Prayers, Poems, and Quotes to Celebrate a Pet’s Life

Selections for Comfort and Celebration

When you experience the loss of a pet, spiritual writings can be helpful in offering comfort. Writing can offer comfort, whether it is a reference from a revered holy book such as the bible or an original prayer. They put what we are feeling into words and remind us that our faith is there when we need it.

The same is true of poetry. Poets have been writing about their strong bond with their pets for decades. Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote a famous poem immortalizing her dog, Flush, in 1933. Chile’s Pablo Neruda penned his famous tribute, A Dog Has Died, in the 1900s. There are many moving examples of poetry that were written to help the poet with the loss of a pet.

Prayer has stood the test of time when it comes to helping honor beloved animals. St. Francis Assisi’s time-honored Prayer for My Pet is said to have been written sometime prior to 1226. There are many options when it comes to prayers, both contemporary and ancient.

For some, writing your own poem or prayer may be an option. In both cases, all you need to do is speak from your heart. In the case of prayer, you will address God or the spiritual being prescribed by your faith. 

If you are holding a memorial service or funeral for your pet, including poetry and religious readings in the ceremony is a wonderful way to personalize the event. We have compiled some of the most popular examples of loss of pet poems and prayers on the pages listed in the links above. In addition to prayers and poems, we have compiled some popular quotations that relate to our love for our pets and our pain at their loss. While not specifically for pets, we have additional selections in our Readings and Poems for Funeral Ceremonies pages.

We recommend you visit our Coping with Loss of a Pet page to learn more about the grief of losing your pet. The grief process is different for each of us, and no simple timetable works for everyone. If you feel that your grief is too much, be sure to consult a professional. There are many resources to help you work through the pain. Your doctor or veterinarian is a good first step.

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