A Technology That Will Help You Plan Your Funeral

Funeralwise.com announces the next generation of its Wise Planning System

WILMETTE, Ill., Sept. 19, 2017 — More people than ever are turning to online funeral planning to fight rising funeral costs and to design more personalized services. With the latest release of its Wise Planning System, Funeralwise.com has taken online funeral planning technology to the next level. This new generation funeral planner makes it easier than ever for consumers to create the funeral or memorial service they want at a price they can afford.

The Wise Planning System offers a do-it-yourself approach to funeral planning. Users control their funeral plans so final wishes are handled the way they want them to be handled. It’s easy to get started with a basic “Quick Plan.” With their basic plan in place, users can move on to advanced ceremony planning at their convenience. They can also evaluate costs and choose a funeral provider. The Wise Planning System is completely free of charge.

Rick Paskin, co-founder and Managing Partner of Funeralwise.com explained “our system is very flexible. It’s up to the user whether to do detailed planning or just stay with the basics. We want to help people take a more active role in funeral planning than they typically have in the past. Personal involvement is essential with the trend toward ‘celebrations of life’ versus traditional funerals. Our system lets you plan ahead and leave your family with a blueprint of exactly what you want. That type of information is invaluable when it comes time to make final funeral arrangements.”

Among the features of the Wise Planning System are:

  • Detailed ceremony planning options.
  • The ability to choose a Plan Guardian to take care of your wishes.
  • Real-time cost estimates for your funeral plan selections.
  • A “Time Capsule” feature to store personal information for eulogies, obituaries, or estate planning.
  • A search directory of funeral homes, cremation services, and cemeteries.

According to Mr. Paskin, “Our goal has always been to bring the latest technology to an industry that is slow to change. Our Wise Planning System is constantly evolving. This latest release is a major update that significantly improves the interface for people using mobile devices. Funeral planning is not something that most of us want to do, so we use today’s technology to make it as easy and convenient as possible.”

Funeralwise.com is an industry leader in online funeral planning with over 30,000 funeral plans created. Visitors to the Funeralwise.com site will find a full range of funeral-related information. The popular “Word to the Wise Guides” are free downloads covering a variety of topics such as funeral etiquette, cremation, and how to save money on funerals. The website also features a Forums section where users can post questions, interact with experts, and read topical articles about funeral trends and issues.

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