Funeralwise Funeral Assistance Program

A Valuable Benefit for Your Employees and Members
Funeral Assistance Program

The Funeralwise Funeral Assistance Program (FAP) provides members of participating organizations access to individualized funeral and memorial planning assistance.

The Funeralwise FAP is a unique benefit that can help you provide your members with peace of mind when it comes to end-of-life planning.

The Funeralwise FAP is designed to enhance the benefits offered by all sorts of organizations and groups:

  • Businesses looking for ways to enhance their employee benefits package
  • Social or philanthropic organizations that want to support their membership
  • Faith-based organizations seeking more ways to help the families of the congregation

When your group or organization sponsors the program, you’ll be able to offer your members:

  • A white-label version of our state-of-the-art funeral planning system, the Wise Planning System
  • Access to the Funeralwise network of funeral homes, cremation services and other funeral providers
  • Access to the Funeralwise network of Preplanning Specialists
  • Discounts on funeral services and products

We’ll offer your group the support it needs to understand the program’s features and the tools to take full advantage of those features. You’ll be assigned a dedicated Preplanning Specialist who will work with you to offer training materials, webinars, and one-on-one assistance to your members.

Benefits to Your Members

When your members enroll in the Funeralwise FAP through your group or organization, they become a member of the Funeralwise family. That means they’ll get our full slate of services along with the attention of a dedicated Preplanning Specialist.

Among the benefits your members will receive are:

Funeral and Final Arrangements

  • We’ll explain the emotional, financial, and legal benefits of pre-planning and detail the information required to plan and organize a funeral service
  • Personal assistance with all aspects of funeral pre-planning
    • Options for funeral services
    • Selecting a funeral home
    • Choosing merchandise

Funeral Costs

  • Current funeral costs for your local market
  • Strategies to reduce funeral costs
  • Available funeral funding options
  • Assistance with deciding which option is right for you
  • Help to identify and secure the appropriate form of funeral funding

Government Death Benefits

  • Explanation of VA Veteran Death Benefit qualifications and services
  • Assistance securing lost military records required for VA Death Benefits
  • Explanation of the Social Security Death Benefit and qualifications to apply

Funeralwise is an independent resource.

We are not a funeral home. We are an independent funeral planning company and have no funeral home affiliation. This allows us to work with any funeral home so members can use any funeral home they choose. This also prevents the church from inadvertently promoting one funeral home over another.

Our independence also allows us to provide unbiased recommendations on funeral funding options, whether it be a pre-need funeral trust, burial insurance, or an annuity. We recommend funding options that best fit your church member’s specific needs and situation.

Our partnership with the non-profit Final Expense Planning Specialist Association (FEPSA) allows us the ability to provide you with Last Will and Testaments, Living Wills, and Advance Healthcare Directives at no cost. Through this partnership. we also offer our Funeralwise Legacy Program which includes the SAGE Scholarship Program.