Can I suggest particular arrangements for a funeral?

6 years, 4 months ago

When I’m planning a funeral for someone and I want something done for example like buying white flowers do I need to ask the funeral director for permission and can the funeral director make any arrangements without my permission?

Jennifer Lane
6 years, 4 months ago

The funeral director does not make any particular arrangements without input from the family of the deceased. The funeral director’s role is to provide the kind of funeral the family wishes.

That being said, when it is time to arrange a funeral for someone who has died, there is a “responsible party” or “next of kin” that the funeral director meets with to plan all the arrangements including the flowers that may be ordered for the visitation and/or funeral.

If you are not the responsible party or the next of kin to the deceased, then it is up to the people who are (immediate family) to decide what kind of flowers are displayed.

Friends and family of the deceased can, of course, send any kind of floral tribute they wish, unless the family has specified they are requesting charitable donations in lieu of flowers.

Now, if you are pre-planning your own funeral, then you can certainly record that you want white flowers. That would be very helpful to your family to know what you had wanted.

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