Can ashes be buried in the same grave?

5 years, 5 months ago

Mom recently passed and per their request Moms ashes were placed in the earth where Dad’s were in their plot. My question is when I pass and I am cremated can my ashes be buried with them? There is no casket on the plot.

Jennifer Lane
5 years, 5 months ago

A cemetery will generally allow up to 2 additional rights of interment for a grave space. (When a grave is purchased, it is actually a “right of interment” that is bought which is intended for the burial of one casket.)

Since there are already 2 burials in the same space (neither with a casket), I would check with the cemetery to be sure of what they will allow. The normal fees assessed for this kind of burial are:

1. Additional Right of Interment (the right for the remains to be buried in the space)
2. Opening & Closing Fee (labor charge for the burial of the remains)

The cemetery can give you the pricing for these fees.

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