Reprinting and Citing Funeralwise Articles

We invite you to reprint or cite information from our articles and blog posts in your online and print publications and papers to bring helpful information to your readers. We use our best efforts to provide accurate, objective information, but, of course, you are responsible for verifying information that you publish. It’s a simple process. Just follow the guidelines provided below.

Contact Us for Permission

The first step is to contact us by sending an email to Let us know what articles you wish to reprint, as well as how and where you are planning on using them. We will reply with our permission or reasons we cannot grant permission. Typically, permission is only denied when we consider the request to be coming from a business that is competitive to Funeralwise.

What Can You Reprint?

Generally, you can reprint any of our articles and blog posts. However, they cannot be sold or used for promotional or advertising purposes. Also, you cannot grant others the right to reprint our articles.

How Much Can You Reprint?

There is no hard rule on how many different articles/posts you can reprint. Several articles and posts are acceptable, but most likely, a significant number would not be approved. It’s a judgment call based on each situation. In most cases, we will approve only a one-time reprint of an article or blog post.

Article Format

You are free to format the text of the article as you wish; however, you cannot alter the content of the article – it must be reprinted in its entirety. You can quote brief (i.e., several sentences) excerpts from our articles as long as they are attributed to

Images Cannot Be Used

Due to licensing and copyright issues, we cannot permit reusing any images that are associated with articles on our website.

Copyright and Attribution

Each article that is reprinted, and excerpt that is quoted, should be attributed to with the URL of the source page of the article. Many of the articles on have multiple contributors. You will find the author/contributors listed at the bottom of the article or at the top of a blog post, although frequently, no contributors are listed. When an author or contributors are listed, they should also be cited. Since our content is often updated, it is best to cite the “as of” date, or the date posted.

Suggested format:

[author/contributor name, if any]. [article or blog post title]., as of [date]. “[page reference]”

For example:

Paskin, Richard. “Funeral Planning: How-to Guides & Planning Tools.”, as of April 29, 2016.

When an article is reprinted, either of the following copyright notices should be included. Substitute the current year in the copyright notice.

© 2016. Funeralwise, LLC. All rights reserved.
Copyright 2016. Funeralwise, LLC. All rights reserved.

Use Links for Online Publications

When our articles are reprinted in your online publications or email newsletters, the URL references to Funeralwise should be hyperlinks. Refer to Linking to Funeralwise for more information.

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