Funeralwise Agent Training Courses

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We are thrilled to have you on the Funeralwise team!

You have made the right decision to take advantage of our training courses. The courses cover the full range of the tools we offer, as well as general topics to help you refine your selling approach.

If you are new to Funeralwise, we suggest you take the courses in the order we have listed below. These “Introductory” courses will acquaint you with tools that will be essential to your success. Even if you have been with us for some time, the introductory courses will help you make the most of all our tools.

If you would like to take the courses, complete the brief form below, and we will send you further instructions on how to proceed. You can also email us at to request access to the training.

Request Access to Training
To request access to the Funeralwise Training Classroom, please complete the brief form below.

Remember that once you receive your contracting number and have paid your program subscription fee, you are eligible to receive the full slate of FEPSA benefits. At that time, we will provide you a link to activate your FEPSA membership.


  • FEPSA and Funeralwise
  • The Advisor Dashboard
  • Using the Funeralwise Wise Planning System (WPS)
  • Using Rocket Lawyer
  • FEPSĀ® Certification


  • The Funeralwise Preferred Provider Program
  • Using the Funeralwise Opportunities System
  • Getting Started with The Premier 360 System
  • Marketing to Funeral Homes
  • How to Create an Advisor-Only Funeral Package

Choose additional courses in the order that makes sense for you. Also, you will find additional videos in the Help section of your Advisor Dashboard.

If you need help using the training courses or have questions about the classes or the insurance program, email