7 Honest Questions About Death With Caitlin Doughty

For her "Ask a Mortician" video series Los Angeles mortician Caitlin Doughty has spoken candidly about topics like cat cremation and whether or not corpses soil themselves after death (the answer is yes), this September Norton will publish her much-awaited book, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes...

Caitlin Doughty book signing

OMG, a Celebrity Mortician

The funeral industry has a true celebrity, Caitlin Doughty. She is a mortician, a New York Times bestselling author, and a leader in the budding “death positive” movement. I’ve been familiar with Caitlin for a few years since our Justin Nobel first interviewed her for Digital Dying. She is not your father’s mortician. Read on...

Entering the Doorway of Death with Dina Taylor

One thing hospice nurse, Dina Taylor, has come to understand after 27 years of hospice work: Too often Americans are shuttled hastily through death’s doorway. An essential component of life is missed, for both the person passing, and their loved ones. To help families plan a better death, Dina has begun mentoring with a San Diego-based company called Thesholds that arranges home funerals. Read more about Dina's unique approach to helping people deal with death.

Weekly News 5/1/2015: Notable deaths this week

This week we said goodbye to a treasured soul singer, a inspirational weight loss visionary, an iconic voice, and a child actress. We witnessed Mother Nature's wrath in Nepal and watched New Orleans celebrate life and death.

Camp Hope

Digital Dying Weekly News: 3/20/2015

Inspirational words about life from a nonagenarian, news that Tim Cook tried to donate his liver to Steve Jobs, and the death of renown author Terry Pratchett top our weekly news headlines.

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