Wise Solutions for Planning Ahead

The ultimate set of tools for do-it-yourself funeral planning

Funeral Planning Your Way

The Funeralwise Wise Planning Solutions (WPS) put you in control of your funeral planning. Our tools are ideal for planning ahead, The Wise Planning System is a set of easy-to-use tools for do-it-yourself funeral planning. You can make your funeral plans ahead of time without meeting with a funeral director, share your plans with your family or a trusted advisor, and make arrangements to cover your expected funeral costs and final expenses. The Wise Protection Plan is an all-in-one package that includes consultation with a Preplanning Specialist.

To learn how to get started, see How to Choose Your Plan below or Get Started Now.  

Plan Options
Basic Plan. Funeral cost estimates. Quick and easy.
Interment Choice
Service Selections
Estimated Funeral Cost - Summary
Estimated Funeral Cost - Details
Estimated Final Expenses
Funeral Service Provider Selection
Cemetery Selection
Funeral Products Selection
Financial Planning Tools
Plan Sharing (Print, Email)
Personal Contacts
Create Additional Plans
Plan Guardians
Personal and Family Data
Free Upgrade to Wise Essentials Plan
Essential legal documents
Assistance of a Preplanning Specialist
Insurance Plan


How to Choose Your Plan

Wise Planning Solutions consists of The Wise Planning System and the Wise Protection Plan. With the Wise Planning System, you can choose the version of our online funeral planner that fits the way that you like to plan. The Wise Protection Plan is our all-in-one solution that is designed to provide you with total peace of mind–you create your end-of-life plan and take care of the funding at the same time.

When you choose the Wise Planning System, you’ll start with the Quick Plan. This is a quick and easy way to create a basic plan in just a few minutes. Save your basic plan and you’ll be immediately upgraded to a Free Wise Plan Essentials account. The Wise Plan Essentials lets you include more details and expand on your earlier selections. If that’s enough planning, you can stop there. If you’d like to get into more specifics, you can upgrade to the Wise Plan Complete at any time. The point is, with the Wise Planning System, you can plan YOUR WAY, with as much or as little detail as you like.

  1. Quick Plan: The Quick Plan is a FREE basic tool that is best for making the most critical funeral service selections and also getting a cost estimate. It’s important that you save your Quick Plan so that you can unlock the features of the FREE Wise Plan Essentials.
  2. Wise Plan Essentials: With the Wise Plan Essentials you can take your planning to the next level. When you save your Quick Plan or Final Expense Calculator selections you will be immediately upgraded to the FREE Essentials version. You’ll be able to expand on the information you already input and be able to save it so that you can change it later.
  3. Wise Plan Complete: The Wise Plan Complete is the ultimate funeral planner. With the Wise Plan Complete, you can include detailed ceremony information, record biographical information and important personal records, and designate a trusted individual with whom you’d like to share your plan details. The Complete version is available as an upgrade from the Essentials version.

When you choose the Wise Protection Plan, you’ll work with a Preplanning Specialist to create your funeral plan. If you qualify for the Protection Plan, you’ll also get an affordable insurance plan to cover your funeral and final expenses. (Learn More About the Wise Protection Plan)

Do you have questions about the Wise Planning Solutions? We’ve compiled some of the most common questions we get below. If you don’t see the question you have in mind, just let us know.

Which version of the Wise Planning Solutions is right for me?

If you are strictly do-it-yourself and you already know how you would like to fund your end-of-life plans, then the Wise Planning System is for you. The Wise Plan Essentials will let you specify enough information that your loved ones will know the basics of how you’d like your affairs handled. If you’d like to take your planning to the next level then the Wise Plan Complete will probably suit your needs. With the Wise Plan Complete, you can record a full array of details from ceremony planning to gathering personal information to documenting your legacy. Our all-in-one solution, The Wise Protection Plan, will help you not just plan your funeral, but help you make arrangements for funding it. Plus, you’ll get the expert assistance of a Preplanning Specialist.

If you’re not sure which version to choose, the best strategy is to go ahead and create and save your Quick Plan. Once you save your Quick Plan, you’ll have access to Wise Plan Essentials. You can upgrade at any time. If you’d like to go straight to the Protection Plan, click here.

If I upgrade to the Wise Plan Complete do I have to pay every year?

No! The fee for the Wise Plan Complete is a one-time charge.

How do you come up with the cost estimates that are in the Planner?

Our estimates of funeral expenses are averages based on surveys of the costs for products and services across the country. What an individual actually pays depends on factors such as location and the unique set of services selected. Having an idea of what a reasonable range of costs is can help people avoid overspending and narrow choices down to what is most important to them.

What if I want to share my plan with someone else?

With the Wise Plan Essentials you can save your plan to a file that can be emailed or printed. With the Wise Plan Complete you can print or email but you can also designate a Plan Guardian. Plan Guardians are trusted individuals who you can invite to share your plan.

Why should I save the Quick Plan?

Saving your Quick Plan is a key step to getting access to The Wise Plan Essentials. Once you save you’ll be able to make more detailed selections and come back at any time to revise your choices.

How do I know if I qualify for the Wise Protection Plan?

To find out if you qualify for the Wise Protection Plan, the best thing to do is get started. You can learn more about the Plan on our Wise Protection Plan Page. Click “Let’s Get Started” and answer a few simple questions. You’ll be contacted by one of our Preplanning Specialists who will go over your options and discuss the qualification process with you.

Will you share my information with anyone else?

No. Funeralwise will never share your information without your permission. We also do not sell our mailing list. To review our entire Privacy Policy click here.

If I save my information will I be able to change it later?

Once you save your Quick Plan you are upgraded to The Wise Plan Essentials you’ll be able to update your information any time you like 24/7. That’s the beauty of the planner. It’s designed to let you customize your plans. When you upgrade to the Wise Plan Complete you’ll also be able to share your plan with a trusted individual who can take care of your arrangements when the time comes.

What if I need personal assistance with my funeral plans?

If you need personal assistance with your funeral plans or with using our Wise Planning Solutions, just let us know. Email us at and we’ll put you in touch with an expert who can give you the help you need.

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