Justin Nobel Writes about His Personal Experience with Death

A personal reflection on death and dying

CHICAGO, IL – February 18, 2014 –When popular freelance writer and blogger, Justin Nobel, traveled to Highland Park, Illinois to visit his 94-year-old grandmother he wasn’t expecting the journey to take such a heart-wrenching turn. In his latest post on the Funeralwise.com blog, Digital Dying, Justin offers a very personal and moving account of his grandmother’s last days.

“There are two things I will always remember about my grandmother’s death. One is the way her arms and legs chilled immediately but her forehead remained warm for hours. Her brain, I realized, was an engine that had been running for 94 years and only slowly was winding down. The other was this thought: Could she have known she was going to die that day?”

Nobel takes us along the journey with him as he shares the emotions he felt from the plane trip home to the moving moments when his grandmother took her last breath. Justin allows us to peek into the very personal details of their last meal together and walks us through the many feelings he experienced as his grandmother expired. Because Justin often writes about how society views and reacts to death and dying, his article holds extra meaning and is a must read, as reflected in the comments it has received.

“I just read the written account of your grandmother’s death and wanted to tell you how very moving it was and how glad I am that you were willing to share such an intimate experience with others.”

“Really fantastic … thoughtful, moving, and well written. Thank you so much. If only more patients and families had your insight into the dying process in the US.”

The entire article can be found on the Funeralwise.com blog, Digital Dying (What I Learned Watching My Grandmother Die).


Justin Nobel is the author of Digital Dying, a Funeralwise.com blog that explores trends in death and the industries it touches, examines perceptions and practices regarding dying, both past and present and also looks at the living, and how we anticipate, recover from and are even inspired by death. His stories have appeared in publications such as the Chicago Tribune, Time, Popular Mechanics, Audubon, and National Geographic News.


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