Checking-in with the Guru of Celebrity Death Pools, Kelly Bakst

With the spate of big-name celebrity deaths so far this year, we thought it would be a good time to catch up with Kelly Bakst, runner of the popular Lee Atwater Celebrity Dead Pool on Read on to see what Kelly has to say about life, death, and the world of celebrity death pools.

Donald Trump burned in effigy

Donald Trump Burned in Effigy in Mexico

The Carnaval parade in Chapala, Mexico is a grand colorful affair, and this year a new character livened up the festivities: Donald Trump. There are also Star Wars characters on stilts and lit up with lights, dancing women in sparkling bikinis and numerous floats.

David Bowie

Weekly News 1/11/2016: Saying goodbye to David Bowie

For all of us, David Bowie's death marked the end of an era. As we learned more about him this week, we were reminded of his talent, his impact on the music industry, and his ability to remain a nice guy in a business where that is not always easy. Read on for more.

Strange Deaths 2015: Selfies top the list.

Weekly News 1/4/16: Selfie deaths and who died first?

Our weekly roundup saw the good (compassionate pilot turns around for a grieving family), the bad (female WWII pilot denied burial at Arlington cemetery), and the sort of ugly (lots of stabbings and other assorted deaths in Shakespeare's plays).

Searching for an Inuit Afterlife: Nursing Homes Come to the Arctic, and a Way of Death Changes

Seven miles. That’s how far downstream the Mississippi River carried my grandfather when he swam across at Baton Rouge. The year must have been about 1933, heart of the Great Depression. Born Joseph Knobel in Lódź, Poland, 1913 or perhaps 1914, his father Jacob went to America in search of work and sent back four tickets, but an older brother and a twin had died of malnutrition. Joe arrived with his mother...

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