Funeral Planning Videos

It has never been easier to plan a funeral. Whether you are planning for yourself or for a loved one, our funeral planning videos can help you get the most out of all the funeral planning resources we offer. You’ll find out why the best time to plan for a funeral is BEFORE you need it, how to create a basic funeral plan in just minutes, and how you can create a detailed plan with our full featured Advanced Plan.

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The Wise Planning System


Funeral Planning Your Way

See how you can take control of your funeral planning with our Free planning tools. Our Quick Plan let’s you get started by completing a basic funeral plan in just a few minutes. When you save your Quick Plan you will get immediate access to the Advanced Plan a full-featured funeral planner. This is do-it-yourself planning at its best. There is no cost and no obligation.


Saving Your Quick Plan

See why saving your Quick Plan is a wise thing to do. Once you do, you can return to your plan and add more detail, change your options, or refresh your memory on what you have selected. Creating and saving your Quick Plan is the first step in making sure that your funeral is planned the Wise Way–the way you want it to be planned.


Planning Ahead For a Funeral

See how you can create a basic funeral plan in about 5 minutes with the Funeralwise Quick Plan. The Quick Plan is the perfect way to jump-start your planning.


The Perfect Time to Plan a Funeral

Any time is a good time for funeral planning … except at the time of the funeral. If you are not leaving behind a funeral plan, then you are leaving your family unprepared.


Idea Series – Funeral Planning


The Wise Planning System: Quick Plan

Get a brief introduction to the Wise Planning System, a set of easy-to-use online tools that put you in control of your funeral planning. This video features Step 1 – the Quick Plan.


The Wise Planning System: The Wise Plan Complete

This video is a brief overview of the Advanced Plan, the second step in the Wise Planning System. You will get a glimpse of the range of free planning tools available after you save your Quick Plan in Step 1.


How Much Will Your Funeral Cost? Try Our QuickPlan to Find Out.