Funeral Planning

10 Reasons NOT to Plan Your Funeral

Did you read that right? Yes, you did. We want you to really think about why you shouldn’t plan your funeral in advance. Chances are, you will change your mind. Don’t like slide shows? Here’s the full “10 Reasons NOT to Plan Your Funeral” list. 1. You don’t plan to die. Good luck with that […]

Using Crowdfunding for Funerals and Memorials

Until you experience the death of someone close to you, it’s hard to understand just how expensive dying can be. According to most estimates, the average cost of a funeral today is somewhere between $7,000 and $10,000. That’s average cost. Depending on the burial options you choose, you may end up spending less, or much […]

Spiritual and Inspirational Songs for a Funeral Service

Christian Selections for Funeral Music Note: When available, links are provided to listen to and download digital versions of suggested songs (in MP3 format) from The typical price per download is 89&#162 to 99&#162. Certain religious songs have become standards at Christian funerals.

Reprinting and Citing Funeralwise Articles

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Working with a Funeral Director: Arrangement Conferences

After a death has occurred there are many decisions to be made and details to be organized. The time set aside to accomplish these things is called the arrangement conference. Depending on the complexity or amount of details needed, this could take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. Being prepared and knowing what to expect can greatly reduce confusion and stress during this time.

Law Enforcement (Police) Funeral Service Rituals

Law Enforcement Funerals Law enforcement officers pledge to serve the public good and put their lives on the line daily. When they pass away, whether from circumstances in the line of duty or otherwise, their funerals should reflect honor and respect for their service and dedication.

Funeralwise Photo Contests

We sponsor periodic photo contests that encourage us to think about funeral or death-related events from a different angle. They also give us the chance to pay our respects to those who have gone before us and to honor both our national and everyday heroes. We encourage everyone to participate, either by entering or by […]

Types of Firefighter Funerals

Generally there are three types or levels of firefighter deaths resulting in a department funeral: Line of duty death (LODD): the firefighter died while on duty or died after an incident that was the direct cause of the later death. Full military-style honors. Non-LODD for an active or uniformed firefighter. Department funeral with some military-style honors.

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