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The purpose of this space is to provide you with one location for helpful content, links, and resources. Keep this page handy for when you have a question, want to add to your toolbox, or simply learn something new.

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Guide to Using the Advisor Dashboard*
Voyage Description Guide*
Rules of the Road*

* File downloads on click. If you do not see it, check your Downloads Folder.


Funeral Home Presentation*
Church Brochure for Agents**

* File downloads on click. If you do not see it, check your Downloads Folder.
**This brochure is included as an example. Email us to request a customized version.


Your Funeralwise for Agents Dashboard has a variety of videos that provide valuable help on various elements of the Funeralwise Wise Planning System. To access these videos, log in to your Advisor Dashboard and click on “the “Help Center” on the left-hand Sidebar.

>>Click here to log in to your Dashboard.

  • Funeralwise / FEPSA Training Curriculum Guide
  • Video: The Wise Planning System Quick Plan
  • Video: The Wise Plan Complete
  • Video: Advisor Dashboard Video Tour
  • Video: How to Create a Funeral Plan
  • Video: Wise Planning System “My Families” Tutorial
  • Video: Wise Planning System Insurance Quote Tool Tutorial
  • Video: How to Work on a Mobile Device

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