Delivering a Eulogy

Eulogies: The H.A.M. Method

Deciding on what to use in a eulogy can be very difficult. After all, it is hard to do justice to a long, full life in just five or so minutes. To help you make the eulogy rich and complete, you might want to make sure you include the H.A.M. or highlights, attributes, and memories. Highlights

When Pets Grieve the Death of Other Pets

Other pets are likely to feel the loss of the deceased friend as well. Even if they weren’t the best of friends the companionship is a comfort that is missed. Often, a surviving pet does not understand what has happened, so adjusting may be uneventful. If possible, allowing your pet to sit beside the deceased animal can help him or her understand what has occurred. When pets are aware of the loss, you may notice signs of mourning: A change in appetite Restless sleep Less playful or more restlessness Whimpering or howling

Pet Legal Issues

Short-term Power of Attorney for Pet Care Every good pet owner makes sure their pet is cared for by a responsible party when they’re traveling. However, accidents happen and pets can become ill unexpectedly.

Coping with Grief after the Death of a Pet

It's Okay to Grieve When a Pet Dies The loss of a pet should never be minimized. Whether the pet was a favorite feline, a faithful dog or even a little turtle, pet loss can spark deep feelings of grief in the people who care for the cherished creature. Even young children experience grief when a pet has died and may act out their sadness. Furthermore, everyone experiences pet loss differently, so there’s no reason to expect specific behaviors from yourself or others.

An Overview of Modern Day Wakes

The concept of the wake is coming back into practice in certain circles. There are things to be said for wakes, but you must be careful when deciding whether or not to host a wake. Some people grasp the idea wholeheartedly. It becomes a way of paying respects to the deceased without drowning in your sorrow. But others can be put off, or even offended, by the idea.

Writing Eulogies

The eulogy is usually the most personal part of a funeral service because it acknowledges the uniqueness of the deceased and his or her meaning to others.

How to Claim Death Benefits

Common Sources of Benefits In addition to life insurance policies, death benefits may be available from a variety of sources. Funeral Directors can help gather the information needed to apply for the applicable death benefits. In most cases, you'll need a copy of the Death Certificate to file for benefits. Following are common sources of benefits and assistance:

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