Funeral Celebrants and

A Partnership in Serving Families

Funeral Celebrants can partner with Funeralwise

Shared Mission: Celebrating Lives

We share a common goal with Funeral Celebrants – to help families celebrate a life. is rich with information, advice and tools to guide those who are attending, arranging, or preplanning funeral services. Similarly, Celebrants help families create individualized funeral and memorial services that reflect the personality and lifestyle of the deceased. Our medium at is the web, whereas, Celebrants provide personal services. We differ in how we deliver our services but our mission is essentially the same.

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Better By Working Together

We propose a working relationship between and Funeral Celebrants in which we can offer our combined resources to help families create truly meaningful and memorable celebrations of life. We complement each other perfectly. Celebrants provide personalized services that Funeralwise does not offer. On the other hand, Funeralwise has a strong online presence, comprehensive information, tools, and marketing that most Celebrants do not possess.

How does it work?

Free Listing in Our Search Directory. By registering with Funeralwise, Celebrants will receive free listings in our online Celebrant / Officiant Directory. The listings are available to Celebrants residing in the United States and Canada. The directory listings are also incorporated in our Wise Planning System enabling users to select a Celebrant for their funeral plan.

Free Access for Funeral Celebrants. Through a secure Celebrant Dashboard, Celebrants have access to Funeralwise resources including our Wise Planning System, our series of Word to the Wise Guides, and our planning questionnaires for use with their families. There is no cost to Celebrants, although private-label versions of these documents and planning system are available for a modest license fee.

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

This relationship works because the benefits and incentives are aligned. Funeralwise will promote Celebrant services via our website and our various marketing programs, including our email campaigns. This will be free online marketing for Celebrants, well beyond what most celebrants can do by themselves.

Also, Celebrants can take advantage of Funeralwise resources. Our guides, forms, and the Wise Planning System can all be used in serving the Celebrant’s families. This is beneficial for Funeralwise because Celebrant participation will bring more people to our website. Web traffic begets more web traffic through word-of-mouth and social media, and more traffic to our site will benefit us all.

Even funeral homes will benefit from Celebrants and Funeralwise working together. A Celebrant typically works in coordination with the family and a funeral home. Funeralwise resources support the work of Celebrants and Funeral Directors. We are non-competing entities. Coordinating our outreach will help get the word out to the public on the value of celebrating a life, and by coordinating our services we will help families “throw a great funeral.”

Contribute Content

Funeralwise is committed to being the ultimate source of ideas and advice on creating celebrations of life. We offer extensive content on this subject and will continue to build on it with numerous articles, guides, how-tos and videos. We invite Celebrants to contribute articles.

Celebrants can promote their professional expertise and philosophy by contributing to our celebrations of life content. Contributors will get authorship recognition and their articles and other content will be included in their profile in our Search Directory.

If you are interested, here you can download our Editorial Guidelines.

How Do You Get Started?

All you need to do is Register as a Celebrant. Registration is free and there is no obligation. You will then be able to login to your own Celebrant Dashboard from which you will have access to our series of Word to the Wise guides, planning forms and Wise Planning System, all of which you can share with your families. There you’ll also find guides and video tutorials explaining these resources.

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Preview the Celebrant Portal

Want to Learn More? Watch this short video to get an overview of the Celebrant Portal on Also, check out our funeral planning videos to see our online planning tools in action.

Watch our Webinar with CF&I

We were invited to present our Celebrant program in the Celebrant Foundation & Institute’s Winter 2019 Collective Wisdom Webinar. Check it out.


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