Travel Plan that is not strict about residency

3 years, 1 month ago

Does anybody know of a travel plan that will transport a body back home regardless of how long the person might live away from home?

I saw the travel plan enrollment on this website and thought it looked like just what I needed for my mom. However, then I read the part of the plan that says regardless of what your legal residence is in the paper work, if the person lives in a place for 180 days, even a nursing home, that will be considered the residence. My mom lives in Mississippi and has a burial plot next to her late husband in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Family lives in that area too, but one family member, my sister, lives in California and is a medical doctor. My mom has been staying with her because she has some health issues that my sister helps her with. So this plan will likely not work for her. If she lives another 180 days while staying with my sister, and then passes on, the plan will treat California as her legal residence. So who knows of a plan that will not be so strict about legal residence when the time comes? My mom just wants to take care of this before she dies. She already has taken care of all other funeral arrangements in her home town in Mississippi.

Jennifer Lane
3 years, 1 month ago

Hi David,

You are correct in that the Travel Plan on our site would not be the best option here, as it is designed for frequent travelers. We aren’t aware of another plan that would that would work for your situation, but we do recommend that you contact the funeral home in Mississippi to see what travel arrangements they can offer for your needs.

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