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Funeral Questions

Location for funeral? (Funeral Arrangements, Funeral Ceremonies)

Hello, Where is the funeral of an elderly parent supposed to take place? Where the person died? At …

What am I considered? (Family Issues, Funeral Arrangements)

Hi, My husband? Passed Away on 1/3/21. I was married to him for 13 years and we separated 3-4 years…

Cremation authorization question (Cremation Questions, Funeral Arrangements)

My father passed away two days ago, and I was contacted by the funeral home that is handling the ar…

Open-casket visitations or wakes in Churches? (Funeral Arrangements, Funeral Planning Issues)

Are open-casket visitations or wakes often held in churches? If so, are funeral directors present?

Can I suggest particular arrangements for a funeral? (Funeral Arrangements)

When I’m planning a funeral for someone and I want something done for example like buying white flo…

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Viewing 5 topics - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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