Awkward Dealing with Ex-Wife

Ex-wives at funeral

I had the misfortune of being at a funeral where all the ex-wives of my mother-in-law’s sons were at the funeral. This mind you with the current wives being there too, including me! During the time of my MIL’s illness, my husband and I took her into our home and I cared for her along with hospice nurses. At the funeral my husband’s ex came in like she was the current wife and didn’t miss a beat. She mingled with the family and even took some of them off with her for some alone time. I took the high road and stayed in the background and let her have the day. I took my place next to my husband during the funeral service, but that was it. When everything was over, and we got back home, a few weeks had passed, and I told my husband how I felt. I realized it was a difficult time for him as he had just lost his mother so I gave him his space. I couldn’t let it go about how his ex wife showed up and stayed by his family’s side more than I did. One of the other wives felt the same way I did. She asked me what was with all the exes being there. I told her I didn’t know.

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