Famous Eulogies

U.S. Leaders President John F. Kennedy's Funeral Eulogy by Senator Jacob Javits at a Senate Memorial Service President Ronald Reagan's Eulogy presented by President Bush President Gerald R. Ford's Eulogy presented by Tom Brokaw Edward (Ted) Kennedy's Eulogy presented by President Obama

Choosing a Eulogy Theme

Choosing a Eulogy Theme

When putting together a eulogy, one of the most important things to consider is the kind of theme you are going to use. There are many ways to go about this, but there are three main types of themes to consider: biographical, personal, and specialized. Biographical Themes

How to Deliver a Light-hearted Eulogy

As somber as funerals can be, it is not necessary to avoid being light-hearted when giving a eulogy. As a matter of fact, light-hearted moments can bring healing to you and other family and friends in attendance. Sharing happy memories of the deceased can be very uplifting and they are entirely appropriate during the eulogy. Fond memories that bring smiles can relieve tension and be a welcomed reprieve from the great sadness of losing a loved one. Remember the line between light-heartedness and comedy.

New Survey Shows Most People Don’t Plan to Die

Chicago, IL, May 17, 2010 – How much do consumers really know about funeral planning? According to Funeralwise.com, not enough. That’s the conclusion suggested by a fascinating new study released this week that shows consumers are reluctant to pre-plan funerals or express their final wishes.

Pet Cremation and Burial

Just as there are local ordinances that dictate how a person’s death is handled, there are laws regarding how to proceed after a pet dies. Whether you plan a funeral or memorial, one immediate practical issue to address is transporting your pet’s body from the home or veterinary hospital to the final resting place. Your veterinarian is a valuable resource for information on laws and costs pertaining to the options in your area. Burial of a Pet

Pet Euthanasia

Sometimes an accident or a quickly progressing illness will take a pet’s life and relieve its owners from making a decision regarding euthanasia. More often, debilitating conditions and chronic health issues caused by aging or illness minimize a pet’s quality of life. Sometimes aging and illness can also cause chronic health issues that cause behavior problems. In some cases, unmanageable behavior can jeopardize the safety of children and other pets in the home.

Deceased Transportation

Inter-city Transportation of Human Remains In many cases a loved one's body is initially transferred from the place of death to a local funeral home (i.e., the "first call" funeral home) and then subsequently transported to another city for funeral ceremonies and/or burial. If this is your situation, you'll need two funeral homes - one locally to handle the first call, and a second one in the final destination city.

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