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Sending Thank You Notes

Sending Thank You Notes After a Funeral

Saying "Thank You" to Friends and Family in a Note Card While it may be difficult to write thank you notes in a time of grief, it is important to acknowledge acts of kindness and support.

Helping Someone Grieve the Death of a Spouse

Doing and Saying Just the Right Things Helping a Widow or Widower Cope with the Death of a Spouse Because couples function as a team, losing a spouse presents another set of difficulties for the bereaved person. Along with handling their grief, a surviving spouse may need financial advice or help with domestic issues. In fact, their grief often causes the spouse to die within a year after losing the partner.

Supporting Children as They Grieve the Loss of a Friend or Family Member

Doing and Saying Just the Right Things To Help a Child Cope with Loss... Children can feel grief from loss as early as four to six months old. Like adults, children may respond to grief with humor, behavioral issues and sleep problems. Be patient and tolerant, and encourage them to share their thoughts. Here are some things you can do to support a grieving child. When you learn that a person has died…

Helping Someone Grieve the Death of a Child

Doing and Saying Just the Right Things When Parents Lose a Child of Any Age Parents usually take for granted that their children will outlive them. When a child dies, parents suffer a unique loss. Here are some things you can do to support a parent through this difficult experience. When parents lose a child…

Helping Others Grieve by Doing and Saying the Right Things

If you have a friend that has recently suffered a loss, you can help them through the grieving period. And, remember that every person grieves differently, so your friend’s feelings of grief may be totally different than yours. Here are some tips to help a friend through the loss of a loved one:

Offering Condolences – Saying & Doing the Right Things

Note: Our etiquette tips, including Offering Condolences, have a broad application to many religious traditions; however, some religions and ethnicities have specific requirements or traditions of their own. For more information, see our Funeral Customs section. Acknowledging the Death One of the reasons why people are so uncomfortable at a wake or funeral is because […]

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