Funeralwise and Agents: Working Together

Get a Competitive Advantage Funeralwise and agents working together

Selling insurance has never been more competitive than it is now. You need an edge to stand-out from the competition. The Funeralwise Funeral Insurance Program can give you that edge and set you apart from other agents. Joining forces with Funeralwise enables you to offer a complete funeral and final expense planning solution. This provides added value to your clients and helps make you a trusted advisor.

Common Goals Leads to Great Service

Funeralwise shares a common goal with life insurance agents – to help people ensure they leave behind adequate resources to cover final expenses. The Funeralwise website is rich with information, advice, and tools to help consumers understand how much they need to set aside to cover the funeral, burial, and other expenses. As a life insurance agent, you are there to help these same consumers purchase the proper coverage so that money is available when the time comes. The resources we offer, combined with your expertise and the personal connection you have with your clients, provides an unmatched level of service to consumers.

Our Affiliations Can Benefit You

Funeralwise has partnered with two excellent organizations to provide its agents the best-in-class tools and resources available today. They are:

The Final Expense Planning Specialist Association (FEPSA). The partnership with FEPSA brings authority and credibility to the Funeralwise funeral insurance program. FEPSA members can earn the FEPS® designation, the only professional mark for Final Expense professionals. FEPSA members receive additional professional benefits and have free, unlimited access to the legal documents of Rocket Lawyer to share with their clients.

Premier Preneed Marketing. The affiliation with Premier Preneed provides Funeralwise agents with powerful marketing resources for their funeral home clients. One of the nation’s leading preneed insurance agencies, Premier Preneed has been assisting funeral homes with their preneed marketing since 1968.

In addition, Funeralwise has contractual relationships with leading insurance companies that offer preneed and final expense insurance products. Joining the Funeralwise team as a producer enables you to take advantage of the Funeralwise contracts and earn excellent commissions.

Helping You Reach Prospects is the perfect platform for reaching prospects for funeral insurance. Millions of visitors have come to the site for funeral planning information and assistance. Through online chat, forms, and guides, Funeralwise identifies the best prospects for a funeral funding solution. Producers can receive leads to these prospects.

Marketing savvy producers can take advantage of the Wise Planning System by offering free funeral planning in their community. This is a proven method of bringing leads directly to your door.

How to Participate

To get more information, complete our short information request form. We’ll get back to you with more information on how you can take advantage of the full range of resources offered by Funeralwise.

We invite you to join forces with us. You’ll be able to offer your families an unmatched funeral planning solution — expert personal service from you, and excellent web-based resources from

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