Funeralwise 2011 Memorial Day Photo Contest Results

Photo Contest Results: 2011 Winners invited photographers across the U.S. to participate in its first annual Fan-tastic Photo Contest. For 2011, the contest was aimed at recognizing photographers whose images convey the meaning and emotion associated with Memorial Day in cemeteries cross the United States. Twelve finalists were selected and the photos were posted on Funeralwise’s Facebook Page for fan voting.

Grand Prize Winner:

Richard Harkins of Tulsa, OK
Floral Haven Cemetery in Broken Arrow, OK
“Avenue of Flags”

Photo by Richard Harkins
“This is not just a bunch of flags. Each flag has a tag with the name, rank, branch of service, etc. for each veteran buried at Floral Haven. This image is just the A’s and B’s – to get all the flags, I would have to be 500 feet in the air.” – Richard Harkins

1st Prize Winner:

Harvey Avidon of Stoughton, MA
Town of Stoughton Cemetery
“Spanning the Generations of War”

“Matthew Nosalek is my Grandson and visited my wife’s dad’s grave this Memorial Day wearing his grandfather’s military dress cap as seen in the photo at the grave site. I believe George O’Donnell was a career Navy veteran with around 30 years of service. The photo was taken to depict that older service men and women from older wars, should be honored in the same way and with the same sense of respect as younger men who fought in newer wars.” – Harvey Avidon

2nd Prize Winner:

Steve Minor of Sulligent, AL
Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, MS

“This photo was shot at Columbus Mississippi’s Friendship Cemetery on the Saturday before Memorial Day. The decision of a group of ladies to decorate the Union and Confederate graves with flowers together on April 25, 1866 is an early example of what became Memorial Day.” – Steve Minor


Top Vote-Getter on Facebook:

Will Chizek of Minnetonka, MN
Groveland Cemetery, Minnetonka, MN

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