Awkward Photo Shoot

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This is not so much a topic of bad funeral cause it was the events after the service that I felt made for a bad funeral. My husbands ex wife came to the memorial service (divorced 22 years ago). We were married 17 years. After the service the ex wife had photos taken of her in the center with their children. The children are all 30+ years old. I was very upset over this! I was not in any of these photos. I would like to know if others feel this was appropriate behavior or not. Their relationship was amicable at best.

4 thoughts on “Awkward Photo Shoot”

  1. From the sounds of it, I would say it was very inappropriate for the ex wife to use the memorial service as an opportunity to take photos with the kids. Anytime there is a divorce and a person was remarried, the ex spouse simply needs to not be noticeable if they attend a funeral or memorial service.

    I’m sorry this happened to you, and I completely understand why you would be upset. Especially with adult children, the photos could have been scheduled for another time that was not directly following the memorial service, and certainly not in a way that is hurtful to you.

  2. James

    It was perhaps inappropriate, but it would have inappropriate to have you in those pictures. She is their mother, and perhaps this is the only time she’s seen them in some time. It would have better for them to go to lunch and take family photos somewhere else.

  3. Emily Gaffney

    In the age of “selfies” and social media, it’s not surprising that a funeral might be a photo-op… Maybe inappropriate, but not surprising.

  4. Angela

    I dont think it was inappropriate at all. They were all in one location and made the best of it. There would be no reason for you to be in the photos, considering she was the mother of the children.

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