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Funeralwise is led by a team of seasoned business pros who have many years of combined experience with funeral home and cemetery operations, as well as in-depth experience in other service industries. Richard Paskin, Co-Founder and Managing Partner “The Accidental Funeralwise Guy” I’m the co-founder and Managing Partner of Funeralwise. That did not come about […]

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The Funeralwise Guide to Coping with Pet Loss is designed to help you navigate the difficult path of recovering from the loss of a valued pet and companion. The Guide includes tips and advice on dealing with grief, advice on helping children handle their loss, ideas for ways to memorialize your pet, where to find help when […]

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Secular Readings for a Funeral Service

Quick Links for Secular Readings: General Selections | Spouse | Child | Unexpected Death | Suicide | Long Illness Secular Readings for Funerals — General Selections Out of Solitude

Poetry Readings for a Funeral Service

Quick Links to Selected Poems: General Selections | Spouse | Parent | Child | Unexpected Death | Long Illness | African American | American Indian | Military Remember

Country Music Songs for a Funeral Service

Country Western Selections for Funeral Music Note: When available, links are provided to listen to and download digital versions of suggested songs (in MP3 format) from The typical price per download is 99&#162. Just as rock ’n roll is finding its way into funeral services, so too are country tunes. Many of these have less to do with the grieving process than describing the life of the deceased. Some country singers also have roots in gospel.

What do you say to a friend whose spouse has passed?

What do you say to a friend whose spouse has passed? What words of sympathy can you offer? Maybe you’ve been through a similar loss yourself, so “I know how you’re feeling” are the words that come to mind. Beware—those are the very words that might be the least helpful or comforting. Here’s the gist […]

Top 7 Tips for Managing Thank You Notes

Writing thank you notes when you are grieving can seem like an overwhelming challenge. While it can be time-consuming and somewhat difficult, it doesn’t have to be an impossible chore. If tackling the job is something that you just can’t handle on your own, it is perfectly acceptable to enlist the help of a friend […]

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