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Billed for 2nd interment

Recently my grandmother passed and the funeral and service went well. 5 years prior my father passed away and was cremated. Me and my siblings had not decided on his final location. So at the service for my grandmother we decided to lay him to rest with my grandmother. My grandfather agreed to have his name added to the headstone at his request. He went to see the headstone today and was given a bill for $1600, $1400 of which was a 2nd interment fee with $200 being charged for the engraving. There was not a 2nd service and my father’s name was not mentioned at the burial. Me and my brother placed the ashes in with my grandmother and now we are receiving this bill.

No service was provided. The cemetery did not even touch his remains and no additional space was needed in the casket. I am confused and livid that this is being added to my family’s bill. Is this normal?
I am appalled at the cost of them doing nothing.

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  1. Jennifer Lane

    Based on what you wrote, this is not a normal way of learning about these charges. What is normal, is for a contract to be signed *before* any services are done. The $200 for engraving sounds about right (but again, this should have itemized on a contract or an invoice where you knew what amount to pay before the engraving was done.)

    As for the $1400 2nd interment fee, a cemetery will charge for an “additional right of interment” (also known as 2nd Interment ). This is almost always charged when cremated remains are buried in the same grave space as a full casket/vault .

    It usually involves 2 fees – the labor charge for digging the hole to add the urn on top of a full burial, and the fee for the 2nd right of interment. How did the cemetery know your father’s remains were in your grandmother’s casket? Was this discussed with them prior to your grandmother’s burial? Either way, the cemetery would generally assess a fee for the 2nd right of interment, but you should have known what the charge was going to be. I would talk to the manager at the cemetery and request an explanation of the charges (i.e., was the $1400 only for the additional right of interment?) and who signed agreeing to the charges. Better to do this in person rather than over the phone. It is unusual to get a bill after the fact and not having any prior knowledge about what to expect for the charges.

    • Brenda

      We have similar situation – my mom passed away 2 years ago, cremated and in an urn. My aunt just passed away and we are placing the urn in her casket, the funeral home want $4000. To do this “2nd Rite”. Ive heard there is a “loophole” to avoiding this outrageous fee, but havent found it. Can you give guidance to avoid this cost

  2. Jennifer Lane

    Hello Brenda – The funeral must give you a price list for any charge they assess. It is very odd for a funeral home to charge for “2nd Interment Right” unless the funeral home has added this as a “Cash Advance” charge, meaning it is the cemetery’s charge that they are carrying on the funeral home contract. You should then contact the cemetery for explanation of this charge.

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