence just to let him know I miss him.I expect to see him.Please help me to find if he s ok and is he waiting for me?His name is Bindu
    I had a yellow labor called Ginger 2007 I had to leave him in a boarding when I left my country for a job. When I returned he was not in good shape and when I found the best person to look after him he wasn’t lucky enough to stay alive.He passed away at the vets and I couldn’t be there for him in the final moment. He had swollen accidentally a peace of metal got him sick.
    Please help me to find is he ok and tell him I’m so sorry I couldn’t save him.Is he waiting for me too?

    Thank you

  167. Dee

    July 18, 2017 I lost my dog Belle. I had her for 9 years. Since 6 wks old. She got sick over the weekend and was filling up with fluid. She had bad arthritis which she was on meds for. I miss her so much. I cry and wonder if she knew how much I loved her. She was very spoiled as all animals should be. I wish she would come to me so I know she’s ok.

  168. Agata

    My 5-year old dog suddenly died 2 months ag. I was on business trip – and left Pinia with my Mom – who used to take care of her on a regular basis – they both loved each other a lot!Throughout the day everything was perfect. All of sudden she started vomiting in the night but still behaved normal. My Mom called a veterinary ER – the checked my dog and gave fluid, medications, took blood samples. But my dog kept deteriorating and panting heavily out of pain. My Mom called the ER again – they did not make it before Pinia died. Blood was normal, no Babesia canis. Upon clinical examination – nothing extraordinary either. She had echocardiography 2 months earlier – was perfect too..She probably ate some poison outside the house. Even though I am a vet and deal with death of animals on a regular basis – I am completely broken down. I fell apart into thousands of pieces. I am crying every day. The saddness is so overwhelming that sometimes I physically cannot move. I even start feeling the emotional pain in my chest. I am devastated…Just wanted to share it with people who go through the same. I am completely devastated….Pinia was love of my life. My best friend. She was with me in the veterinary clinic during duties, waiting for me when I was windsurfing on vaccations, visiting all my friends with me…I am falling apart…

    • Carolyn Lindsay

      I am so sorry for you. I lost my Hank 2 days ago. He had lung cancer, small lobe the took it out biopsies it and cam back as class on metasizing. He did great when he went back for his recheck they told me the surgeon had left a sponge in him. So back to surgery again. When she pulled on sponge it perforated his lung and he bleed out and almost died so they took the whole lung. Hank is a PITBULL and was almost 14. He was doing great. He started coughening again. Then a few days ago started gagging off and one. The roads here are anodes over so I was to take him
      Back day after New Years. Later that evening he started really coughening and gagging. I went and got him
      A Pepcid and his doxycycline. I put a little honey on his tongue he liked that. Then he seemed scared and couldn’t get his breath I reached back in his throat and pulled out a bunch of foam nothing else. I did cpr. Mouth to moth turned him upside down in case he had water in lungs. Everything. Compressions. His tongue turned purple. I still kept trying. My husband said. He is gone. I have been in bed for 3 days crying. My house seems so empty. He was the last of my dogs all but 2 had very long lives. I have lost 10 dogs in 12 years. We finally was able to have hritmas this year with Hank. He still ran and played with his toys. He steeped with me no weeping or anything. I called the vet when this started again months ago and they said his throat was irritated from surgery. I am crying as I read this. I begged I prayed still did nothing. Then I started blaming myself. Did he choke on pill. But the vet said no that as hard as he was gagging it did not. I think. I am just wanting again to blame myself cause I don’t know what happened. I am with him 24/7. There is no poison anywhere only soy candles. I have even thought of suicide to be with him and them all.

      Carolyn Lindsay.


    My parrot quaker died on Sunday, she’s was 15 yrs. Old..
    I don’t know what happened to her. .is she sick or not feeling good?
    I buried her that day she died but next day her body was gone.. wonder if u can locate of where her body is at.. I have been looked everywhere but no luck..
    I feel so bad. . Thinking of my bird..

  170. Molly

    I lost my beloved baby Chewy on March 22 of this year. He was only 2 and he got hit by a car 🙁 my ex boyfriend had him at the time (we shared our dogs after breaking up) but his descriptions of the events just doesn’t seem to click. Maybe a pet psychic can help me with this? I’m still devastated, and the addition of not truly knowing what happened is killing me.

  171. Billy Frawley

    Hello, My dog Sadie passed this year on Memorial day. I know she was not doing good and was unable to get her to a vet. I still don’t know what was wrong. Just before she passed on, I woke up and saw her laying on the floor next to me. I looked at her and said good morning and i love you babygirl. She got up on the bed and i turned to put my arms around her as i always have. She began to vomit so i nudged her off the bed, she walked to the corner and vomited. As i went to lean over to clean up she stumbled 2 or 3 steps backwards then collapsed. I was devastated. I still cry uncontrollably because it is like it happened this morning. Currently she is buried in my neighbors yard. I would like to know if she can hear me when i talk to her and what does she have to say to me. Does she come to me through another animal we have?

  172. Gordy

    I lost my pet dog Max June 9th. 2017. One day he was very happy the next day he had some problem breathing took him to the vets and thOUGHT he would be ok. The vets called us 2hrs. later and said he was dying My wife and went there and held Max as he passed. I have been crying everyday how can I do better in the future Help please

  173. Gordy

    I lost my pet dog Max June 9th. 2017 he was 10 years old happy one day had a hard time breathing the next day took him to the vets and thought they would make him better two hrs. later vets. called us and said he was dying went there and died in my wife arms. I been crying everyday since how can I get over this please help

  174. sharmila chowdhury

    My really loved dog Pie was suddenly diagnosed with aggressive tumour on Friday and was put to sleep yesterday – next day. I couldn’t be there as the vet didn’t want to wait 2 hours it would have taken me to see her. We saw her later after she died.

    She was like a daughter to me & I love her so much. I want to see her again and want to make sure she is ok and if she is with my dad.
    My heart is breaking. It’s really unbearable.

    • Jason heffron

      My friend I know what ur going through.. I was at work sat morning and get a phone call saying that my beautiful buddy had passed suddenly during the night.. I can’t sleep can’t eat properly.. ain’t been back to work since.. I’m completely lost.. I’m so sorry to here bout ur loss ❤️

  175. Amarissa

    Tell him I wish I could of bin there please my mom Terra philp would not let me I am very sorry and wish he had not got hit by that idiot driver in that car I f I find that person I will say hi remember that cat you hit that’s my cat then I will smack that person on the face

  176. Amarissa

    I’m only nine my ants cat Oliver past away and I would do anything to see energy day I saw him only twice in my dreams but please ask him if he can sleep with me at night and do something so that way I can see him and hear him and deal him just please anything to see that boss cat Oliver again I need him I need my Oliver

  177. Stacy

    Please help my cat passed away and I didn’t notice the pain he was in. I got him to the vet to the vet but it was to late. I just want him to know how sorry I am that I didn’t take him the day b4. I’m so sorry my little silly sillllll!

    • Amarissa

      I’m sorry that happens I’m sure he forgives you it happens a lot more than you think that’s wors than my ants cat

  178. Cecile Steyn

    Do you know the name of my dog that died. He was 17 and a half. He was my closest companion. I cant tell you my heartache.

    • Angela M Grays

      My dog daughter Angel Marie just passed. She was 17 and started to have bad seizures .
      I decided to let her rest from earth and go back to heaven. I feel I made the right choice for her to not suffer.. Felt her the next day, her energy made me happy. Know God and other relatives with her in heaven. Praise God

  179. Cecile Steyn

    Maybe you can tell me about my dog that pass away. Is he okay? You will obviously know his name.

  180. Debra Dove

    I need help bad. I just lost my kitty, Mac. I have seen him for a short time
    after his death coming and going, and I have heard his meows.
    I need to know what happened to him.
    I found him badly injured on Easter Sunday April, 2017.
    If you can please help me i would be so grateful.
    Thank You.
    Debra K Dove
    PS I have no money, I charged 600.00 on a card to try to save Mac but his injuries to facial area were too extensive. The reason I need to know, is to try to save my other 5 kitties.

  181. Lezani


    • S. Herbdt

      I know how you feel. It’s not just a pet. It’s family – you’ve lost a family member. It’s like a person is gone. I lost “Baby” ( his nickname) on May 13. My house is so empty. Still crying daily. I think I’d hit someone who told me he was “just a pet.” Don’t let anyone invalidate your feelings.

  182. Lezani

    So on the 24th of March 2017 3 days ago I had to say goodbye to theoat important sold in my life

    I was her han for more than 22 years. ..I am 25 now…we grew up together …littreally. ..we grew up together. ..we grew older together. .

    There’s not a day I don’t remember her being with me…as a child on my bicycle with her in a strapped basket to the front driving down the farm road looking for adventure…to her being an old lady now on my lap or pausing her in her stroller down to the beach…

    See Boems was my disabled love darling child…she had only 3 legs and a heart problem as well as a few other things …but let’s not focus on that…anyway 3 days ago Boems broke her back leg…

    That being said I got her to the vet…they said she’ll do some test and call me…

    Later the day I got a call from the vet…he Said Zani I am so sorry…

    I collapsed when I got the call…needles to say 20 min later I was there holding Boems tight with tears and paid rushing though my eyes body and heart..

    Boems had broken her leg but the was not the worry…she had bone cancer which made her bones extremely weak and that being said she was too old for all the medication needed as well as surgery…she was in a lot of pain

    The vet gave me the hard news…if I had any respect or love I’d let her rest in peace and give her the quality of life again being able to pass the rainbow bridge and live on the other side. ..

    My heart broke into a million pieces my palms got sweet and I cried my eyes out…

    I agreed and said my goodbyes I was there all the way up to her falling asleep in my arms with my kisses on her cheek ..

    When he was done he said…I’ll give u some time…that’s all I remember…I know I stayed for a.long time even afterwards…it’s all a blur as I was so so so well broken hey guys…

    Anyway it’s been 3 days now and I can’t sleep…I can’t eat…I fins myself crying most of the days…I am confused and can’t focus. ..

    Anyway last night on my bed again crying missing my Boems wondering if she’s is okay……I stared thinking..what is me being so sad and hurt amd worries is stopping Boems from having peace on the other side. ..

    But then I thought again what if I don’t worry and she’s not okay…

    So I did a card reading…and it said I need more spirituality and I will get my answer…

    So needles to say I’ve been up all night reading…it helps hearing from your experience’s and how u death with your healing process and that u have communication with your fur kids…

    Now I just need to find my way to heal and know if my Boems is okay

    • Elizabeth Catherine Cummings

      I am so sorry about the loss of your cat. I just lost my cat this past Thurs., May 12, 2017. That is why I am also at this site. Billy Budd was such a sweet kitty and loved me so much and I loved him and my heart is breaking. I also held my cat as he died. He had lymphoma throughout his system and was so thin. My vet did everything she could to save him. I spent about $1500 before he died. We didn’t know for awhile what was wrong. I am hoping to communicate with him. I sure hope Charles Peden is correct and that our pets will be there to greet us at death. I am thinking of you and I am so, so sorry. She was lucky to have you as her caretaker in this life.

  183. Shreyashi Chanda

    I need help so bad..its about kuttush my rabbit.. It has been 6 months since he is gone..I tried to save him but couldn’t as the doctor failed to identify the disease in time..but still now I feel his presence around me I still find his poops from the floor..we clean our rooms everyday so thats not possible to happen even after 6 months and it only happens when I am too sad or I miss him..I just wish if there’s any way to communicate with him to know what he wants me to do or if there’s anything he wants to say..I will be grateful if you help me..I miss him so much

  184. FaerieDogmother

    Sorry for all your losses. The real problem here with a lot of animals dying before their time is that we have been brainwashed into a medical Cult and our food supply is toxic and poisoned by people who know nothing about nutrition and health. We have been brainwashed into a medical “sick-care” cult and our food supply is toxic and poisoned by corporations who care nothing about nutrition and health. If you feed animals proper healthy nutrition the chances of needing to see a Doctor who doesn’t have any idea what to do is slim . Dogs bodies are designed to live 25 to 30 years, rabbits should easily make it to 16 or more. There is a revolution starting to get our pets healthier and focus on longevity. This means we have to stand up, learn the right things and not get pushed around by fancy packaging or VETs giving bad advice. Any vet who tells a rabbit caretaker to feed anything with pesticides & GMO’s (most hay & pellets on market) does not know what they’re talking about. These things are designed to destroy the gut and beneficial bacteria and kill the animal. Putting these things in pet food is causing disease and death, A+ B = C. We are overdue on taking our power back so we can ensure the Vibrant health and longevity of our charges . #Think #Learn #KnowledgeIsPower

  185. Rylan Chuleigh

    On Sun,Jan, 17th, 2016 my dog, Neko was put down due to some sort of cancer and the day prier all i was cared about was playing with my friend. And to this day its hated me that I didn’t spend more moments with him. Ive been having cuacidle thoughts. I just wish I could say Im sorry and goodbye one last time

    I want to see Charles soon

    • Bunny

      Hi I lost mine on Jan 15th to 16th was about midnight. Is unbearable. Have you found a way to communicate? Please let me k ow was so sudden I have things to say to her

  186. Rylan Chuleigh

    On Sun,Jan, 17th, 2016 my dog, Neko was put down due to some sort of cancer and the day prier all i was cared about was playing with my friend. And to this day its hated me that I didn’t spend more moments with him. Ive been having cuacidle thoughts. I just wish I could say Im sorry and goodbye one last time

    I want to see Charles

  187. WGXAbahI

    104182 397478 Its hard to discover knowledgeable individuals on this topic, but you sound like you know what youre talking about! Thanks 6068

  188. Bunnie

    I have spoken with Charles. I had a completely positive experience. My precious 10 yr old cat had passed 28 days prior. He asked her to identify herself and she did. She said where the sickness was (head and chest) which was a brain tumor metastatic to a lung. She talked about her habit of acting like a nursing kitten – kneading her paws and sucking on her bed. She described her favorite table in my bedroom, used to jump to a window with curtains but no blinds. She said she missed a dog and described our dog correctly. We have two, but only one played with her. She described how I rescued her and her sister and that they were in a silver thing with people we didn’t know (airplane). She said she saw a black and whit cat with “eyebrows” on my lap, which was me looking at a really cutely marked cat on Facebook. Of course she didn’t use all the words, some things were more like “pictures” she gave him. Then, omg, my dad came through. It was so unexpected, but so much detail about his time in the Pacific, his favorite lunch, when he died, and details about my mother. He wanted to apologize for allowing PTSD keep him from being a better father. I was so happy to know he’s with my cat. He is the person who passed love of cats on to me. I was amazed, enlightened, and my cat has sent energy to me a couple of times too. There IS more for us after we die, and we will see our loved ones and our pet family again. There’s no way Charles could have found out things prior to my call. He didn’t ask me to call again and spend more money either. For me, I’ve had many losses, but this was the first time I asked a pet to let me know they crossed over. My heart was open and I was ready for the messages. I never believed in ghosts, ouija boards, psychics, etc. Maybe I was incredibly lucky, but I feel my time with Charles was very uplifting.

  189. Keith

    I see a lot of people saying Charles is just interested in money. I’d have to say that this is completely false. I paid for a 15 minute consultation and Charles was nice and caring enough to talk to me for 45 minutes. He didn’t have to do that. He relayed some info to me to show me that he was talking to my puppy. I will be using his services again.

  190. Stacey

    YOU, Charles, are a POS. how DARE you ride o. The grief of people who have lost something (someone) dear to them…for MONEY. Well Charlie…your time is coming. All animals go to heaven. Not only will you NEVER have the pleasure and blessing of an amazing animal greet you at the pearly gates…you are going to be entering the hot, hot ,HOT coals of hell. As a Christian, I will pray for you. But until you ask for forgiveness for being a greedy, evil, man…your future in eternity is domed. REPENT.

    • Faerie Dogmother

      That’s so sad to say all those vitriolic things. He has clearly helped a lot of people. One thing I would like to say is that my animals did not come through for me on my reading but he took the time to give me tips and skills to be able to connect with them myself . As I further reflect on this, it may have been exactly what my animals wanted for me. If we tap into our own personal abilities, the greater gift would be able to connect with our loved ones on our own, don’t you think? My feeling right now is that they were letting me know that they didn’t want short little readings .. they wanted me to hone my skills so we could communicate on our own. Not what I expected but definitely a greater gift. Always be curious, learning & Open for unexpected messages.

    • Amber

      Shut up Stacey. I read through this website because it helps me feel better about my dog who died… yesterday. Your comment put negative thoughts in my head. Reading this website made me feel okay for 10 minutes out of the last 30 hours. Shut your negative mouth 🙂

    • Peter Fung

      Hello, I got a female dog name Ah Girl passed on yesterday morning. I didn’t see her for few days. Till yesterday morning my neighbor told me she just passed on. Can help me talk to him?

  191. Terri

    I am suffering at the moment because of my 10 year old Maltese dog Buffy is in Heart failure.
    She is in her final stage and has a level 5 Mur Mur. She is coughing a lot more with that hacking almost throw up cough us a collapsed trachea.
    She still has good times but is going down hill. The Vet gave her 8 months to live and it’s almost been that long. None knows exactly how long a pet has to live. The vet said the last time I was there that she is not in pain. How can a vet know she is not in pain? If I thought she was currently in pain, I would do her the justice of having her put to sleep. I just don’t know what to do. Any thoughts?

    • Jeannie

      How is her quality of life? Is she still eating and drinking and going out to potty? Is she still excited about the things she used to be excited about? I had to let my dog go and she would still eat and drink but was in heart failure and couldn’t breathe. She had that faraway look in her eyes and I could tell she was struggling and a little panicked about not being able to breathe, so I let her go. We were at the end of the road as far as meds and what could be done. I couldn’t watch her suffer any longer. When you know she’s not having fun anymore and is clearly uncomfortable, letting her go is the kindest thing you can do for her…a final act of love. xo

  192. Jeannie

    Please do not waste your money on a reading from this man. He is a total fraud and scam artist who will play on your grief and possibly make it even worse, as he did with me. If you have the money to spend, donate it to a worthy cause in your pet’s honor instead, and let your animal rest in peace. xo

  193. Elaine

    I recently lost a dog to coyote , when I was just in the parking lot ready to take him for a short walk,I ran after coyote with stick, but he wouldn,t drop him. The pain is unbearable to lose a small dog to coyote, you have to carry stick and whistle at all times! This happened in Gibson B.C,

    • Stacey

      I am so, so sorry. That. Must be n unbearable memory to carry with you for life. I lost my beloved, Becca, on 7-12-15 at 12:54 in my arms. Animals are so pure. The closest get to God on earth. I’m sorry for your loss but I feel it was quick. (The fear and pain).

    • Jeannie

      AGREED! He cannot do what he says he can. He asked me questions for an hour and didn’t get a single thing right — then blamed my pet for not coming through!! He is a total fake, and I don’t know how he’s gotten away with it for so long. PLEASE no one fall for this fraud – save your money. If you pay attention, you’ll notice the only one really bragging about what he does is him. And it’s ALL made up. He is truly delusional. And telling a man his wife is having an affair on the other side???? That could make someone commit suicide. It’s the most irresponsible thing I’ve heard…not to mention ridiculous. But he does indeed cause damage – made my grieving way worse, and the way he spoke to my pet was insulting. And I’m not the only one by any means. Stay far away!!!!

  194. Terri

    Has anyone on this site truly been able to find a REAL pet communicator?
    I have been grieving for my little 9 year old Maltese dog Teddy since he passed of CHF in February.
    Now Teddy’s litter mate Buffy has CHD … Thankfully She is not yet In Heart Failure.
    But Buffy is starting to get much worse. I pray she gets healed.
    I was thinking of trying the Crystal Healing Method on Buffy to see if it helps. Has anyone on here ever had any experience with personally having a pet healed from this?

    • Sunny

      If you’re looking into alternative therapies, try reiki healing. It can be performed on animals.

      I have been communicating with my Lily daily using the pendulum and most recently, dowsing rods. I know whether or not her energy is in the room with me. The rods will usually point to where her bed is in my closet. I haven’t had the heart to put it away yet. When she is not in the bedroom then Lily will be in the front room on her sofa.

      I’ve had 2 signs from her so far. Being able to work with the pendulum and the rods has brought me a good sense of peace. Lily is not always with me, but she returns throughout the day.

    • richie


      I have been healing pets for years, naturally. I am a wildlife rehabber and rescuer. I saved many wildlife and personal pets as well as friends and familys pets. I came to this site because my dog just passed away and im dying inside without him. He got sick real fast out of no where and two vets didnt know what the exact problem he was having before he passed, they said he is getting old. They didnt listen to me, it was a rare auto immune disease but they told me no, and that he is old and he still has time left. but he went quick. If they would have confirmed what I thought it was i could have helped him. i need to know the problem before i can administer the cure.

      Anyway, Im writing to you to help you with your dog. You can save your dogs life and cure her of her heart problems.. Please have an open mind, medicine drugs and veterinarians are not the solution. Trust me, i have saved raccoons from liver failure, dogs from renal failure, CHF and other ailments.. Please go to and order the heart formula located under products on the home page. This formula has saved two dogs lives under my care and also saved a friends 6 year old daughter from having heart surgery.

      All products on this website are the best in the world and they will heal all illness. I do not own this website nor do i have any affiliation what so ever. I tell everyone about it because i want to help save animals lives. I wrote a book on pet health and this is in my book.
      Please let me know how shes doing once you give it to her..


      • Faerie Dogmother

        Thank you for this encouraging post. If we all had holistic vets we would have better advice to help our animals and extend their health and longevity. Keep fighting the good fight & sharing this information. ❤️️

  195. angela geraci

    Charles Peden only cares about your MONEY..

    You really think he cares about your animals??

    I wrote him that I was not familiar with Pay Pal..and wanted to send a check..

    He dropped me cold…and lost all interest in me..

    Let him prove his love for animals and do work for the Humane Society or another animal group..millions are being destroyed yearly..

  196. angela geraci

    Charles Peden is only interested in your MONEY..You people really thinks he loves or cares about your animals…??

    When I wasn’t certain how to use Pay Pal, I wrote that I would like to send a check..He immediately stopped corresponding…

    I also had written him a nice story about a cat of mine, Mimi, that recently passed..My husband saw a cloud that was in the shape of a cat, two days later..The eyes, nose, mouth, and streaming hair..To me, it was a sign from her that she is alright..

    When Charles Peden saw I was not happy that he did not respond to my story about Mimi, then he answered with something about having “peace”…

    After his coldness, I knew it was not about anything I had to say..only cramming me into his schedule for the $65.00..

    If you read this Peden, and don’t like it “sue me for defamation” scam artist..

  197. Sue

    My neglect led to the death of my beloved companion,Aimee she was the sweetest and most loving friend. Over a period of several weeks I noticed she was getting less exercise tolerant, I told her I would get her to the vets for some blood tests as she was only 7 years old and a Springer spaniel so should not be slowing down yet. I let other things get in the way of doing what I should have done then she hit a crisis, she had Auto-immune haemolitic anaemia, she needed urgent blood transfusions, the vets fed her, no-one was with her overnight, she vomited inhaled the vomit and got aspiration pneumonia the treatment for which is the exact opposite of that for AIHA,she didnt survive. If I had taken her for the blood tests weeks earlier she would have had a chance for survival, she died because of my neglect I will never forgive myself. All of you lovely people did your best you did not let your loved ones down, they knew you cared please try to forgive yourselves.

    • Melissa a

      sue I am in the same situation you were in, my neglect lead to my cats death and I feel horrible about it. if I would have taken my cat in sooner and decided to do the tests and treatments the doctor recommend he might still be alive and I feel that he hates me for it. I wasn’t thinking and I know saying sorry doesn’t justify what I did. I am very ashamed of myself but I’m glad I came across this because I’m not alone. I feel that the mistake I made should have been prevented and now he’s gone.

  198. Carlos A.

    For anyone who lost a pet recently and is suffering, please consider purchasing this book. It has helped me and my wife with the recent loss of one of our dogs. It was traumatic and unexpected, the pain and grief was incredibly intense and I was dealing with a lot of depression. Anyone who is truly broken should buy it, it has helped me tremendously. I got it in the iBook store. There is also a lot of grief groups out there for animal owners. You are not alone in your loss.

    “Coping with sorrow on the loss of your pet”

  199. Carlos A.

    I have a call scheduled with Charles Pedan this Saturday, 11/1 at 3PM. I’ll write back on here a review. Looking forward to chatting with a pup that we lost two months ago, it was a freak accident, traumatic and our pup died the next day. I miss my pup terribly.

    • Sunny

      I’m going to bookmark this page. I’m very interested in your reply and how your experience went. Thank you

      • Carlos A.

        So I just had a call with Charles.

        Am I a complete believer? I’m a little on the wall. It may be for a reason for this call.

        Do I know if he was truly talking with my dog? I don’t know, he was getting better yes/no answers from my dog than words. His explanation was that since he has recently passed he still maybe figuring out that he is dead.

        Were all the questions he asked accurate? No. He was able to answer that my dog was cremated. When asking if he was in a box or urn, he answered urn. My dog is in a box. He was able to acurately answer that my dog was white with pink skin. He eventually said Chihuahua, but bigger. My dog was a normal size chihuahua.

        Charles was able to chat with my other dogs. He identified my other boy dog almost immediately. He did also say that my dog has been really close to me. He has, especially since we lost our other dog. Upon initial communication my sisters dog barreled thru. She is a jack Russell who gets on my nerves, so it makes total sense for her to do that. She would do that.

        Did I get the closure I was looking for? Slightly, I really want to believe he is communicating to my dogs. He was able to confirm that my dog who died was close to our 4 year old, our daughter will be 3 in March, close. He said our dog has been visiting my daughter in her dreams, and we can account for it, since she has woke up crying for her Mister Bear.

        Today’s call could have been thrown off for good reason. We were at my wife’s parents house, there are two boxers a lab my other two dogs, a cat and two other deceased animals that lived here. I’m thinking that once we move into our new home and settle in we may do another session. Maybe our Mister Bear can communicate better then.

        Do I regret spending the money? No. The pain and stuffing I have suffered since our loss, I’ll pay anything to try and get resolve. I’m not a pill popper, I won’t try to medicate myself to get over it. Pain and grief must be experienced. One thing a person told me recently that has helped me was… The reason you are suffering so much pain is because you had so much love with your dog. Don’t be mad at God for taking away your beloved animal. Think, did you ever tell God thank you for giving me this creature to experience this level of love? For me, not being religious it was a pill I refused to swallow, but in thinking, it helped me respect all the good times with my pup.

        I will try Charles again probably after the new year. If that doesn’t work then only death will show me what is real. Death will have to wait. Thanks.

        • Sunny

          Carlos: Thank you for the follow up. I was really eagerly awaiting for your reply.

          I share your pain and the loss you feel. I only just recently lost my dear Lily last month. It has not even been 2 weeks.

          I have an older brother, who I wanted nothing to do with for many years now. He was getting out of jail and my mother and sister guilt tripped me into letting him stay with me while he got back on his feet. I did not want to do this. I never wanted to see him again. He is a 50 year old trapped with a 10 year old mentality, at best. To give you an idea how I felt about my brother, when he moved in, I said to his face “If you died, I would not come to your funeral!” I was only doing this as a favor to my sister.

          Long story short, he would feed my dog people food even after I’d tell him to stop. Then I had to go on a 2 week vacation which my brother cared for my dog in my absence.

          Suffice to say, when I came back from my trip, my dog was following him around everywhere. Sleeping with him in bed and laying in his room. I thought things were going well. I continued to tell him to stop feeding her extra people food. Lily was just a 13 pound rescue fox terrior.

          My brother moved in mid July, by the beginning of October, I had taken her to the vet multiple times. Like 5 times in 2.5 weeks. Because of their indecisiveness, she did not get the treatment she needed. Because my brother overfed her, he contributed to her death.

          She was only 10 years old. 3 of those years she was severely abused as a puppy mill bitch before I got her from the rescue agency.

          In my guts, I knew he was to blame. But it seemed so illogical. Then I used a pendumlum, which I had not used in many many months. I asked some really hard questions in between my fits of sobbing rage.

          The final question I asked of my higher self to the pendulum was “would Lily be alive if my brother never in to my house.” The pendulum answered “yes.” I felt so guilty. I could not protect her.

          Now I use the pendulum to talk to her daily. She tells me that she is in heaven with Gromit, my dog that passed of old age last year. She says she is happy and there is no more pain. Sometimes I use the pendulum to ask if Lily is with me. Most of the time, she is. Sometimes, she is not.

          If you know someone Carlos who uses a pendulum, maybe you can have them help you with your own questions too. It’s not an easy road. I still have crying jags. I can’t believe she is gone. I do have some solace in knowing that Lily is happy where she is.

          Hope that helps you. Peace and blessings.

          • Carlos A

            I to had the difficulty of blame with a family member for the death of our Mister Bear. My mom has a habit of being terribly absent minded. Mister was jumping at her between her legs at the couch when she payed back throwing open the recliner and shooting him into our wooden coffee table. He colapsed and wasn’t moving or breathing. I had to perform CPR and rush him an urgent care. $3,700 later they stabilized him. We left him for the night, but the diagnosis was bad. Another few moments later he would have been brain dead. My attempts of CPR were poor, so oxegyn was barely getting to his lungs. It’s kind of hard to do this when you’re running red lights and speeding.

            The next day we took him to our family vet. They reviewed the X-rays and concluded it was either a neck or brain injury, the trauma left him with low heart beats and trouble breathing, he would barely move and his status continued to decline as they tapered him off the fluids and pain killers. He had a level 5 of 6 heart murmur which made the option of surgeries almost impossible. Our plan was to pick him up, watch him for the night then take him back in the day. I was ready to put our house hunt on hold and get a loan to pay for anything to save his life.

            When we arrived back to get his status and pick him up, he was in a terrible state, eyes bulging out, ears back he was in terrible pain. When the Dr. Asked me to put him on the table he rolled onto his back. We had to let him go. We got to say goodbye to his body.

            My mom was a mess, she didn’t have any money to help us. We maxed out our credit card and lost our dog. My office work quadrupled, my wife 6 months Prego and we needed to find a house to move to. It was the most stressful time of my life already and this happens. My mom made a terrible mistake. I avoided her for weeks, and I was a mess. This loss brought me to my knees. This dog was my daughters pup, he loved her and she loved him. I loved him to death for being so good with her. My agony was so bad I searched online for answers to the pain, I found a book that helped me. Anyone that looses an animal should read, “coping with sorrow on the loss of a pet” it helped me understand what I’m going thru and showed me how a true animal lover knows how to forgive. If you can forgive your animals for having accidents in the house, chewing on things or disobeying you are not a successful animal owner. animals also forgive you so quickly for coming home late, for forgetting to fill their food or water bowl, for yelling at them. The key to a loving animal relationship is forgiveness. I forgave my mom, wife and I both forgave her. I don’t trust her with my other dogs, but I forgave her for what she did. You don’t have to trust your brother anymore than I trust my mom, but hosting hate or blame makes the healing more difficult.

  200. susana

    I lost my Betty cat 2 days ago, she was 13.5 years old, she got cancer, I miss her a lot, I wish I could see her again. Or at least tell her how sorry I am for not peting her on her last breath, I was calling the vet, didn’think she was going to die that moment. I love her, she was my only company at home. Also want to know if she is fine and waiting for me when my time arrives.

  201. maria cabral

    Hello, my dog died last Monday, I’d like you to know how she is, I want hew to forgive me for let her died in the doctor’s home, not in our home with all of us. I’m very sad!!!!

  202. Amy R.

    My & my boyfriend’s cat just passed away yesterday,
    and we’re devastated because she was our baby; We’ve
    only had her for almost a year, and she came to us as
    a tiny kitten. We’re going crazy trying to figure out
    why she died. She was still young, had no illnesses,
    and there wasn’t any blood or wounds. The other day
    she got scared and ran head first into a chain link
    fence, and started booking it for home, but she was
    running all zigzag-like. Then later, she seemed fine.
    I last saw her at 2 AM, when she went outside. I had
    a feeling I should bring her back in, but I was waiting
    for my boyfriend to come back from his run, so I let
    her go. The next day, when we were out, we got a text
    from his mom saying that she had passed. I feel so
    devastated and I miss her so much. I’ve been holding
    on to her baby toy all night and day. I wish there was
    a way for me to feel her presence and communicate with

  203. Jackie

    Hi my name is Jackie and recently just lost a 16 year companion that took his last breath in my arms. As I child until I was around 10 years old, I would see people that looked like real people but nobody in my family but me could see them. I would even see animals at night walk into the walls of my bedroom. My entire family are all skeptics and would dismiss my sightings claiming that I was making up stuff to get attention. Over the years the sightings never returned but the memories always allowed me to stay true in my faith that there is life after death and that we do have a higher power. Today, my faith seems to be struggling since my dear Stonewall passed a few days ago. My grief is unbearable! At moments in the day I fee as though he is right there with me but my mind is again telling me it’s wishful thinking. Anyway, for all of you pet lovers that has lost a loved one my happy thoughts and prayers go out to you and your baby.

  204. Samantha Reyes

    My dog pass away yesterday she was a chihuahua she was going to cross the road and the car hit her she was bidding a lot she wasonly 3 years old she died in 5-27-14a and she was born in4-23-14

  205. David

    When did you get out of the NUT house?? Any one who buyes this guys “Dog and Pony show” You also need help!

  206. Terri

    My 8 year old male Maltese Teddy died February 11,2014. He was in congestive heart failure and had been having significant breathing problems, despite all the drugs and care I had given him. He had a cardiologist, acutoniist, & pet chiropractor.
    Teddy had gone through Christmas and then on Dec. 26th, 2013 he started having cluster seizures. He had 8 seizures before he died.
    I am grieving so badly for him. His litter mate Buffy is beside herself with grief too. She was his care taker and Teddy was Buffy’s protector.
    I really want to see Teddy again now. I miss him. He was like a son to me.
    I am also very worried that Buffy will decide to go be with Teddy. What do you think?

    • Shantel

      Hello Terri, I know how much you miss him and what he meant to you. It’s been 4 1/2 months since I lost Meko and I still cry for him and to be completely honest pray for god to take me to him. Every night I tell him I miss him and that I love him just hoping that he hears me. I have a husband and a son and daughter with me but Meko was my world so I get you I really do. Our other cat bella still meows all the time and she never did this before, I even find now more then ever she is by my side where ever I go. It’s just as hard on them as it is on us. Just remember you have come to the right place because I have got a lot of comfort from everyone on this site. It’s really hard now but it will get a little easier trust me, I may never go away but it does get easier.

      • Terri

        Thank you Shantel for sharing your kind words. I so feel your pain for Meko. Your husband son and daughter still need you to be here for them. But I am with you on wanting to be with Our lost pets.

  207. connie

    My 12 yr old male Mink Tonkinese died at 2am Feb 2 in my bed. I awoke from hearing him moaning, coughing, moaning, coughing then I turned on my night light to see what was going on. I thought he just had a furball but he just wouldnt budge at all. I saw him take his last breath. He is cremated now. I miss him so much. Last night I had a dream and he was in it. In my dream, he appeared to have an angry face then he looked calm and cute like he always was then he was from one room and quickly in another room. What was he trying to tell me? I was more attached to him than my husband.

    • nalla101105

      My baby girl scrapper who was a 13 year old Pomeranian died Feb 2 as well at 10:30 am I was very close to her and she had multiple issues since she was the runt of our first litter I watched her be born and I watched her die. she had a level 6 heart murmur she had a cancerous mass because she was not fixed she also developed a collapsed trachea and sounded awful it sounded like she was weasing I immediately got her to the vet they were able to find the trachea issue on her xray they immediately gave her a shot and sent her home with meds it took awhile but she got better he said the issue was very common in Pomeranians anyway two months after getting her to an ok point I noticed her exhibiting the same signs again I immediately got her more meds the vet warned me it may come back at some point I faithfully gave her meds but 3 days after starting her meds I noticed she was not getting better at all so I got up the next morning went to make her an apt with the vet but first I asked her if she wanted to go outside and go potty she went to stand up and just fell over so I picked her up tried to calm her and set her down same thing happened again and she started weasing so I took her to the living room laid her on the couch on her side cuddled up to my leg and rubbed her belly to try and relax her so she would stop weasing all the sudden her head was cocked sideways I saw blood coming from her mouth I don’t know if she bit her tongue was bleeding internally or if it was something else now since she was in CHF also I was concerned about that to but she took a few breaths became unresponsive and was just gone this all happened in 6 minutes mind you I’m home alone with my 9 year old daughter alone in the middle of a snow storm and all I could do was love on her try to calm her and get her to breathe and told her I loved her and always would and would always be my baby it was heartbreaking I felt responsibile because I felt I should of been able to do more even though I knew she was sick. now we had 6 Pomeranians all over the age of 13 some as old as 15 they have always all been together since birth our first 2 that passed before scrapper died one of kidney failure one of old age and couldn’t fight a bacterial infection even with meds I took care of them to and was the one there for there last breath which was peaceful scrappers death scared me and I just know she suffered and it kills me that I couldn’t help her I know it’s only been 5 days but I miss her like crazy and her death will always haunt me the only peace I have is knowing that she wasn’t alone when she died and I was able to tell her how much I love her I just wanna know she’s ok and is happy and that she knows how much I love her and that I’m sorry I couldn’t save her and that I miss her to death and that she’s with her dad and brother and sister.

  208. Abigail

    My beautiful little tortoise shell cat Amber, was put down a couple of days ago aged 19. She was a rescue cat and was adopted by my parents in 1997 a few months before I was born, meaning I’ve had her all my life. I am absolutely heart-broken and cannot pick myself up. I know it’s only been two days, but I can’t see any light. I really wish to see her at least one more time to tell her the things I have always dreamed of telling her before she went. I want to wake up in the night and hear her comforting purr, feel her rub gently against me and just to see her shadow. She is the most beautiful cat, inside and out. I would do anything to see her again and tell her how much I love her and that I always will. I jcan only hope and wish that she is looking down on me and knows exactly what she means to me. I miss her so much and will love her for all eternity :'( <3 xx

  209. kate

    how can i know my dogs ok i miss her so much. she was 15years old and we got her put down . i feel like it was a bad decesion now . i love her so much

  210. paul

    We lost dog six months ago I find this so hard I keep thinking I zee him all the tme in the garden as he is buried there and our cat is allways meowing at night where he died in the house please help

    • Shantel

      I completely understand what your going thru. I still break down, not as often but it still happens all I think about is my cat. My other cat meows all the time now, the strange thing is she never did this before, even at night she is always waking us up I’m not sure if she is doing this because she senses something or if she is just lonely. I still feel him everywhere in the house and even think I see him out the corner of my eye. I believe it’s him, at least I hope it is.

  211. conner

    I put my cat to sleep last night. Had her since I was 13 and she lived to 16. People who don’t understand and say it was just a cat or dog have not lost a pet nor become attached to one. Cats are dependant on you for food water and shelter and shower you with unconditional love. In truth we become attached to our pets the same way we do people, a lot of times even more. Just because they cannot speak our language its foolish to believe they don’t feel the same things we do such as love, pain, etc. Because of that people who say its just an animal are close minded and in all honesty ignorant to the truth. every living being on this planet is equal.

    • Carlos A.

      Until you share Love with an animal a part of your soul is unawakened. Those who have not shared this love know nothing of it. Our fur-babies will show us a love that goes unparalleled. If there is an afterlife I hope that you and I will be with our beloved pets, so we can be eternally happy.

      My condolences.

  212. jo

    I had the most adorable cat for 6 yrs….We had a problem with him for years he was peeing outside his liter box….We tried everything …even took him to the Vet. twice…to check his urine for a uti…and then the vet put him on prozac….i was out of town for 10 months and he just continued with the same behavior…so my husband gave found him a new home….after 1 wk. he jumped out the window and has not been seen since…I am just heart broken beyond belief….not sure where he is…has he found a new home or is he dead…it has been three months now and i just can’t get over it….if i could only have some closure…..

  213. Brenda

    Dear Shantel, Our dog was hit by a car, the front bumper hit him in the head as it passed over, and if I hadn’t seen it I would not have been able to tell what happened to him. He just looked like he was sleeping. I hope the above article gives you hope in seeing him again, it does me.

    • Mackenzie

      I know how you feel, my dog Paisley was the cutest dachshund puppy. home from school and the garage door would open

  214. Shantel

    I lost my cat almost two months ago, I found him laying on the side of the road. My problem is he didn’t look like he was hit by a car. I’m driving myself crazy trying to figure out what happened to him. I miss him do much, he meant everything to me. I had a really hard time barring him sometimes I think about joining him because I just want to be with him again. I really need someone’s help.

    • jamie

      I’m sure your cat is with you in spirit you may not sense it because you are grieving, give it time it will get easier you could try contact this guy. Your cat is safe in spirit world.

      • Shantel

        Thank you all for writing back to me, it’s a great feeling that finally someone can understand how I am feeling, I swear if someone tells me that he was just a cat one more time I will lose my mind. I am going to contact Charles, I guess I’m just scared I won’t be able to talk to my kitty. I miss him everyday and I hope no one has to go thru this like I did.

    • Jodie

      I feel the same way about my dog that got hit by car……. I just want to die is I can join her so I can be with her again.

      • Anonymous

        I had a pet rabbit named Marlen. She died yesterday at only less than 5 years old due to either a urinary, intestinal, or vaginal infection (the vet wasn’t able to tell exactly what the infection was of). I remember her squealing, laying on her side, and desperately gasping for breath before she died. I know how you feel, I wish I was dead too. She was the dearest pet I’ve ever known. I’ve raised her since the day she was born. I saw her grow up and I thought I would also be able to see her live a long life and grow old.

        • Savannah Griffin

          she is with you and she loves you and she doesn’t want you to die she wants you to live on and remember you

        • Annie Moore

          My precious baby, Wicca, died today, September 6, 2019, after a Grand Mal seizure. She was 15 years old. We rescued her from an abusive home 13 years ago, when she was 2. I loved her with all my heart and all my soul, and that love will never die. The Vet figures it was an aggressive brain tumor, and in retrospect, I see the signs clearly. I was driving home from grocery shopping when she collapsed into the seizure. I had been in a bad mood upon leaving; was feeling very unwell, so I can’t remember if I kissed her and told her I loved her. I fear I failed her this last, so very important time. She wasn’t alone. A friend was there trying stroking her beautiful fur and whispering to calm her. But I wasn’t there until 10 minutes into the seizure which could not be stopped. Did I fail her? Did she know I loved her? Is she okay now? Oh God, God, God!!!

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