Grief: Don’t Cheer Me Up!

Grief is complicated. It hits us each differently. For some, comfort comes quickly. For others, it can take time. How much time? Who knows? We all process grief on our own timetable.

What happens when the grief belongs to someone you care about and you want to help? If your best friend just lost his or her mother or your neighbor lost a child would you know what to say? Your first reaction might be to try to cheer her up. But is that what he really needs?

If you aren’t quite sure how to help a grieving friend, don’t worry. You are not alone. Take a few minutes to watch the following video. We think it will help. 

“How do you help a grieving friend” was published on a site called Refuge in Grief. The site, produced by therapist Megan Devine, offers resources for people who are going through a difficult time. We recommend the site if you are looking for tools to help you work through your pain or you would like to learn more about the grieving process. 

We will all be touched by grief at some point. Luckily, there are many useful and valuable resources available to offer advice on how to manage grief but if you feel it is too much to bear, you should immediately reach out for help.

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One thought on “Grief: Don’t Cheer Me Up!”

  1. Sugar Mejia

    Such a wonderful video with such beautiful wisdom and accuracy from my experience. I lost my 24 year old son 53 days ago and few friends know how to walk with me during this time. They want to “cheer me up” or “help” me “move forward” or focus on the gratitude. I want to punch them in the face when they say stupid shit like that. I am already angry – don’t push me. Thanks for the work you do to educate.

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