The Preferred Provider Pro Plan

Funeralwise Preferred Provider Pro Plan

Our Pro Plan is an enhanced version of our free Preferred Provider program. The Pro Plan is available to funeral homes and cremation service providers who want to receive referrals from Funeralwise.

How does that work? Through various sources, including our website, our Wise Planning System, and our network of insurance agents, we advise individuals who are interested in preplanning a funeral or who need to make immediate funeral arrangements. We can refer these prospective clients to our Pro Plan providers. This does not require an exclusive relationship with Funeralwise. It just requires a willingness to accept new business referrals from us.

The Pro Plan and Your Prices

The Pro Plan works best when you include funeral packages and prices in your listing with us. Why? Because that’s what online consumers want. We are better able to promote your services and products when we have your prices. Providing your packages and prices is optional, but we strongly recommend it to take full advantage or the Pro Plan.

“75% of consumers now want pricing online… and many consumers will not do business with providers who do not deliver transparency.”

The Foresight Companies 2020 Funeral and Cemetery Consumer Behaviors Study.

Funeral Packages are the Ideal Way to Go

Your Pro Plan listing with packages is designed to target online shoppers who are ready to buy! People who need funeral services and have no connection to funeral providers in their local area regularly visit for help. We want to give them the information they need to make a buying decision.

From talking with these online shoppers we know they are prepared to buy, but they want the process to be cost-effective and straightforward. And they want to know the price.

It’s likely you have already given a lot of thought to the packages you offer your customers. Many funeral homes provide both cremation and burial packages along with their general price list. They do that because families want the simplicity of purchasing a package. It works for the families that walk in your door, it will work for those that are shopping online.

Get Referrals from Us

Funeralwise does not provide funeral, cremation or cemetery services. Our role is to bring together the online consumers who are shopping for these services with you, the actual provider of these services.

Preferred Providers in the Pro Plan get top listings in our online directories. Visitors to our site can easily find your listing and learn about your services and funeral packages. With the click of a button in our Wise Planning System they can select one of your packages for their funeral plan. That’s when the referral process can begin. But we only make referrals when we are asked to do so.

Preplanning Referrals

One of our representatives will contact you when someone in our user community is interested in purchasing a preneed contract from you. We do offer these prospects a preneed insurance policy to fund a contract with you. Our compensation on preneed referrals would come from commissions on any insurance sales. There is no requirement that our user purchase an insurance policy from us, nor are you obligated to accept the referral.

Immediate Need Referrals

Many visitors to are in need of immediate funeral services. Our Wise Planning System is able to collect pertinent information from them and, upon their request, we will refer them to our Preferred Providers. Referrals are handled by our representatives. A modest Success Fee may apply on sales resulting from our immediate-need referrals. If you are interested in accepting immediate-need referrals, we will provide more information on the referral process and fees, if any.

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