My First Funeral

My first funeral was in 2015 when I lost my grandmother. Not only was this my first funeral it was also my first real loss of a family member. I had to travel the next day from my boarding school in MA to Boston and then onto Pittsburg where the funeral was being held. While […]

Infant boy funeral clothing 1960

I don’t know if anyone can answer this, but here goes: My baby brother was born alive in 1961 in Texas, but died a few moments after birth. My mom never saw him and wasn’t allowed to go to the funeral. We have 1 picture that my uncle took of him. I am restoring that […]

Custom Urn Helped with Healing Process

My husband designs and creates custom wood urns and one of his clients this past year wrote an endearing and unique letter after she received her urn that was made by my husband, Luke Thornton. Here is what she wrote: “Luke, I can’t really tell you in so many words what you meant to me […]

“Attending” a Tearful TV Funeral

I’ve “attended” a funeral from afar before – Princess Di, President Reagan, probably some others. But today’s memorial service for the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who perished in Yarnell, Arizona, earlier this month, was just as memorable as those of big-name celebrities and politicians. I have a personal interest in this one. Not because I […]

“Respected Businessman” Draws Laughs

My uncle was a bookie, and he was lucky enough to retire from the business, walking on two feet. However, he did have a bad heart, so he died at around 67. Not having been particularly religious, his wife got a “rent-a-rabbi” to do the funeral service at a nearby funeral home. So the rabbi […]

The Minister Didn’t Show So I Did It

Due to a scheduling snafu, the minister didn’t show for my father’s funeral, which was last month. I’d already planned to eulogize him. Fortunately, I had prepared additional “optional” information to use, depending on what the minister would say. I ended up using all of it. While everyone was seated in the funeral home chapel, […]