2nd interment question

Recently my grandmother passed and the funeral and service went well. 5 years prior my father passed away and was cremated. Me and my siblings had not decided on his final location. So at the service for my grandmother we decided to lay him to rest with my grandmother. My grandfather agreed to have his […]

Anecdotes for Arrangements

My cousin and I helped my Aunt shop for an outfit for our Grandmother to be laid out in. We picked out a beautiful purple (Grandma’s favorite color) dress, and my Aunt wanted shoes to match. We found a very pretty matching pair of sandals, but my Aunt said, “The heel is too high. Grandmom […]

The Past surfaced at the Repast

My husband has a large and “interesting” family. Their custom is to hold a large repast after the funeral. This normally makes for a festive event with lots of stories being passed around and memories being shared. When his father died the dynamics were a bit electric since the funeral was held in their hometown […]