The Wise Protection Plan

Your Total Funeral Planning Solution

The Wise Protection Plan is your all-in-one solution to end-of-life planning. The Plan is designed to provide you with total peace of mind.

The Wise Protection Plan is the most comprehensive tool in our family of Wise Planning Solutions. The plan helps you relieve your loved ones of the emotional burden of making funeral arrangements at a difficult and emotional time. You’ll also be able to remove the financial burden from your family by making sure sufficient funds are available to pay for your funeral and other final expenses.

When you choose the Wise Protection Plan, you give your loved ones the ultimate caring gift.

Scroll down for a complete description of all the features of the Wise Protection Plan. You’ll also find details on the other components of our Wise Planning Solutions — The Wise Plan Complete and The Wise Plan Essentials.

Choosing the Wise Protection Plan

It’s not always easy to commit to a comprehensive tool. That’s why we’ve made it easy to try our Wise Planning Solutions, including the Wise Protection Plan. It’s quick, easy, and you are under absolutely no obligation.

For qualified individuals, the Wise Protection Plan includes:

  • The Wise Plan Complete funeral preplanning tool, included for FREE. (A $79.95 value)
  • Access to essential legal documents, such as a Will, included for FREE.
  • Consultation with a Preplanning Specialist, included for FREE.
  • An affordable insurance plan to cover your funeral and final expenses. You’ll receive a FREE, no obligation Quote.

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Wise Planning Solutions

Funeralwise Wise Planning Solutions includes tools to help you to plan your way, at your convenience. You’ll also be able to better manage your funeral costs. With our Wise Planning Solutions, you choose the solution that’s best for your unique needs.

The full suite of Wise Planning Solutions includes:

Wise Plan Essentials:

Wise Plan Essentials is free of charge. With this version of the planner, you’ll be able to plan all the necessary elements of a funeral.

  • Share your plan by email.
  • Print your plan.
  • Get detailed funeral cost estimates.
  • Use final expense planning tools to manage your costs.
  • Choose funeral service companies, such as funeral homes, cemeteries, and products

Wise Plan Complete:

Wise Plan Complete offers the features of the Essentials version along with many others. As a result, you’ll be able to take your planning to the next level. The Wise Plan Complete is available for a one-time upgrade fee of $79.95.

  • Share your plan by email.
  • Print your plan.
  • Get detailed funeral cost estimates.
  • Use final expense planning tools to manage your cost.
  • Choose funeral service providers, such as funeral homes, cemeteries, and products.
  • Assign Plan Guardians (i.e. trustees for your plan).
  • Do detailed planning of ceremonies.
  • Record vital personal information.
  • Get helpful funeral arrangement and post-funeral checklists.

Wise Protection Plan:

This all-in-one funeral planning solution, enables you to document your wishes and set up a strategy to pay for them. The Funeralwise Protection Plan includes the Wise Plan Complete, free of charge. You get all the features listed above, plus:

  • Essential Legal Documents — With the Wise Protection Plan, you’ll have access to the essential legal documents typically recommended by legal experts. These documents include:
    • A Last Will and Testament
    • A Living Will
    • Healthcare Power of Attorney
    • Power of Attorney
  • Personal Planning Assistance — You’ll get personal attention from a member of our network of Preplanning Specialists. These professionals will guide you through the end-of-life preplanning process. They will explain the elements of a funeral and the associated costs. They’ll work with you to gain an understanding of your unique circumstances, in order to recommend personalized affordable solutions for covering your funeral and final expenses.
  • Our Preplanning Specialists are dedicated to helping you ensure that you don’t leave your loved ones unprepared for your end-of-life.
  • Affordable Insurance Plan — Having a well-documented funeral plan is a truly thoughtful thing to do for your family. Even a basic plan to describe your wishes will relieve some of the burdens they will face in handling your final arrangements, especially when time for planning is short and emotions run high. Having a financial plan in place to fund your funeral plan is the best way to protect your family from the financial hardship that many families face when a loved one dies, and the final bills come due.
  • Funeral insurance is a popular financial solution for covering funeral and other final expenses. Our Planning Specialists are licensed agents for the top-rated insurance carriers that we highly recommend. We have the choice to represent any insurance company. We have selected those that we believe offer the best policies, value and security. That’s why our Specialists provide free quotes for your consideration from this slate of elite companies.
  • When you purchase an insurance plan you also lock in the full portfolio of benefits of the Wise Protection Plan.

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