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How to Link to the Funeralwise Sites

You may create a link on your web site to, our Digital Dying blog or our Funeralwise Forums. You are authorized to do this solely for the purpose of providing your users with easy access to the resources of You may not represent that any form of relationship exists between yourself or your organization and Our logos may be placed on your web pages only as an indicator of a link to our sites.

For purposes of tracking usage of our web site, we would like to know if you create a link to A brief message informing us of the link would be appreciated. Please e-mail us at [email protected]

How to Link to

There are 2 ways to link to us — a text link or a link using the logo.

Text Link

Use the following HTML reference to create a text link to Feel free to change the text "Go to" as desired.

<a href=””>Go to</a>

Logo Image Link

Use the logo below on your web site to create a link.

Funeralwise Logo

Following are instructions for downloading the GIF file for the logo.

Windows: Right-click the logo image and choose “Save Picture/Image As”. Macintosh: Click and hold down over the image and choose “Save This Image As” or "Download Image to Disk".

Use the following HTML reference to create the link:

<a href=””><img src=”fw_logo.gif” border=”0″ height=”45″ width=”120″></a>

Please note that “fw_logo.gif” should include the path to the location of the GIF file on your system. For example: “../myimages/fw_logo.gif”

How to Link to Digital Dying

Text Link

Use the following HTML reference to create a text link to Digital Dying. Feel free to change the text "Go to Digital Dying" as desired.

<a href=””>Go to Digital Dying</a>

Or to link to a specific blog post

<a href=””>The world’s highest cemetery</a>

Also, you can link to any blog post by right-clicking on the “Permalink” icon below each post to get a permanent link to the post. When you right-click there are various options such as copy link location, bookmark, send link to, etc.

How to Link to Funeralwise Forums

Text Link

Use the following HTML reference to create a text link to Funeralwise Forums. Feel free to change the text "Go to Funeralwise Forums" as desired.

<a href=””>Go to Funeralwise Forums</a>

Get Feeds From Blogs

You can subscribe to a feed from any blog by clicking on the RSS Feed icon and selecting your preferred feed reader. Or you can use the following feed URL on your website.

Digital Dying Blog =


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