My Mother’s Funeral

Funeral Stories-Wonderful Mother

My mother was the most wonderful mother in the whole world. Her Funeral went like a magic dream and all thanks to Pauline Tweddle who is one of the Undertakers at the Co-Op Funeralcare at Mill House in North Shields. She was marvellous and is my friend and I hope she will be my undertaker in the not too distant future. She came to my house and together we picked the coffin which she had resprayed white for me and on entering the chapel at the crematorium I had Yellow Roses by Dolly Parton played. My mother loved that song and she loved Dolly Parton and she had yellow roses for her wedding boquet. On leaving I had Hero by Enrique Iglesias as she was my Hero and my only friend and now I have nobody. I am all alone and just sit waiting for my own Funeral when I will join her. I feel depressed and sitting here doing this on the computer makes me feel better and brings her back to life. We used to go out for a walk on a Sunday and now I have to do everything alone. I live alone and I shall die alone. The big question is when. Only God knows the answer to that. So sorry to have bored you with this it’s just on my mind and I want to talk about it but all my family don’t bother with me and the neighbours are more concerned with my rubbish and the wheelie bin and me apart from the woman down the road who still comes to see me. Well I won’t ramble on any more. Diane

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  1. Diana

    I am so sorry for your loss. You’re in my prayers, I am going through the same thing with my mom and don’t know how much longer I will have her here on earth.

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