Flower Sprays Usually seen on closed caskets

No flowers on casket

I just attended my Cousin’s service, which was held at a Lutheran Church where her husband used to be the Pastor before he retired.

I was surprised/ shocked that no visible flowers were on her closed casket from her husband or two grown children; all of whom are successful business people.

Was the absence of flowers a Lutheran thing? Or just a family thing?

One thought on “Flower Sprays Usually seen on closed caskets”

  1. Jennifer Lane

    Many families today choose different ways of honoring their loved one. It’s possible they donated money to your cousin’s favorite charity instead of purchasing flowers (perhaps even at her request). How families plan funerals today is a very personal process – from the venue for the service, to the what the deceased wears, the elements of the funeral and even the memorialization, which may or may not include flowers.

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