Funeral Thank You Cards

Funeral Thank You CardsOnce the funeral services are over and the out of town visitors have gone home, you have a chance to reflect on how many people have supported you through such a difficult time.

From flowers to meals to attendance at the funeral, people express their sympathy in many ways. To show appreciation we write thank you notes. This time-honored tradition shows that we appreciate what others have done. It can also prove therapeutic and help us move along the path to recovering from grief.

If you need help with what you should include in your note, we can help. Our Sending Thank You Notes page is chock full of tips, ideas, and suggestions. A popular strategy is to purchase a preprinted card so that your message can be brief. Blank cards that are ready for you to inscribe are also quite common. But before you start actually writing out your messages you have to have a supply of thank you cards on hand.

What kind of funeral thank you cards should you buy?

With hundreds of choices available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when trying to select the perfect funeral thank you cards. As you are trying to decide on a design, keep in mind that the people who receive your thank you card will likely focus on the message rather than the actual card. That means that the only thing you really need to consider is whether or not the cards you select are what you or your loved one would have wanted.

Many people choose to have a funeral stationery theme. That makes selecting your cards easy since you can purchase thank you cards that complement your funeral programs and other printed keepsakes that you purchase. Theme packs are available at dozens of online printing companies and through funeral homes. Some of the most popular types are listed below:

Photo Thank You Cards

Photo cards are personalized with a picture of the deceased along with information such as birth and death dates, an inspirational quote or poem, and any other information you would like. These types of cards can be ordered online or at a local print shop. Stationery shops that handle custom printing can also provide these types of cards.

Religious Thank You Cards

Many people choose a religious theme for their funeral stationery. Cards for those who practice Christianity often have an image such as a cross, angel, or Jesus along with a bible verse. Other religions, such as Judaism, may feature a Star of David or a sentiment written in Hebrew.

Inspirational Thank You Cards

Inspirational cards commonly use landscape photos or other images of peaceful settings. Sunsets, the beach, or the mountains are popular. Poetry and quotations are often included.

There are cards available for all tastes and styles. What you select is entirely your personal preference. There are no right or wrong choices. As long as the photo and wording are appropriate for the occasion, whatever you select will be fine. Those receiving the cards will appreciate your thoughtfulness and you will have honored your loved one by acknowledging those who are grieving their loss.



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