Pop Rock Songs for a Funeral Service

Popular Selections for Funeral Songs Note: When available, links are provided to listen to and download digital versions of suggested songs (in MP3 format) from Amazon.com. The typical price per download is 89&#162 to 99&#162. Many singers have become icons. As a consequence it is fitting to express a particular generation with one of their hits. Here are a few to consider.

Gangs and Funeral Service Rituals

For most people funerals are quiet and solemn affairs. They are a time to pay respects and lend comfort and support to the family members and friends of the deceased. They are a time to celebrate the life of the deceased and find closure and healing. However, for some people in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver, funerals have become a place for rival gangs to seek their revenge and perpetuate long-standing conflicts.

Wiccan Funeral Service Rituals

Wiccan funeral customs and burial traditions encourage individuals to make their wishes for a funeral known well in advance of their death. In this way, they are able to specify the type of burial they want. Many times Wiccan customs may not be honored by other family members, so Wiccans are encouraged to have a fellow coven-mate or a lawyer listed as the executor of the will.

Reform Judaism Funeral Service Rituals

The Jewish Reform movement differs from the Orthodox movement in that it rejects any ideas of a bodily resurrection and a physical existence after death. Instead, its practitioners believe in the immortality of all souls that will ultimately return to God. To Reform Jews, a person’s immortality is marked by the memories cherished by the loved ones left behind on earth.

Making Pet Funeral Arrangements

While the concept of a pet funeral is relatively new, the value of holding a commemorative event to aid the healing process goes back to our most primitive roots. Whether you choose burial or cremation, your approach can be true to your religious views or environmental concerns. The only right approach is the one that helps you and your family say farewell to your pet. Pet Funeral Services

Selecting Funeral Songs for Ceremonies

At any event, music sets a mood, encourages emotion and welcomes guests. A funeral is no different. During a funeral, music provides a background that invites mourners to mingle and comfort each other. Ideally, musical selections should:

Buddhist Funeral Service Rituals

Note: Buddhist funeral customs vary between traditions or “schools” and even within schools, depending on the country—for example, Zen in Taiwan and Zen in Japan are different. The following information is generalized to fit many or most Buddhist traditions. If you have specific questions relating to Buddhist funeral customs for an individual sect, we recommend […]

Funeral Customs by Religion, Ethnicity and Culture

Funeral Customs by Religion, Ethnicity and Culture Here you can learn what to expect when attending the funeral services of a different religion or culture. Information includes an overview of each group's beliefs concerning death and the afterlife. How they regard grief and unique aspects of their funeral ceremonies and customs are also discussed.

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