Buddhist Service Story

I work at a mortuary and cemetery and had a Buddhist funeral and casket burial. they selected white-winged dove stationary (normally Christian) but that is what they wanted for their mom. In the arrangement, they decided they wanted to do a dove release at the graveside, but didn’t want to spend what we charge- so […]

The Truth Comes Out….Loud and Clear!

A funny thing happened at a graveside service one warm autumn afternoon. The preacher was at the gravesite, the pallbearers stood behind him, and the family was seated on folding chairs facing them. The preacher talked of the deceased’s good qualities, and indicated that his kindness and selfless Christianity made it more than likely that […]

Preacher Gets Carried Away

I have been a funeral director for many years. I think that one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen at a funeral involved a beautifully dressed and very well-spoken African American preacher who was sermonizing at an upscale funeral. The ladies wore hats and veils and gloves, and the men wore black suits and […]

Growling Stomach Softens a Somber Moment

My nephew Craig had a great sense of humor, and he passed away when he was only 19. At his funeral, the immediate family was all able to go view the body privately. We were all standing around reflecting and saying goodbye, a very silent and somber moment. Then his brother’s stomach growled like I’ve […]